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Track train by using ‘Spot your train’ App

Wondering how to check and know about the live exact train movement and running status?

Well, it is indeed simple and easy to do using user friendly and smart tool that will let anyone check and keep a track of running train, know about the exact running status, its related information like the arrival time, departure time, halts within the route, time taken to cover the whole and reach at specific station or so without any fuss. Are you all set to do the same? It is not only time saving but also let you be aware of all updated details related to train status.

Undoubtedly, there is no denial to the fact that Indian Railways is been handling one of the biggest rail networks and that too in such an efficacious manner that it is been recognized at a large scale worldwide. And, the introduction of internet has made things simpler for everyone and Indian Railways is also been consistently on the same drive to make it easy for people and travellers by providing with approachable services and solutions. And same goes with the functionality that is been available to track train. If anyone wants to track train, they can always do the same within minutes and without any problem. To do the same, these days now no longer people require to go at the railway counters or stations enquiring about train, their updated schedule, running status and more. Saving both your time, energy and for certainly effort, Spot your train is been a highly intuitive and useful app been introduced by Travel Khana letting people know about all the related live running information of any train within clicks and minutes. It has even been integrated with advanced Google map feature that will assist people check out the running details of any train visually and actually see the running trains operating from one place to other.

Having associated with Indian Railways, Travel Khana started with proffering fresh and rich tasty food delivery in trains to passengers directly over their seat berths within time. Gradually, it enhanced its aura of offerings by proffering reliable details and services related to the trains like seat availability, access to Indian Railways time table, track train, book reservations, check PNR status and much more. Spot your train functionality to track train has actually eased out varied needs of passengers from all around and to check on the same, there is absolutely no need to travel in train. Anyone can check out the app and know about the live running status of them at any time and at any of the desired junction, as needed. To be aware of any information like whether the train is been running as per its scheduled time or not, is none but a blessing as it could definitely enhance anyone’s experience. Thinking about how to do access the same and how it works? Well, read on and go through the following steps and you will come to know.

  • Open up site and once you open it, there is a box letting people feed on the train name and train number.
  • It will also ask you to mention the travel journey date.
  • Once done, click on the proceed button.
  • There will be a drop down menu, at which you have to select the station name and click on the confirmation button.
  • There will be an optional column asking you to mention your email-id. It is up to you, whether you want to fill in or not.
  • As per the need, click on the departure or arrival button.
  • Once clicked, a new page will be redirected letting you about the live running status of the train along with its position reflected on Google map.
  • Basically, an auto track functionality is been there keeping a tab on everything updated related to the train including its arrival and departure time, train movement, train route and so.

Isn’t it interesting and helpful? Spot your train functionality is not only simple to access but also can be accessed by anyone. Don’t you think so? So, make use of technology and have an access to latest running details of train right away and make your travel plans accordingly. Aside from this, have you tried food delivery services yet provided by e-catering service providers? If not, give them a chance for once and opt for yummy and delicious e-catering food services been provided by Travel Khana not only at affordable prices but also of superior quality. Go through their menu, explore many choices that they have been into, and make sure that what you are having will meet your hunger pangs and cravings. The helpline number is been 08800313131 and for any kind of assistance and support, they are always available at your side for the same. Do call them, let them know what you want to have, you will have to mention your pnr number, train name, station at which food needs to be delivered, coach number and seat number so that your parcel could be delivered bang on time and without any inconvenience on time. Do make sure to at least place an order for about 60 minutes in advance so that there is no fuss for the last minute of time. Spot your train is indeed a smart and robust app and people need to just know about the station name, pnr number, and travel date to access the same. And do always remember that each train running status keeps on changing and updating so either refresh or always place a new enquiry to know about latest related to that train. In case, you are stuck up with something, you can always place an enquiry with them or at IRCTC official site and everything will get answered as shortly as could be possible. Also, mobile app version is been available for the download as well. So, look for them, make use of them and enjoy the travel happily and make fonder memories.

