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Anxious to know the status of your train!!! With just few clicks, you can track your train status and order processing details with us. Check our smart tool to check your train status, arrival and departure timings.


Track Train using Travel Khana ‘Spot your Train’ Utility

Indian Railways has one of the biggest and acknowledged networks in the world. Consistently been putting efforts to make their services simple and convenient for people, nowadays even tracking a train at any junction is possible and people need not to go at all at the railway station counters to enquire, saving your effort and most important valuable time. All you have to do is visit Travel Khana website and use its spot your train utility that will let you know instantly about the running status of any train, you specify there. Travel Khana provides train tracking status along with other details including departure and arrival timing from stations in a seamless manner.

TravelKhana has tied up with Indian Railways and is been engaged primarily providing food delivery in trains to passengers and with time, it expanded its offerings like track train, Indian Railways seat availability, Indian Railways time table, pnr status and much more. Understanding diverse needs and requirements of passengers in India, it introduced Spot your train utility to enhance their experience. Wondering, how will it work? Follow the below mentioned steps and you will come to know about everything.

  • Look for a box depicting ‘type train name or number’, available at the top side of the page.
  • Fill in the specific details and proceed to next box.
  • There is a dropdown menu, and you need to select the station and press on confirm button.
  • There is an optional space where you can specify your e-mail id, if you want to. It is to serve you in a better and promising way.
  • After this, click on arrival or departure button as you want.
  • Once clicked, you will get the train status and the position on the map.
  • Auto track functionality helps to keep a tab on arrival, departure as well as train movement.

This service can be accessed by anyone and it is not necessary that if you are travelling via train then you have to use it. It is a convenient service available for everyone and could be accessed by anyone. Adding to this, you can order delicious and hygienic food with Travel Khana at any of the railway station with ease and at cost efficient prices. For more details related to food menu and train related services, you can browse website of Travel Khana and contact them at their helpline number at 08800313131. In all, using a feature filled and smart feature like ‘Spot your train’, it becomes so easy to spot any train at any point and all you require is the pnr number, train number, station code, and station name to retrieve the current running status of your train. Make sure that trains running status keeps on updating every day so if you are looking for fresh data, it is vital to place a fresh online enquiry. For any other further assistance, you can check out the website and contact helpline number and all your queries will be answered and resolved.

Using Travelkhana.com to Track Your Running Train Status - Spot Your Train

Indian Railways network is known as the biggest in the world. They are constantly endeavouring to make their services more convenient for passengers. Now, if you want to know the live train, you need not go to the station to enquire but go TravelKhana website that have online train tracking systems. TravelKhana site provide tracking of trains where your trains can be and their arrival and departure from stations.

Travelkhana.com is a company closely associated with Indian Railways. Originally, it was dealing with food on trains, but its umbrella of services has widened, like; track train, Indian railway time table, Indian railway seat availability, IRCTC PNR status.

Tarvelkhana.com well understands the needs of railway customers. Aiming to improve the passenger experience, it has introduced a new 'Spot the Train' service.

It Works in the Following Way:

  1. Find a box titled -"type train name or number" at the top of the page. Fill details and proceed to the next box.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select your station and confirm.
  3. There is an optional space for fill up of e-mail ID. If you fill this up, it will help the site to serve you better.
  4. After filling this up, 'click' on arrival or departure button as you require.
  5. Obtain the status of train and position of the train on the map. An auto-track feature will keep tabs on departure, arrival and train movement.

You can use this service not only if you are travelling by train, but also if you are waiting to pick up or greet someone at the railway station. It is a convenient service for one who is waiting to get off the train or one who is waiting for someone aboard the train. The bonus with TravelKhana.com is that you can order food to be delivered when the train stops at a station.

Travelkhana.com is a prompt and efficient service for khana online, as well as spot your train online. For more information on food, menu or train related services like train running status or PNR tracking, browse our website or contact 0-8800-31-31-31, which is our helpline available from 7 am to 10 pm.

How is the Train Tracked?

Using a smart, feature filled website, one can track/spot any train, anytime. All you need is the train number, PNR number, and station name and station code to get all details of current position of your train. Enquiries on current running status of train can be made anytime, anyplace. Remember that the trains' current status is regularly updated so if you want fresh data, you must make a fresh online enquiry.

For information on any food order, you can contact the customer helpline. Any type of cancellation or delay in order from the end of the site will be communicated to you much in advance.

You can spot your train online by entering the train name or number whose details you require especially their arrival and departure time. The status of the train is regularly updated.

The TravelKhana has gone a step further, developed mobile website, helps you track live train status, almost real-time location of your train. All you need is to punch in train related numbers. This mobile website is available on both Windows and Android platforms.

