PNR Status


The Need to Check Pnr Status

Thinking why it is vital and so much crucial to check pnr status? PNR term plays an important role in Indian Railways and it stays and needed with the passenger all the time, at the time of booking and while travelling in the train and even is required if you need to place an order for e-catering services and get good quality, fresh and hot food delivery services. Do you know the meaning of term ?PNR? and what PNR number depicts for? If you need to know about pnr, pnr number, pnr status and why it is significant to check pnr status, you can definitely find your answers in this post.

PNR connotes for ?Passenger Name Record?, also been well known as a unique ten digit number available at the right hand top side of the ticket and gets stored in the computer database reservation system of Indian Railways. Whenever you book a ticket, no matter whether it is in confirmation status or is in waiting status, PNR number gets generated every time on random way and gets stored in the database for the record of Indian Railways authorities. This concept of generation of pnr number and to travel in trains without any hassle with confirmed pnr status, is been derived in order to make the entire procedure more accessible and efficient for Indian railways as well as for passengers. As per the details, the concept is been used by Airlines priory and then been accessed and used by Railways after seeing its success. PNR number is the perfect and effective way to handle all the processes efficaciously used to store passenger information along with their travel itinerary in safe means. Do you know what a pnr number stores? It basically stores basic passenger related information like his age, sex, date of birth, along with his travel details like ticket number, travelling date, seat number, coach number, source station, final station, berth preference if any, quota or class of travel, payment mode etc. A pnr number is ten digit number usually available in a combination of three and seven digits and once you have this number, you can check pnr status and confirm whether your ticket is confirmed or not and whether you are able to travel or not. To check pnr status, people can do it through different methods and if you want to check out how to do the same, it is very simple and convenient to do. Well, in case your ticket is confirmed, there is no need to check pnr status but if it is in wait listing status or is not confirmed, it is always preferable to do check pnr status and make your decisions wisely and accordingly. To check pnr status takes hardly few minutes of time and it is advisable to do in advance as it helps to get rid of any last time frustrations and travel in peace and with full enjoyment and calmness. There are different means through which pnr status could be checked including through online websites, through SMS, mobile app or getting it checked while seeing the final chart that gets prepared about 4 hours in advance the time of travel. To know about each method, feel free to go through the following pointers.

SMS- is one of the efficient and widely used methods to check pnr status. It is not only easy to do but also saves a lot of time and energy of people as all they have to do is pick their phone, type their pnr number and send that message to 139. Within minutes, people will get a SMS back with all pnr details, status and more. Well, the number 139 is not at all toll free number and for each message, Rs. 3 gets deducted.

Online websites- It is another efficient and one of the commonest approaches accessed and used by people in big numbers and get details about pnr status. All people need to do is to have a computer system or a laptop and an active internet connection and access the website through which information could be fetched at any point of time and without any hassle. You just have to login IRCTC website and check out the pnr status using its pnr tracking method and get all information by feeding your ten digit pnr number and within click, get all the status. Apart from IRCTC, there are private and leading platforms as well like Travel Khana through which pnr status could be checked and known by entering the pnr number and click on the status button.

Railway stations- Pnr status could be known by having a look at the final chart that gets prepared before the departure of the train and people can ask with personnel sitting at the railway counters to know relevant information about their travel status and pnr status. Well, it is advisable to come a few hours prior at the railway station if you are using this method as it is time consuming and could take hours in waiting at the queue at the railway counter at station. SMS and pnr status check through websites is the safest and efficient approaches to go for.

While travelling in train, do make sure to carry valid identity proof with you. Now, have you come to known the fact and significance behind checking pnr status? Hope, you do now. IRCTC website is often not accessible due to heavy rush and traffic over the platform and in such scenarios, you can even access other websites like Travel Khana and check pnr status, seat availability, online time table and more information related to trains without any hassle and also order yummy and hygienic food delivery services. So, what are you thinking of? Take full benefit of such platforms and enjoy your rail excursion to fullest. And do remember that pnr number is vital and must to tell the e-caterer while ordering for food or availing other services to travel without any inconvenience in trains.

Want to know about PNR status, CNF and RAC? This post will help you all in understanding the meaning of them clearly. In Indian Railways, CNF depicts for a berth or seat available in the train and gets confirmed status. It is been written and available on the ticket of IRCTC and is been reserved for the passenger.

Know about PNR status CNF and RAC

Want to know about PNR status, CNF and RAC? This post will help you all in understanding the meaning of them clearly. In Indian Railways, CNF depicts for a berth or seat available in the train and gets confirmed status. It is been written and available on the ticket of IRCTC and is been reserved for the passenger.

