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Indian Railways Seat Availability



Looking for Reservations in Indian Railways

Seeking for an insight to Indian Railways Reservations? Are you one of those who simply love to travel through train as compared to any other mode of transportation? Looking out for bookings and confirmed seats in Indian Railways? It is preferable and recommended to be aware of few things while seeking for reservation in trains and the very first thing that is advised is plan beforehand your journey so that you can do bookings on time and get confirmed seats to avoid any last minute frustrations. Travelling via train is not only fun but also makes people sentimental as it has its own charm and memories and is also cost effective means of transportation. And all the concerns related to Indian Railways Reservations could be resolved if few things are been considered. Last minute travel, planning and even bookings could be annoying and as per the new amendments and policies, it could be possible to travel tickets about 120 days in advance. As soon as the counter opens, this is true that seats not fill up so quickly that for many of them it becomes nearly impossible to book tickets. And the situation is simply worse at the time of peak season, summer rush and holidays. So, in order to avoid everything, make sure to plan your excursion in advance and if something arise at last minute, you can go for Tatkal bookings that opens a day or two in advance depending on the train and travel date.

Such factors are very beneficial for those if they know that they are travelling during peak season or rush times. And it is necessary to be ready with your laptop and everything in hand at the time of booking as soon as the counter opens as the booking process is fast and people who try to get reservations are very prompt in doing the same. Adding to this, it is pivotal and preferable to check out for the seat availability in a train in which you were looking for to travel and you can easily do the same by logging at the official site of IRCTC or other sites like Travel Khana. Are you aware of the fact that different trains have different types of quota and seat availability like premium booking, tatkal booking, and ladies quota and so on? Always make sure that if seats are filled up in one train than look for another express running between those cities or states and seek reservations in them. Even, to handle huge rush and high demand of passengers, Indian Railways keep on introducing premium trains and express time to time so be updated and look for them. There is a special ladies quota that is admissible when you are travelling all alone and that too with a toddler of 3 years and below and if you are also in the same situation, you can look for them.

Are you aware of the timings in which the counter opens for different classes? Like, for tatkal AC bookings, counter gets open from 10 AM to 10:30 AM, for general bookings counter opens from 8 AM to 8:30 AM, and for non AC tatkal bookings, it is open from 11 AM to 11:30 AM. And when it comes to do reservations, make sure to select your appropriate class of travel. Want to be aware of the types of classes of travel? The five types of segments have been mentioned in below.

in the trains. Let us take a look at them:

Aside from this, Travel Khana can help you a lot in providing valuable piece of information related to trains in every aspect. Along with availing its offerings, you can order for fresh and hot food delivery in trains with them at economical prices. Food is freshly prepared and procured from the food vendors and directly delivered at any of desired railway station directly at the seats of passengers without any delay and on time. And the process of ordering is pretty simple and all you have to do is to take your mobile, call them, tell them about your PNR number and at which station you want to get your food delivered and it is done. So, enjoy your meal and have a good travel!

Ladies Quota

Want to know more about ladies quota in railway? It is basically a humanitarian attempt adopted and introduced by Indian Railways according to which a special coach is been attached and reserved in almost all the trains for lady passengers ensuring their safe and smooth travel in trains. In fact, male passengers are highly restricted to board in ladies quota in railway coach and 6 berths are allotted to ladies travellers in a single sleeper coach of a train. At the time of booking and reserving tickets, ladies can seek for applying for such quota seamlessly. Ladies quota can be availed at the reservation counters as well as over IRCTC website while purchasing tickets. Ladies who are travelling alone or who are with children below 12 years of age are granted for the reservation of seat or berth under this quota. All women who are with kids below 12 years or travelling alone, or who are more than 45 years of age, or pregnant women can seek for ladies quota in railway and go for booking. Using IRCTC website, ladies can not only do online booking but also enquire about seat availability, train information and train schedule without any hassle. Pregnant women need to show the certificate of pregnancy in order to book tickets under this quota. Adding to this, ladies can book the same against ladies quota on PRS and every train has this quota and is been revised by Indian Railways time to time. So, if you are also willing to book ticket under this quota, it is advisable to look for proper information and follow rules as per Indian Railways.

TatKal Ticket

Do you know what Tatkal quota is? Have you ever booked a Tatkal ticket using IRCTC platform? Tatkal tickets are generally meant for the immediate or unexpected plans and the ones that are been made at the last minute of time. And the tatkal booking begins a day in advance that is been cut down from 2 days to a day excluding the journey day. The counter opens from 10 AM and the day of journey is the day when the final chart gets prepared. Undoubtedly, tatkal ticket is the most sought after train booking and to get into getting the confirmed tatkal ticket battle, it is advisable to follow few things. Like, log in about 5 minutes in advance IRCTC website before the counter opens, make sure you have a faster internet connection, use a fast internet browser, keep your ID cards handy, auto fill details on the booking web page, be sure when you have to refresh and make sure to use a quick and prompt payment gateway. As per the IRCTC rules under tatkal scheme, one person can book 2 tickets from one IP in between 10 AM to 12 Noon. If your Tatkal ticket don't get confirmed and the money gets debited from the account, there is no need to feel worried as the amount will be paid back within 7 to 10 business days for sure. Even if by anyhow you don't get the money back within 15 days, you are free to consult and enquire online at IRCTC website and your concern will be answered and resolved as shortly as could be possible.

Premimum Tatkal Ticket

Thinking about the meaning of Premium Tatkal quota and Premium Tatkal ticket? A new quota is been introduced by the Indian Railways that is Premium Tatkal quota having dynamic fare pricing. The dynamic pricing means that the fare could be raised depending on the demand and subsequent bookings. The advance reservation time frame of premium Tatkal ticket reservation is same as of Tatkal ticket reservation. The charges vary from 10 to 30 % having an upper limit depending on the travel category and class. The optimal premium under this quota is up to 30% of the base price or the defined price category that is Rs. 400, whatever is higher. Quite dissimilar to Tatkal tickets, premium tatkal ticket has no wait listing status and that means confirmed berth.

If you are planning to book for premium Tatkal ticket, it is highly advisable to look up for premium Tatkal trains as all trains doesn’t have this quota and premium trains are usually introduced across all leading and prominent railway stations across the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and more. The timing for premium Tatkal ticket will get open just like as of Tatkal ticket from 10 AM in the morning.

It is always recommended to login about 5 minutes in advance to the counter opening time to get assured confirmed reservations under premium Tatkal quota. As compared to Tatkal quota, definitely you need to pay a little bit more though the chances are optimal that you get confirmed tickets. So, login IRCTC website and enjoy your rail excursion. Have a safe travel!