Indian Railways Seat Availability


Indian Railways Seat Availability

Looking for Reservations in Indian Railways

Want to know in detail about Indian Railways reservations? Do you love to travel and take a tour of the country via trains and simply prefer rail transportation over others? Checking out online information related to train schedules, train movement, seat availability and wishing to get confirmed reservations in the desired train? Well, if you go and plan everything in a strategic way then it could be possible not only to book your tickets but also stay away from any last time trouble and be all set for the travel. The foremost thing that you can do is to plan a bit advance your rail trips and vacations so that you have enough time to do the bookings. Train travel is undoubtedly known to be cheering, fun and memorable for all and people are fond of rail excursions in India and spend some lovely moments with friends and loved ones. Recognized to be cost efficient means of transportation as compared to other modes, if you take care of few things, this is for sure that people can get reservations on confirmed basis.

Planning and booking tickets process gets open about 120 days in advance and last minute planning and booking is very frustrating and troublesome. Irrespective of the fact that you have so many days in advance to book the tickets, this is true that as the counter gets open, people book tickets crazily and the seats get filled so quickly that it becomes impossible for everyone to book the same. And at the time of summer holidays, festival season and other peak times, the situation simply gets worse and to avoid and stay away from everything, it is always advisable to plan out your excursions in advance and in case, some emergency comes up at the last minute, you can cancel your tickets and get your refund back in the account. Also, people have the option to even go for Tatkal booking process that opens a day or two prior depending on the train along with the travel date and try out to get tickets in the same. Well, it is mandatory in such situations to be just all set and ready with your laptop about 5 minutes in advance before the counter gets open so that as soon as it gets open, people simply try out as fast as could be possible from their end to get confirmed bookings. Along with this, it becomes important for people to keep a check on the seat availability criteria and accordingly plan out your journey and it could be done simply by either getting logon to the official site of Indian Railways or other reputed sites like of Travel Khana and feed in the train name or number or the source and final destination station names and get details about all the trains and by particularly selecting on a specific train, it could depict all the details related to seat availability and more. There are different quotas and classes of travel in which passengers can opt to take a tour of and for different classes, counter opens at different times. Just for an example, for general class bookings, counter gets open from 8 AM to 8:30 AM, for tatkal bookings, counter gets open from 10 AM to 10:30 AM, for non AC tatkal bookings, counter gets open from 11 AM to 11:30 AM. So, while booking, choose wisely an apt class of travel and the classes of travel are been mentioned in below.

  • First class AC – If people want to feel and get an experience of luxury and elegance, first class AC is the best option to opt for. The compartments have been backed with sliding doors, utmost privacy is been offered along with own personalized service including water service bathroom, cloth hangers and lots more. It is the best class to travel with luxury and royalty in trains.

  • Second class AC – If you are the one who wants just spacious compartments and a bit of privacy, this is the class to travel for.

  • Third class AC – In case, you just need to travel in a train for a night or so and wants to have air conditioned facility, it is the class to opt for. Quite similar to sleeper class coaches, it has been backed with AC facility and upgraded services like availability of reading lights at the top of your berth for everyone and so. Ideal to travel in train at budgeted prices, the seats in this class gets filled very quickly.

  • Sleeper class – In case the travelling distance is long and you need to travel in train only and has tight budget, this is the option to go for. Having three berths facing across each other, it is known to not having any AC facility and is extremely economical in nature. The compartments are usually crowded and are best means to socialize with each other and make connections.

  • AC chair car – In case, you need to travel in train only for few hours of time, this is the best choice to opt for. All depending on the train type and journey, meals are either included or excluded. Well, people can always opt for onboard or e-catering food services at any time.

Along with official site of Indian Railways, there are other sites as well like Travel Khana who can assist in proffering valuable information related to trains covering all angles and also it has been providing excellent, hot and fresh food deliveries in running trains as per the desire and convenience of rail travellers at any of the desired railway station at extremely nominal prices. Food delivered is procured and delivered from the reckoned food vendors and is prepared with freshest ingredients and get delivered on time without any delay. So, enjoy your favourite meal and journey to the fullest and try to plan beforehand your trips to make sure that all you get is confirmed Indian railway reservations and that too in a desired class. Happy travel!

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