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Check PNR Status on Mobile


The concept of PNR Status and how to check the same

Indian Railways is always been counted as the backbone of not only Indian tourism but also in a way that has been cherished by people from years. Most of the people in the country prefer to travel via trains as compared to any other medium and travelling with a confirmed ticket is definitely like a lottery in trains especially at the time of peak rush or summer holidays or festival season. But many of them book ticket in wait listing status and hope their tickets to get confirmed prior to the journey date. With the help of technology, people can check their PNR status through different means as it is very much important to have confirmed reservation in order to travel in train and enjoy their rail excursion. Do you know what term 'PNR' means and why it is so vital to check for PNR status? PNR stands for passenger name record and it plays a vital role while travelling in train as well as at the time of booking. PNR number is generated on random basis and is a unique ten digit number generated at the time of booking for everyone and also get stored in the Indian Railways database for storage and record purpose.

PNR number though sounds only a ten digit number but in real stores much information about a passenger needed to know about him or her. The purpose behind introducing PNR concept and applying it for the same is to make overall process of sharing passenger details and information more effectual. In fact, just for your information, this concept of PNR is also been applied by airlines to make overall functioning of processes and sharing and storing of passenger information in a healthy and promising manner. PNR number stores information like the passenger details including name, age, sex, date of birth, address, along with travel related information covering the date of travel, coach number, ticket number, seat number, source and final station name, berth preference, quota in which ticket is been booked, class of travel, payment mode and more. Available at the top right hand side of your ticket, with the help of PNR number, you can check PNR status through different approaches and it is in real very simple to do. It is always advisable to check PNR status for sure before your travel as it is always helpful in wisely planning your journey ahead. In case, the status doesn't get confirmed then you can think accordingly and make apt changes in your travel. Within clicks and minutes, you will get the PNR status and you can actually stay away from any last minute disappointments.

Earlier, people rush at railway stations in order to know the exact status of their tickets and it was actually tedious and troublesome for passengers to plan their journey without having any idea of the update of the ticket. With the advancement of technology, Indian Railways started making their interface user friendly and more helpful for the passengers and as of now, with the help of the official site of IRCTC, people can book or cancel their tickets without any hassle and much more like check PNR status, get PNR status on mobile, check online time table of Indian Railways, check out seat availability and much more without any hassle. People can access and avail all services at online platform nowadays and few things have actually become much simpler with the help of IRCTC platform and that is booking tickets and checking PNR status in minutes and such enhancements actually save so much time and energy of people that they can use somewhere else. Now there is absolutely no need for people to run over stations and get confirmation about the status of their tickets. Let's know about the different methods that you can use to know about the PNR status.

  • Through online websites - It is the most common approach that people in large numbers prefer to use in order to know about the PNR status and for the same all you have to do is to login official site of Indian Railways and there is a PNR tracking method there through which you can check out your PNR status within minutes. You just have to fill in your ten digit PNR number and as soon as it get clicked, you will get the PNR status and all related details to your travel booking.
  • Through SMS - Type your PNR number and send it to number 139. Within minutes you will get a message depicting the status as well as all details. It is also a very convenient method to check out the PNR status on mobile and even if you don't have internet connection, it will work and is the best part of all.
  • At railway counters - You can always seek assistance from professionals sitting at railway counters over stations meant for providing assistance and support to people. People can call them and could seek for assistance they needed though it is definitely time consuming process.

Each of the approach mentioned above could be used and accessed as per the convenience and without any hassle of passengers. And with the passage of time, Indian Railways has been constantly putting efforts to make their processes friendlier and definitely promising that can ease out concerns of people in the best possible way. Hope, the information makes sense to you all and by now passengers and travellers understood why it is really important to check for the PNR status on time and the significance that lies behind the same. Aside from IRCTC platform, you can even check out the status over other private service providers' platforms like of Travel Khana that is providing excellent services related to food delivery in trains and many other offerings regarding train information, train running status, seat check, pnr status, book tickets and more. So, stay updated with the technology and get to know about everything nowadays as it will somewhere help to plan out your life and days of ahead in a better manner.