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Want to know about live running status of your train? Using our smart, robust, intuitive and user friendly tool, it is simple to track train, check train status, its arrival time, departure time, intermediate stoppages, time needed to travel and more without any inconvenience. So, are you ready to check the status of your train now? Within clicks, you will get all the details related to that train status.


Keep track of any train using ‘Spot your Train’ Utility

This is certain that Indian Railways is been managing one of the biggest networks efficiently that has been spread all across the nation and is known to be reckoned at a large scale worldwide. With the emergence of technology, it has been consistently putting endeavours to make their services not only simple and at ease for people but also accessible and approachable by all means. Even, if you want to track train at any station nowadays, it could also be done simply and without any hassle in minutes. And for the same, there is absolutely no need to go to the railway counters and enquire about train and its running status. Meant to be saving your valuable time and effort, you can track train using ‘Spot your train’ utility of Travel Khana and be updated about the running status of any train instantly within few clicks. Along with live running and tracking status of train, you will also come to know about its other details like arrival time, departure time, overall distance to be travelled and covered, and more in a seamless way.

Been associated with Indian Railways, Travel Khana is been primarily engaged into providing high quality, fresh and hot food delivery in trains and with time, it broadened its area of offerings related to providing updated and reliable information about trains covering Indian Railways time table, seat availability, PNR status, track train, etc. To track train, it introduced ‘Spot your Train’ utility that actually simplified diverse needs and prerequisites of people from all over and assist them to know the live status of trains at any point and at any junction and make sure whether the train’s arrival is on time or a bit delayed, ultimately enhancing their experience. Don’t you think, it is such an excellent app? Thinking about its functionality and working? Simply follow the steps mentioned in below and you will get the status.

  • There is a box at the site depicting to type your train number or train name.
  • Fill in the details and click on proceed button.
  • From the drop down menu, you require to select the station at which you want to know the status and then you need to click on confirm button.
  • There is an optional column to mention your e-mail id. It is up to you whether you want to mention it or not and the sole purpose is to serve in an efficient way.
  • Click on the arrival or departure button in accord to the need.
  • You will get the live running status of the train as well as its position reflected on the map.
  • There is an auto track functionality that keeps a tab on arrival time, departure time along with the train movement.

The service of tracking a train using Spot your train utility of Travel Khana can be accessed by anyone and it is not necessary to check it if you are travelling via train. It can be accessed by anyone and is very simple to do. Along with this, people can look up for delicious and yummy e-catering services of Travel Khana that gets delivered at any of the station at cost effective prices and with ease. Passengers can explore the menu of them and see so many options that they can grab along with other services. The helpline number of the site is 08800313131 and people can contact them on that number seeking any kind of assistance and support. Spot your train is a feature filled and smart functionality and to use the same, all you want is train number, pnr number, station name or station code to fetch the live running status of any train. Do remember that every train running status keeps on changing on daily basis so if you want to know the fresh data and information, it is significant and must to place an online enquiry for the same. For any kind of assistance, feel free to connect with them or place an enquiry at the IRCTC site, and everything will be answered and resolved on time.

In addition, the leading e-catering service provider has gone an extra mile by building its mobile site that assists passengers to track live status of any train in almost real time scenarios. You just require to feed train related numbers and the mobile app is attainable for both Windows as well as Android based platforms. People are not restricted to only spotting a train but also get updated about other details including train schedule, diverted stations, live station, rescheduled trains, trains in between stations and cancelled trains. Being the only biggest network managed by Indian Railways, it happens that often trains run a little late or sometimes they are bang on time. So, irrespective of what could be train timings will be, it is always helpful and beneficial to know the exact schedule of the train and its running status.

Want to know more about Travel Khana? If you are looking to avail reliable and efficient services, then Travel Khana is the platform to entrust upon. You can avail its so many offerings related to trains and most important is to check the status of train at any junction you want to and be aware that whether the train is on time or a bit early or a bit delayed. Many of the trains these days have GPS tracking device and that helps in keeping a tab at any point of time. With the help of Spot your Train utility, you can even check out where the train will stop and make a halt throughout the journey and that will surely assist in estimating the right time of arrival and departure and saves precious time. Also, grab a savoury and appetizing bite of desired meal and even specialties of the places with them and enjoy your journey to the fullest. Avail services for once and you will get back to that platform again and again for sure.

