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Indian Railways Seat Availability



Seeking Reservations in Indian Railways

Are you planning for a rail excursion with your loved ones? Seeking for reservations in Indian Railways? Are you one of those who love to travel via train? Well, it is always advisable to keep certain things while looking out for the Indian Railways reservations. The foremost thing is to plan your journey way before in order to get reserved seats. In India, undoubtedly, people in large numbers prefer to travel via train as it is not only cost efficient but also counted among the luxurious modes of travel. And the concerns related to getting railway reservations could be easily solved if few things are considered. Last minute bookings are for sure troublesome and as per the new regulations devised, you can book for the reservations about 120 days prior to travel. Though, it becomes so difficult to even get reserved tickets on the second day once counter opens as the seats fill up so quickly. And it gets worse especially at the time of festivals and summer holidays.

To overcome all the problems, it is highly recommended to plan your travelling dates in advance and if something comes at last minute, you can go for Tatkal tickets that can be checked two days before the departure date. And, if you know you are going to travel at the time of peak season, make sure to book your travel tickets in advance. Try to be sure, as soon as the railway counter opens, you are all set for booking tickets as the seat booking process is really very fast and people sit very alert with their computers and laptops to make sure they get the booking.

So, check out the seat availability in your desired train by logging at the official site of Indian Railways or other service providers like Travel Khana that has been a leading service provider of food delivery in trains to passengers. Depending on the demand and rush of passengers, different trains actually have different kinds of availability including Tatkal booking, premium booking, ladies quota, reservation timing and more. There is a high probability of a scenario in which tickets of one train get sold out as soon as the counter opens and many seats available at the same time in some other train. Though, most of the people feel nearly impossible to book tickets on time and think what should they do? In that case, there are different options available that you can check out at the last moment. To manage huge rush, Indian Railways keep on introducing premium trains running for a specific period of time that you can look at. If any woman is travelling alone and that too with a kid of 3 years below age, there is a ladies quota available almost in every train that you can look for. Always remember for general bookings, the counter opens from 8 to 8:30 in the morning, for AC tatkal reservations, it is open from 10 to 10:30 in the morning and for non AC tatkal reservations, it is open from 11 to 11:30 in the morning. In all, it is some of the best piece of information that you must consider while seeking for reservations in Indian Railways.

Reserving your seat in Indian Railways made easy

Are you planning to travel to any part of the country sometime in the near future? Do you want to take the Indian Railways? Well, then, the first thing that you need to know and definitely keep in mind is that you have to plan your trip way beforehand if you want to get reserved seats for your journey.

The problems of getting a reservation

Travelling by train is one of the most cost-effective as well as luxurious modes of travel when it comes to India. While there are certain difficulties, there are many benefits as well. The difficulties that arise when it comes to getting railway reservation can be easily solved if a few things are kept in mind. However, first, we need to understand the problem, and then, figure out how it can be addressed.

The biggest problem that we face is getting a reserved seat, especially if you book it at the last minute. According to the new regulations, the ARP or the Advanced Reservation Period has become 120 days before the day of travel. That would be around 4 months in advance from the day of your travel. However, it becomes really difficult to get reserved tickets even on the second day after the counter opens, the seats fill up so fast. This is particularly a problem when there is a rush, like during the time of festivals, summer holidays, puja vacations, etc.

Now that you know the main problems of getting a railway reservation, let's take a look at how you can solve them:

Choose your "class" of travel

You can choose the way you want to travel when it comes to the Indian Railways. There are generally five types of accommodations that are offered in the trains. Let us take a look at them:

How can you choose your train with TravelKhana?

TravelKhana not only provides you with the option for booking meals and getting them delivered to you at your desired station, but they also try and make planning your journey as easy as possible. It actually provides you with the option of looking up trains that will be plying on your date of journey. All you have to do is enter the place you will be travelling from, your proposed destination and your date of travel. Before proceeding with your railway reservation, you need to know which trains will be running on that day and then make your decision accordingly.

Checking your seat Availability and booking with TravelKhana

TravelKhana allows you to check the Indian railway seat availability of your desired train. Confirmed tickets are available only when there are seats left. You can also book tickets in RAC or Reservation Against Cancellation and waitlist. A confirmed ticket will have your coach and berth number. In the case of an RAC, you will either get a full berth if there are any last moment cancellations or you will have to travel by sharing your berth with someone else. Waitlist does not confirm your berth, and hence, it is best not to undertake long distance travel with a waitlisted ticket.

These are certain basic pointers that you need to remember when it comes to reservation and booking tickets in the Indian Railways. Bon Voyage!

Reservation made easy with TravelKhana>

One of the most important things that one has to keep in mind when availing the Indian Railways for travelling is getting a reserved seat. Depending on the popularity, different trains will have different types of availability. While the tickets of one train can get sold out the first morning when the counter opens, there might be a number of seats available in a few others. The basic thing that one needs to remember about reserving a ticket with the Indian Railways is that you can book your ticket 120 days before your date of travel.

However, it is not always possible for us to book tickets as and when we would like to. Suppose we have an emergency, and we need to travel within 24 hours. Then what to do? Well, there are a number of options that you can check out for your last moment travel plans.

Tatkal Booking

The Tatkal booking is perhaps the most common mode that people turn to when it comes to emergency travel plans. Tatkal booking opens up only one day before the date of travel, and you can book your ticket then. Tatkal tickets are much more expensive than regular ones, but they guarantee reserved seats. Another very important thing that you need to remember about Tatkal booking is that you cannot book more than one ticket with one ID, so you will need multiple ids for multiple tickets.

Premium Booking

To tackle the huge inflow of passengers from time to time, the Indian Railways will be running premium trains for particular routes, which are particularly busy. The booking window for these trains will open only 15 days before the date of departure, and no brokers or agents will be allowed to book a ticket on your behalf. Only e-ticketing methods will be permitted. While these trains have the option of reservation against cancellation, there is no waitlist option for Premium trains.

Ladies Quota

Various means of reserving seats for women and senior citizens have been devised by the Indian Railways. One such method is the ladies quota. This is meant for women who will be travelling alone with a child below 3 years of age. However, this type of reservation is only available in overnight trains in the sleeper class. This is a facility that can be availed by women travelling with a child below 3 years in almost all the trains operating under the Indian Railways. However, it often becomes difficult to get a seat in this reservation since there are only 6 seats in each train kept aside for this quota.

Reservation Timing

Different timings are allotted for the booking of different types of tickets. When it comes to general bookings, the railway counters and the online sites will open at 8 in the morning till 8 30 AM. For AC Tatkal bookings, people will be able to book their tickets from 10 AM to 10:30 AM whereas for non-AC Tatkal bookings, the reservation can be made from 11 in the morning to 11:30 AM.

These are some of the most valuable pieces of information that you need to keep in mind when it comes to booking tickets under the Indian Railways.