Meaning of Meaning of Scheduled Arrival and actual arrival

Want to know about and grab access to the meaning of Scheduled Arrival and actual arrival time of the train? Here, you will get some idea related to the same for sure. The scheduled arrival time of the train is the one that is been defined as per the schedule of the train and that is been enlisted on the time table of the train as well. The actual arrival time of train is the one that is exact running status of that train on that date of travel is, and it could be same as of scheduled arrival of train or could be delayed because of technical faults or anything. To know whether the actual arrival time of train is same as of scheduled arrival time of train, the best way is to have access to Spot your train app that is easy to access and highly beneficial to use to. Accessed over web or mobile as per the desire, people just need to mention the train name and train number and the date of travel and instantly, a new page will get open that will let them know about the exact arrival time and departure time of that train, route it is been travelling, stoppages at which it stops by, source station, final station, and more. There is an auto track functionality that keeps on telling people about the relative arrival time of the train and within minutes. So, access technology, be aware of all details and have a smooth journey.

Meaning of ETA and ETD

Checking out web to know about the meaning of ETA and ETD? ETA depicts for ‘Estimated time of arrival’ and ETD stands for ‘Estimated time of departure’ in Indian Railways. ETA and ETD could be same as of scheduled time of arrival and scheduled time of departure and the best means to check whether they are the same or not is to get access to Spot your train utility. ETA means the timing at which a train is been expected to arrive at a junction and ETD means the timing at which a train is been expected to depart from a junction. To know about the real time train movement and its running status, Spot your train is a utility app that is reliable to use for and lets people know about the exact movement and location of an express within minutes. Even the app is been integrated with Google maps as well that help people know and actually check out the train movement and its travelling route with ease. People can keep a track of train using the app and know about ETA and ETD easily and without any fuss from them. It is highly beneficial and efficient to make use of the technology, know about the running status and schedule of the train and make decisions accordingly. Hope the information is been clear and understandable. Stay tuned for more posts..

Meaning of ATA and ATD

Checking out online to get to know about the meaning of ATA and ATD? Here, you will understand what it stands for. ATA stands for ‘Actual time of arrival’ and ATD stands for ‘Actual time of departure’. It basically means the actual time at which a train is been leaving a junction and at what time it is been arriving at a junction in real time scenarios. To know about real time ATA and ATD, the best way is to get access to track train using Spot your train utility and so. The utility app not only gives an idea about the actual time at which the specific train is about to leave or arrive at respective station but is highly reliable and useful in keeping a track on train movement and its location at that point of time. Tracking a train in real time scenarios is always helpful and meaningful as it lets people know about ATA and ATD on one end and on the other gives them flexibility to think and make better wise decisions accordingly. Indeed, the app is simple to use and to do the same, you just have to feed in the train name or train number and the date of journey and within a click, a page will get open letting all the information depicted in a clear and concise way. Even, you can keep a track on Google maps as well and see the running movement of trains without any fuss.

Meaning of RT and UA

Checking out online to know about the meaning of RT and UA? Well, here you will definitely get some idea about the same. The term RT means ‘Real Time’ and UA means ‘Update Awaited’. If people get UA status then it simply means that the data is not been updated yet by the en-route staff or so and hence is in awaited status. The best way to get an access to real time running information about trains and its running status is by keeping an eye on the running status, schedule and movement of the train and knowing much more about them using Spot your train utility app. The app in real is very beneficial and let people know about live time information about trains, their schedule, their route, running information, updated arrival time, updated departure time, where they are stopping by and by how many minutes or time the trains will be late or so at those stops, and the best part that in case the train is been running late then by how many hours it is late or delayed. It is useful always to check out track of a train all the time and know about real time updated status so that people can make wise decisions accordingly and make full utilization of their time. To check out the same, simply get an access to Spot your train app, select the desired station name, mention the train name or number, date of journey and that’s it. Within clicks, people will get access to all details and travel safely.