The seat number is allotted to you after the final chart preparation. RAC stands for Reservation against Cancellation and is been considered as a train ticket with confirmed seat but it is waitlisted berth. It also means that the passenger can board the train on the basis of this ticket and occupy the seat also rather than a sleeping berth during night time. PNR means ?Passenger Name Record? and it is pretty much vital to check pnr status to know about the status of your ticket reservation before leaving for the station and travelling in trains. Reckoned to be a unique ten digit number available on the top right hand side of the ticket, it actually gets stored in the Indian Railways computer database for the future reference and record. The PNR number gets generated every time at the time of booking and it is always recommended to know and check pnr status and travel in train without any hassle and inconvenience. Along with this, make sure to carry along valid ID proof while on the travel and save your time and energy by checking everything just by accessing and visiting website of Indian Railways and other private service providers like Travel Khana.

TKnow about PNR status PQWL and RLWL

Want to grab knowledge and know about PNR status, PQWL and RLWL? This post can help you in knowing about the same in a clear and concise way. PQWL stands for pooled quota waiting list and is in general shared by different small stations. Operated from the originating station of a train run, there is only one pooled quota for the entire rail excursion. And, it is allotted usually to the passengers travelling from the originating station to a station that is not final destination, from an intermediate stoppage to final station or in between two intermediate stations.

RLWL stands for remote location waiting list that means that the ticket is issued for the intermediate halts as they are reckoned to be most important cities or towns on that specific route. Such kinds of tickets are usually given an individual priority and the confirmation depends upon the cancellation of any confirmed ticket. As per the information, remote location stations used to prepare their own chart about 2-3 hours prior the actual departure of a train and there is less probability for them to get confirmed. Now here comes the pnr number and the importance to check pnr status before travelling? PNR status lets people clear about the status of the train ticket and whether they are ready to go and travel in trains or not. PNR number stores all basic details of a passenger and his travel information and it is recommended to check pnr status before travelling as it gives clear status to them to travel in a hassle free way.

Know about PNR status CKWL and GNWL

Seeking online to know more about PNR status, CKWL and GNWL? This post is definitely going to give you all an idea about the above mentioned terminologies used a lot in Indian Railways. Well, PNR stands for ‘Passenger Name Record’ and is a unique ten digit number that gets randomly generated at the time of booking tickets and it is highly recommended to check pnr status to make sure whether your booking is been confirmed or not.

CK is the code for tatkal and CKWL status is been assigned to tatkal tickets and in case the tickets goes up, it instantly and directly gets confirmed and need not to go through RAC status unlike GNWL. At the time of final chart preparation, GNWL is been given preference to CKWL and there are lesser chances for them to get confirmed. GNWL stands for general waiting list tickets that are issued when the passengers start their journey from the source station of the travel or from one of the stations near to the same and it has the highest number of seats available in any of the train and has the best chances and probability to get confirmed at the time of final charting. Make sure to be informed and updated about all such things and travel without any problem. Also, do remember to check out latest pnr status and grab all details about the travel and assure whether the ticket is been confirmed or not. Have a safe and happy travel!

Know about PNR status RLGN

Looking online to grab more details about PNR status and RLGN? RLGN depicts for remote location general quota waiting list tickets and they are issued for the intermediate stations and nearby destination stations. As it is been already listed under general quota category thus it doesn’t have any RAC provision. Well, the tickets only get confirmed in case any passenger cancels the ticket from that station and is only be informed at the time of final chart preparation that is done 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train

Now wondering the importance behind the PNR status and why it is vital to do the check? PNR depicts for ‘Passenger Name Record’ and before going at the station to board the train, it is important to keep a check of your pnr status and be sure whether it is been confirmed or not. In case, your ticket gets confirmed, you have a green signal to board the train and travel and in case, it is not, you cannot travel in the same train with an unconfirmed ticket. It could be done through several processes like via SMS, website, phone call or so and these days, in just few minutes of time, everything could be done without any hassle. So, keep an eye on the same and have a satisfactory and fun filling rail journey. And also, while travelling make sure to carry an authentic and relevant identity proof with you to avoid any thing that can affect the mood and your travel.

Know about CAN and MOD

Want to know about CAN and MOD and how does it relate to Indian Railways? This post will definitely give you an idea about these terminologies in a brief way and its relation with Railways as well. Often it happens that when people check out their pnr status, what they get is CAN/MOD status and people are often feel excited and curious to know about their meanings as well.

CAN stands for cancellation and it depicts that Indian Railways has assigned a specific PNR number to a ticket but it is been marked for cancellation. That PNR number for sure will not be assigned to any other ticket and with time and gradually will get flushed. MOD on the other hand stands for modified and depicts the fact that it is been modified once and it is been allocated with a PNR number. It usually happens when railway officials or a customer change or modify travel itinerary or details. It could be a small change in anything like in passenger name, date of journey, travel class and so. So, be aware of everything and make sure to check out your pnr status to be sure of the fact whether your ticket gets confirmed or not. Enjoy the hassle free and have a smooth journey and with the technology, be updated about all the terminologies used and related to Indian Railways.