You are not limited to spotting your train but other details like-

  • Train schedule
  • Live station
  • Diverted trains
  • Trains between stations
  • Rescheduled trains
  • Cancelled trains

What is TravelKhana.com?

It is the website mainly devoted to providing food/meals to railway passengers from local eateries/vendors at stations, but today it offers a slew of services like spot ur travel, seat availability, train schedule and even PNR status.

Indian trains are notorious for not being on time, but this does not affect the service provided by website. It ensures that your meal reaches you at the preferred station, no matter what the delay. Vendors associated with the site are given information about live train running status so that they are ready with the order at the right station, at the right train and at the right time.

Your order is processed freshly and the delivery boy will arrive at your seat with the freshly packed food. Orders with travelkhana.com can be made online at the website or by phone with our customer helpline. You can make payments according to your choice: cash on delivery, debit/credit cards, net banking.

How to know the status of your train with TravelKhana

Being the only and the largest manually operated railways system in the world, sometimes trains run a little late! Sometimes they are before time and sometimes they are right on time! Whatever the status of the train’s timing might be, it always helps if we have information about where the train exactly is when we are scheduled to catch it.

One of the most recent features introduced by the Indian Railways is that you can now easily track where the train you are scheduled to catch is, and accordingly, you can travel to or wait at the station. Nobody likes to spend hours waiting in the station’s waiting rooms, and this is a great way to avoid that!

Want to know more? Well, here are a few details that will help you to find out the status of your train with the help of TravelKhana.

GPS train running status

There are a number of sites that will help you to get hold of the status of your train, but if you want to rely on the most efficient services, then your best bet is TravelKhana. Here, on the top of the page is a box in which you will have to fill out the necessary details like the train name or number, and then, enter the name of the station where you will be waiting. You can also add your email id which will help you to stay posted about the status of your train. After that, click on the arrival or departure button as per your requirement, and you will get the status of your train. Most of the Indian Railways trains have a GPS tracking service these days, and this helps in tracking where the train is. TravelKhana also offers you the additional benefit of checking where the train will stop on the way to your station. This surely helps in calculating the time of arrival and thus save precious time.

IR Train Tracker on map

A particularly interesting feature has been introduced by the IRCTC or the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation in the last few years. If you provide the details of the train for which you are waiting or you will be travelling in, you will now be able to track the train on Google map. All you have to do is fill in the name or number of the train, and this feature will enable you to locate your train on the map. This is possible because of the GPS tracking system that has been incorporated into most of the trains under the Indian Railways. There are a number of online sites as well as applications like TravelKhana from where you will be able to access the location of your train on the Google map. You can also find out when the train had left the last station, on which date or time it had started its journey, etc. These new interesting features that have been added by the Indian Railways make it really convenient for us to track a particular train that we are trying to catch or waiting for.

Spot Your Current Train Running Status

Mumbai Bandra (T.) - Delhi Sarai Rohilla Garib Rath Express (PT)(12216) - Scheduled from Surat(ST) at 03:55 PM on 25 Apr , will reach Bharuch Junction at 04:36 PM on 25 Apr

Next Station:  Bharuch Junction

Status:  On time

Patna - Kota Express (Via Sultanpur)(13239) - Scheduled from Kota Junction(KOTA) at 12:55 PM on 25 Apr , will reach Bharuch Junction at 04:36 PM on 25 Apr

Next Station:  Bharuch Junction

Status:  Late By 3hr from its time of arrival

Neelachal SF Express (PT)(12875) - Scheduled from BALASORE(BLS) at 03:26 PM on 25 Apr , will reach KHARAGPUR JN at 05:42 PM on 25 Apr

Next Station:  KHARAGPUR JN

Status:  Late By 32m from its time of arrival

Mangala Lakshadweep SF Express (PT)(12618) - Scheduled from Ratnagiri(RN) at 03:00 PM on 25 Apr , will reach Thivim at 07:37 PM on 26 Apr

Next Station:  Thivim

Status:  Late By 1hr from its time of arrival

Jodhpur - Howrah SF Express (PT)(12308) - Scheduled from ALLAHABAD JN(ALD) at 02:00 PM on 25 Apr , will reach MIRZAPUR at 05:20 PM on 26 Apr

Next Station:  MIRZAPUR

Status:  Late By 2hr from its time of arrival

Coimbatore - Mumbai LTT (Kurla) Express(11014) - Scheduled from PUNE JN(PUNE) at 10:35 AM on 25 Apr , will reach Kalyan Junction at 06:40 PM on 26 Apr

Next Station:  Kalyan Junction

Status:  Late By 5hr from its time of arrival

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