Want to track live status of trains on Google Maps? Indian Railways introduced a new service that is been well known all around as Rail Radar that is a live train tracking service, which runs on Google Maps. With the help of the app, people can easily locate the exact location of any train without any inconvenience and hassle. This app is been available at http://railradar.trainenquiry.com/, which is also been reckoned as the improvised version of the earlier tracking service that is 'Spot your train'. When you will open the screen of Rail Radar, you can actually see the map of the country depicting and enlisting all the details of trains running here and there on that day. On the right hand top side of the page, there is a display that depicts the number of trains being tracked at that certain point of time as well as the about the percentage of trains that were running on time. Even, the map could be zoomed in or out as per the convenience using the scroll. Now with this app, keeping track live status of trains on Google maps is been so simple and easy. If a passenger wants to keep a track of any specific train, the app has a search facility where it is easy to look for running status and information about particular trains. In fact, there is a service to search in accord to stations as well. Trains which are running late as per their schedule are depicted in red and that are running on time are shown in blue. Clicking on any of the train will show the status of the train as well as its route and all related information. Happy travel!

Meaning of ETA and ETD

Thinking about the meaning of ETA and ETD? ETA often called as ETOA stands for Estimated Time of Arrival and ETD stands for Estimated Time of Departure, used as a measure of when any service is expected to move from one place to other. The common use of these terms is been used at the time of movement of trains as well as in buses and in airplanes where the estimated times of arrival and departure is been derived from static timetable or via measurements depending on the traffic intensity. ETD or Estimated time of departure is used to indicate the expected starting time of a specific rail excursion including the details the station name, date of journey and time at which train will leave. ETA or expected time of arrival is used to indicate the expected arrival time of the train related to a particular journey covering details like the station name, time at which it will arrive and more. Hope, the meaning of ETA and ETD is clear to you all. It's been easy to check out ETA or ETD of any train by checking out Indian Railways time table. You just have to open the online time table, choose any of the train and it will enlist all the details including ETA, ETD, overall time taken by the train to cover the whole journey, total distance that needs to be covered, number of days taken by the train to cover the whole journey, source station name, final destination name and much more. So access the time table and be aware of everything you want to know.

Meaning of Scheduled Arrival and actual arrival

Want to grab more information about the meaning of scheduled arrival and actual arrival related to a train? The scheduled arrival of a train depicts the time at which a train is been scheduled to reach at station. And the actual arrival depicts the time of a train at which it reaches that station. In case of technical difficulties or bad climatic situations or anything, scheduled arrival time and actual arrival time of a train could differ.

Want to keep a track of scheduled arrival and actual arrival timing of a train? Keep a tab on the live running status of a train by using Spot your train utility through which passengers cannot be only updated from the live status of their train on Google maps in real time scenarios but also from the other details as well including arrival time, departure time, route that it has been following, the total distance that needs to be covered, the total time taken by the train in covering the whole journey, the next stoppage, at what time train will reach at your station and much more with ease.

Keeping a keen eye on the train movement and everything actually helps people to stay updated about the scheduled arrival and actual arrival along with the departure time as well and the information is quite handy and helpful in making plans wisely and decisively. So, make sure to use the technology that made lives of people smooth and convenient and be updated of everything related to train movement and schedule and timings.

Meaning of ATA and ATD

Seeking for information related to the meaning of ATA and ATD? Well, this is simple. ATA stands for the actual time of arrival and ATD stands for the actual time of departure. People can keep a tab on ATA and ATD through Spot your train utility and check whether the train is bang on time or running late or is early or is as on schedule as defined by its ATA. The actual time of arrival is basically the time taken by the train defined to reach at a specific station and the actual time of departure depicts the defined time taken by the train to leave a particular station. In most of the cases, trains arrive and depart from stations as defined by ATA and ATD.