Know about WL# and RAC

Want to know about WL# and RAC? Well, here you can get an idea related to them. WL# depicts for waiting list status and RAC depicts for Reservation against Cancellation status. IN RAC status, it means that the user will definitely get a seat but need to be sharing it with someone else too. There are likely high chances that your RAC status ticket gets converted into a confirmed ticket and the user will get a full seat in return and that need not be shared with anyone.

WL# ticket depicts that as the ticket is not in confirmed status so you will not get a confirmed seat. Make sure if you have booked your ticket online, then unless it got confirmed or upgraded to RAC, you cannot travel in the train as it gets cancelled automatically. Thinking which one to opt for or which one is actually better? Well, it is entirely up to you. It is advisable to always travel with the confirmed ticket irrespective of the fact whether it is a short distance journey or long distance journey. In case, the distance is less and user has RAC ticket, and it is a matter of urgent circumstance, then he or she can travel with that but for long journeys, even that is not being recommended. Along with this, it is always preferable to check your pnr status online as hardly it is a matter of few minutes and if done, you get an actual idea of whether your ticket got confirmed or not. So, travel safely and be aware of all such things that could be done and checked!

Know about REGRET/WL

Want to know the real meaning about Regret/WL? Want to know how it relates to Indian Railways? Regret in IRCTC depicts that no further booking is allowed as the quota is been already exceeded. The booking is not allowed and the waiting list number has already reached its optimal capacity. Along with this, WL depicts for waiting list status, CKWL as tatkal quota waiting list status. Known as the status meant for waiting list status of tatkal quota, there is very less probability to get the confirmation for tatkal tickets.

It is always advisable that in case your ticket status is been Regret or WL, then it is better to seek for other options, as the probability to get tickets in confirmed status is very less. Adding to this, it is highly recommended to do check your pnr status and know about the status of whether your ticket gets confirmed or not. Checking pnr status is very important to do and in travelling, it is best to reach at the station only and only after checking and confirming everything out. Checking the status is very simple to do, all people need to do is enter their pnr number online and click on the go button and within a minute, get all the information related to confirmation status or still in waiting list status or else. So, before leaving to the station, make sure to check the same and enjoy a hassle free journey.

Know about released

Want to know about released status? Basically released status depicts that the ticket is not been cancelled but in spite of that, alternate accommodation will be provided. Whenever you do the booking, a pnr number gets generated and it is utterly important to keep a check on the pnr status to be sure of the fact whether your ticket got confirmed or not. A pnr number is a 10 digit number that gets generated randomly by the Indian Railways and is supposed to store your travel details and itinerary for future reference.

In case your ticket gets released status, then in that situation Indian Railways will provide you an alternate accommodation. So, do make sure to check out pnr status every time whenever you go for the booking and reservation. Once you check out the same, all travellers need to access is to open the official site of IRCTC or other sites and enter in there 10 digit PNR number and when it got clicked, you will know about its status within a minute and without any hassle. So, make sure before reaching at station whether your ticket gets confirmed or not or is in waiting list status and travel and make your plans accordingly. So, have an access to technology, check out the same and have a hassle free and happy journey.

How is a PNR number generated for a train in the Indian railway?

Want to access current status of a train and don’t know how to work train tracker location? It is indeed very simple to do and if you are also wondering the same, read on to the following as it will help you in knowing about the live running status of a train and that too within minutes. Simply access Spot your train utility, a widely in use train tracker app, feed in there train name or number, along with the date of journey and click on the submit button. Once it is been done, you will get the details related to exact location of the train at that time, its expected and actual time of arrival, expected and actual time of departure, number of halts within, distance that is still remained to cover the journey, and much more.

The best part of using the app is to know about the fact whether it is running in accord to its scheduled arrival and departure time or not. In case, the train is been running late or so, people can know about the information and make their plans accordingly. Many a times, people get late or so and cannot avoid important meetings or such and in those cases, this real time train tracker acts as a boon. Don’t you think, it is very simple to use? Just open up the website, enter the details and grab latest information about the train running status at that time. Happy travelling!

What is the meaning of NR/0 in PNR status?

Want to know about the meaning of NR/0 in PNR status? Read on to the following as this post will give you an insight on the same. NR depicts for No Room and if you get the status of your ticket shown as NR/0, it is always advisable to check your pnr status as the Indian Railways system will definitely show the updated details and status whether it is confirmed, RAC or WL with berth details of the ticket.

Still, in case if the status shown is NR/0 after the final chart is been prepared, then it could means that the ticket might have confirmed but is still not been updated on the IRCTC website. You can even try to check the status by sending a SMS to number ‘139’ by writing PNR space and then your PNR number. Sometimes, it happens that people get this status but most of the times, it got confirmed and been updated. The likely probability and higher chances are that the ticket gets confirmed. And people can check out the same at the final chart without any hassle. So, what are you thinking of? Simply take out your ticket, check your pnr status via web or SMS as per the preference and get to know about whether NR/0 gets confirmed or not. In other ways also, when you are going to travel in trains, it is preferable to check out the PNR status to be sure of the status of the travel.