Meaning of CNC and PF

Looking online for the meaning of CNC and PF and how does it relate to Indian Railways? Well, here you will get your answers for sure. The term CNC stands for ‘Cancelled at this station’ and the term PF stands for ‘Expected platform’. To get a status of the same, when you keep a track of any train, it gets easier to get access to the train’s updated information including the expected platform as well as at which station the train is been cancelled along with the reason. Keeping an access to live running status of train helps people to get exact and latest update related to that train’s location and movement at that point of time including the train’s arrival time, departure time, stoppages where it is halting at, by how many minutes or hours the train is been delayed or running in accord to its schedule, and more. It is not only quick to know about the same online, but also it is always helpful and beneficial to know about the real time running status of the train. People can make wise decisions once they get the updated information and make sure that they are making optimal advantage of their time. Adding to this, there are many other terminologies as well, with which they are aware of while knowing about the live status of the train like expected time of arrival, expected time of departure, update awaited, actual time of arrival, actual time of departure and more.

Track Train live on Google Map

Want to know about how to Track Train live on Google Map? If yes, here you will get to know about the same. Spot your train application is the answer to the same. It is a reliable and efficient app used by people at an extensive scale to know about the actual whereabouts of the train. To use the same, people can access the Spot your train app website or download its mobile app as per the convenience and then enter in the desired details. It could also be checked on Google map and all people need to do is to mention the train name or train number and within seconds, the train’s running status will be shown on the Google map addressing its source junction, destination junction, route it is following and covering, halts in between the travel, in case if there is any delay in the running movement of the train, and so. People can also check out and know about other trains as well that are running on the similar route journey and could zoom in and out over the map with ease. The trains that are bang on time as per their schedule are been depicted on Google map in blue colour and in case of delay, their colour changes to red colour. So, make your plans smoother and hassle free by keeping an eye on the running status of your train using Spot your train and take right actions.

Can I cancel my confirmed ticket if my train is running very late and I don't want to undertake the journey?

Can I cancel my confirmed ticket if my train is running very late and I don't want to undertake the journey? If you are looking for the answer, you will definitely get the same here. As per the rules defined by the department of Indian Railways, if the train in which you were supposed to board is been running late by more than 3 hours and that too at the respective station from where your journeys starts and in case, you do not want further to undertake the travel then there is a possibility to cancel out the ticket without any problem. For the same, indeed no clerkage fee or cancellation charge is been involved or charged and if you cancel the same, full amount gets refunded in the same account even for those confirmed tickets, whether booked in general quota or in tatkal quota. For e-tickets, it is important to file TDR online prior to the actual train departure timing and afterwards you will get a full refund for the same. Aside from this, for PRS tickets, it is important to surrender the tickets prior to the train’s actual departure timing. Moreover, it is significant to keep a track of a train always and be aware of the exact movement, timing and location of the train at any point of time using Spot your train app. Using the app gives a clear idea of the train’s movement and people can take accordingly decisions related to the status and enjoy a hassle free travel.

Indian Railway Train Enquiry Number

Looking online for Indian Railway Train Enquiry Number? If yes, here you will definitely get to know about the same. To do any of the Indian Railway train enquiry, there is a number also been known as Indian Railways automated help line number that is 139. For train enquiry, related to its arrival and departure timings, people can even send a message to 139 in the format AD . Aside from train enquiry related to its arrival and departure timings, people face problems with many other things like pnr status, seat availability, fare enquiry, train name enquiry, time table, and current location of train, platform enquiry and so. People can even call at the customer care number to get answers related to their enquiry at 1800-11-321. Though, keeping a track of train’s location and status always helps in being updated about the whereabouts of the train and that could be done by using Spot your train app. The app is easy to use and its mobile app could also be downloaded as per the convenience in your SmartPhone. The app only asks for a train name and number to be entered upon and once it is done, all information related to the same gets reflected within instant. So, make sure to use the same, enter in the desired details and keep an eye on the status of live running information of the train and be aware of its exact timings.

What is the catch siding and slip siding in Indian railway?

