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Why it is important to check PNR Status.?

Have you ever thought that why it is so important to check PNR status? Are you aware of the fact that the term 'PNR' plays a crucial role at the time of booking as well as travelling in train? Do you know that PNR number is so much important and must to order food delivery in trains? Do you know what PNR number is? The answer related to PNR, PNR number, PNR status and everything is available in this post. PNR stands for 'Passenger Name Record' that is a unique ten digit number generated on random basis for each booking ticket and at the same time stored in the Indian Railways computer reservation huge database just for the record. The concept of making PNR status to get confirmed to get reservation in train and generation of PNR number at the time of booking is actually derived to make the overall process of sharing of passenger details efficacious. In fact, it becomes operational after seeing its utility and importance used first by airlines to manage their processes and then by Railways to handle their passenger details as well as travel details, which are stored in the same.

A PNR number has passenger details like age, name, date of birth, sex, and travel related information such as date of travel, ticket number, coach number, seat number, berth preference, quota, source station name, final station name, class of travel etc. In fact, the mode of payment that is been used to buy the tickets is also been mentioned in it. Considered as a very important entity must to travel via train, if you are wondering where to look for that number than just for your information, it is present at the top right hand side of your ticket. Usually, it is a combination of three as well as seven digits making a random ten digit number. Once you know this ten digit number, you can easily check PNR status by different means and it is actually simple to do. Before your travel, make sure to check PNR status with the help of PNR number to be sure about your confirmation of ticket. If it is confirmed, then there is absolutely no issue but if it is in waiting and not confirmed, you can think accordingly and plan something else. Within few clicks, you can check your PNR status that is the booking status and stay away from any last minute challenges. There are in general four different ways through which you can check out and know about your PNR status. And they are through SMS, online websites or portals, mobile apps or checking it on the final chart that gets prepared about 4 hours before the time of travel. Let's take a tour of each one of them to know in a better manner.

Make sure to carry valid ID proof with you while travelling in train. Hope, now all of you have been aware of the importance of PNR number and why it is so important to check PNR status before your travel. Most of the times, IRCTC website is not accessible due to lots of people already trying to login the platform at the same time so in such scenarios, Travel Khana works in handy and solve such concerns like check out PNR status, check seat availability, Indian Railways time table and more without any hassle and above all provides yummy and hygienic food in trains to passengers as per their convenience on time. So, make optimal advantage of such service providers' offerings, enjoy and grab your favourite meal by ordering with them and enjoy your journey to the most. And yes, PNR number is mandatory to tell them at the time of booking so now you understand how much important it is and why it is crucial to check out status in order to travel without any trouble in train.

Know about PNR status, CNF, RAC, PQWL, RLWL, CKWL, GNWL, and RLGN

Want to know about different terminology used while buying rail tickets and what does each one of them signify like PNR status, CNF, RAC, PQWL, RLWL, CKWL, GNWL, and RLGN? Wondering why it is important to check out PNR status that is a unique 10 digit number generated on random basis and to get confirmed seat in a train, it is vital to check your PNR status and get it confirmed. The other terms meaning have been depicted in below.

Hope, the information is useful to all.

Booking Status (Coach No , Berth No., Quota) and Current Status (Coach No , Berth No.)

Thinking what exactly is the difference in between booking status and current status at the time of booking tickets? Are you one of those who get confused by the different terminology used while booking rail tickets online through IRCTC platform and don't know what booking status or current status means? Well, here you will get all your answers. Booking status refers to the status of the ticket at the time of booking whereas current status refers to the status of your ticket at present date. In Indian Railways, booking status often depicts to 'then waiting status', at the time ticket was booked. Some of them got cancelled and the present waiting status drops down also referred and meant as current status. For an example, if your ticket has status shown as GNWL27/WL20 then it means that the original waiting list was WL 27 at that time when the ticket was booked and the current waiting list is been WL 20 after the tickets were cancelled in between. Hope now you got the idea of what exactly is booking status and current status. At the time of booking, you get the coach no., berth no. and the quota according to which it is been booked and the current status depicts the coach no. and berth no. and if it got confirmed, you will assuredly get the confirmation and full berth. Was the information helpful and make you understand more about different status you get at the time of booking tickets? Hope it does and stay tuned for more posts.

Meaning of reserved upto and boading point

Seeking for meaning of reserved upto and boarding point when it comes to booking tickets and rail journeys? When a passenger books ticket for a specific train following a particular route, he or she knows from where they have to board the train and it is the boarding point of them and till where they can travel from that ticket, it depicts till where the ticket is been reserved upto and the passenger can travel.

Passengers who have e-tickets have the flexibility to modify their boarding point station name online and that too before 24 hours of the scheduled train departure time as per the new norms of Indian Railways. Just in case, a passenger has changed the boarding point name, he will actually lose all rights to board the express from previous defined boarding point and in case, he found travelling in the same without any proper authentication and legality to travel, he will have to pay penalty and fare in between the original boarding point and changed station.

This boarding point change could only be allowed once a time and could only be changed prior 24 hours of the travel. In case the ticket is seized, boarding point change is not granted at all. This option is not at all applied to them who have PNRs with VIKALP facility and also not applicable for ones who have i-tickets. Moreover, boarding point change is not admissible for current booking ticket. Hope, the meaning of both the terms is clear to all. Have a safe travel!