In case of technical difficulties and discrepancies, many times, trains arrive or depart at a different time as of ATA and ATD. In such scenarios, it is always must to keep a track of the train in live and real time scenarios and Spot your train helps to fetch out information related to live running status of trains in real time situations and within minutes letting people aware of everything like the train route, train schedule, arrival time, departure time, total distance that needs to be travelled, the number of stoppages that have already been covered and that will come in ahead of the journey, whether the train is running late or is on time and more. So, stay updated and plan your trips effectively!

Meaning of RT and U.A.

Are you looking for the meaning of RT and U.A.? This post will help you know the meaning of RT and U.A. used in Indian Railways. RT means ‘Real Time’ and U.A. stands for the ‘Update Awaited’ that means that the data and information needed is not updated yet from the en-route staff end and that is the reason that it comes under awaited status. Passengers can keep a tab on running status of trains in real time situations without any hassle and within clicks without any trouble using ‘Spot your train’ utility.

Sometimes, it happens that the data gets not updated in real time scenario due to some technical glitches and gets updated in the meanwhile and keeping a track of train at that point of time helps a lot in saving time of travellers and making them aware of train journey, route and movement within clicks. It is pretty simple to use ‘Spot your train’ utility as people just need to open the app, fill in the train name or train number along with the station name and as soon it got clicked, train running status is in front of your eyes along with train movement on Google maps depicting the route and number of trains operating in between the specific stations. In case the train is travelling late or early as per scheduled movement, people can know about the same and plan their trips wisely and take better decisions. Hope, the meaning of real time and update awaited is been clear to you all. Stay updated and enjoy your journey!

Meaning of PF and CNC

Looking for information related to meaning of PF and CNC in Indian Railways? This post is really going to be helpful and useful in understanding the meaning of terminologies used in Railways. PF depicts the ‘Expected Platform’ and CNC for the ‘Cancelled at this station’. Passengers and travellers can grab more details about the PF and CNC terms by keeping a track of the live running status of trains using ‘Spot your train’ utility or so.

Tracking a train utility helps people to be informed about everything including expected platform, the running status of the train, intermediate stoppages, total distance that needs to be travelled, total time taken by the train to cover that distance, which station is going to come next by, and much more. In fact, it could seem to people that what they will do with such information but on an honest note, once all the information is been fetched, it could be very handy and useful and people can even plan their excursions wisely and make optimal use of their time for sure. Adding to this, getting details of all the data and information is so much simple that within clicks, everything is in front of your eyes and you can know about anything related to that train including arrival time, departure time, time required to travel, train status, and much more with ease and without any trouble. So, want to know about everything related to a train? What are you thinking then, use track train utility and check out PF and CNC and other information within no time.

Spot Your Current Train Running Status

Sampoorna Kranti SF Express (PT)(12393) - from RAJENDRA NAGAR BIHAR(RJPB) at on 23 Jun , will reach PATNA JN at 05:50 PM on 23 Jun

Next Station:  PATNA JN


Unchahar Express(14218) - Scheduled from Ambala Cantt Junction(UMB) at 05:25 PM on 23 Jun , will reach Karnal at 06:37 PM on 23 Jun

Next Station:  Karnal

Status:  On time

Gorakhpur - Okha Express(15045) - Scheduled from Vadodara Junction(BRC) at 03:17 PM on 23 Jun , will reach AHMEDABAD JN at 07:53 PM on 24 Jun

Next Station:  AHMEDABAD JN

Status:  Late By 2hr from its time of arrival

Andhra Pradesh AC SF Express(22416) - Scheduled from Bhopal Junction(BPL) at 03:17 PM on 23 Jun , will reach Bhopal HabibGanj at 05:41 PM on 23 Jun

Next Station:  Bhopal HabibGanj

Status:  Late By 2hr from its time of arrival

Chennai Central - Ahmedabad Express(19419) - Scheduled from PUNE JN(PUNE) at 05:15 PM on 23 Jun , will reach Panvel at 08:42 PM on 24 Jun

Next Station:  Panvel

Status:  Late By 12m from its time of arrival

Saket Express(11068) - Scheduled from Nasik Road(NK) at 05:15 PM on 23 Jun , will reach Igatpuri at 07:05 PM on 24 Jun

Next Station:  Igatpuri

Status:  Late By 12m from its time of arrival

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