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The Need to Check Pnr Status

Thinking why it is vital and so much crucial to check pnr status? PNR term plays an important role in Indian Railways and it stays and needed with the passenger all the time, at the time of booking and while travelling in the train and even is required if you need to place an order for e-catering services and get good quality, fresh and hot food delivery services. Do you know the meaning of term ?PNR? and what PNR number depicts for? If you need to know about pnr, pnr number, pnr status and why it is significant to check pnr status, you can definitely find your answers in this post.

PNR connotes for ?Passenger Name Record?, also been well known as a unique ten digit number available at the right hand top side of the ticket and gets stored in the computer database reservation system of Indian Railways. Whenever you book a ticket, no matter whether it is in confirmation status or is in waiting status, PNR number gets generated every time on random way and gets stored in the database for the record of Indian Railways authorities. This concept of generation of pnr number and to travel in trains without any hassle with confirmed pnr status, is been derived in order to make the entire procedure more accessible and efficient for Indian railways as well as for passengers. As per the details, the concept is been used by Airlines priory and then been accessed and used by Railways after seeing its success. PNR number is the perfect and effective way to handle all the processes efficaciously used to store passenger information along with their travel itinerary in safe means. Do you know what a pnr number stores? It basically stores basic passenger related information like his age, sex, date of birth, along with his travel details like ticket number, travelling date, seat number, coach number, source station, final station, berth preference if any, quota or class of travel, payment mode etc. A pnr number is ten digit number usually available in a combination of three and seven digits and once you have this number, you can check pnr status and confirm whether your ticket is confirmed or not and whether you are able to travel or not. To check pnr status, people can do it through different methods and if you want to check out how to do the same, it is very simple and convenient to do. Well, in case your ticket is confirmed, there is no need to check pnr status but if it is in wait listing status or is not confirmed, it is always preferable to do check pnr status and make your decisions wisely and accordingly. To check pnr status takes hardly few minutes of time and it is advisable to do in advance as it helps to get rid of any last time frustrations and travel in peace and with full enjoyment and calmness. There are different means through which pnr status could be checked including through online websites, through SMS, mobile app or getting it checked while seeing the final chart that gets prepared about 4 hours in advance the time of travel. To know about each method, feel free to go through the following pointers.

While travelling in train, do make sure to carry valid identity proof with you. Now, have you come to known the fact and significance behind checking pnr status? Hope, you do now. IRCTC website is often not accessible due to heavy rush and traffic over the platform and in such scenarios, you can even access other websites like Travel Khana and check pnr status, seat availability, online time table and more information related to trains without any hassle and also order yummy and hygienic food delivery services. So, what are you thinking of? Take full benefit of such platforms and enjoy your rail excursion to fullest. And do remember that pnr number is vital and must to tell the e-caterer while ordering for food or availing other services to travel without any inconvenience in trains.