Want to know about what is the catch siding and slip siding in Indian railway? Well, here you will get the answer for the same. The catch siding is been linked with the dead end siding attached with the use of a spring operated point and these sidings are usually provided in the hilly terrains where the gradients are steep nearby the railway stations. The purpose of these siding is basically to capture the vehicle movement especially if they begin to roll down the grade and gradually foul up with the running lines. Even, as per the sources, an individual siding is been provided outside the rail yard so that vehicles could be collected and assembled there. On the other side, slip sidings are provided at the much lower level end of the station. The purpose of them is in case the vehicles are not been caught in case of catch siding then when they enter the station premise, they will be caught in slip siding for sure. It is always important to check out the running status and location of your train before heading out to station and also check whether it is as per its defined schedule or not. Many a times, due to technical fault or stuff, trains got delayed and stuck by hours and Spot your train is the efficient and reliable means to do check out the same without any hassle and also about catch siding and slip siding too.

Meaning of W, M and A in Indian railway

Want to know about the meaning of W, M and A in Indian railway? Well, here you will definitely get the relevant answers related to them. W in Indian railway means ‘Window’. The term doesn’t mean that people have to sit on the top of the window or so, but in fact it means that passengers will be allocated the seat near to or beside or that will be closest to window. The letter M in Indian railway connotes for ‘Middle’ seat. As the term in itself is very explanatory, in this the middle seat is been allocated for the passenger and the terms are defined and devised by the department just to avoid any sort of confusion among people. The letter A in Indian Railway means ‘Aisle’ seat. It depicts that the seat that will be near to the passage of the train will be allocated for the passenger. Aisle in itself means a passage and it doesn’t mean anything in specific to the seat, it is simply the term is used for the seat that will be near to the passage in trains. Hope the information is clear and informative enough. Everything is clear and concise when people keep a watch on the running status of the train as it helps them in being clear of everything in advance including the exact running status of the train, its location at that time, it is running as per its schedule or not and more.

About Boarding and deboarding feature in Track Train

Want to know and grab an insight about boarding and de-boarding feature in Track Train? If yes, here you will definitely come to know about the same. The boarding station is the one from where you need to catch the train in which you are supposed to travel and de-boarding station is the one where you need to get down and your journey via train is finished. While keeping an eye to track train using Spot your train app, users can figure out and know about the boarding and de-boarding feature as well with ease and within clicks and minutes. The track train feature could be checked out even on Google map where people can visually check out the train’s boarding station and its de-boarding station easily without any trouble. It gives detailed information related to the train aside from just being its source and destination junction including the expected arrival and departure timing, distance it is covering, time taken in total in the travelling, stoppages where it is supposed to halt by, in case there is any delay in the running status of the train or not, and so. There are thousands of trains that run on daily basis from one place to other and it is very important to be aware of the track and real time running status of them and know about their actual movement and location. It is useful to know of details in advance and make decisions in accord to the status and information.

Feature of live station

Want to know about the feature of live station in Railways? Thinking about how to find out the live station and running status of train in real time scenario? Well, with technology, things have got really simple and less complex and there is an application ‘Spot your train’ that is used in extensive numbers to know about the live station that is actually the present location of the train, traveled route, untraveled route, source junction, destination junction, average delay in time travelled if there is any, and likewise. If the app is been seen on Google app, people can check out the live station of the train visually with the blinking green colour dot and other information in some other colours. To access the app, people can simply open up NTES site, get to the segment, enter in the boarding date, boarding junction, and the other station and within seconds, all details will get open in a separate browser. So, be aware of things in advance and know about the facts with the help of internet and take the right decision and make full use of your time by checking out the real time running status of train. Along with feature of live station, there are many other symbols from which you must be aware of and everything could be known from the same easily.

Live Train Tracking System

Want to know about Live Train Tracking System that could help in knowing about the real time running status of a train? Well, here you will come to know of the same for sure. Have you ever checked and used Spot your train application used by people to know about the exact position of a train in live time situation? Did you ever get stuck at a platform for hours while waiting for your train to come? Did it ever occur with you that after reaching railway station, you come to know that the train you need to board is running late due to some technical fault or anything? Well, these days with technology things have actually smoothen out and people can know in advance about the live time running status of a train and it takes hardly seconds to do the same. First of all, to keep an eye on the live train tracking system, people need to access Spot your train application, enter in their the train name or number, date of journey and click on the submit button. There is an option to see the status on Google map as well. Once the details are fed and entered, it lets the person know about where the train is positioned at that time, its location, in case any delay is there in the train then of how much time, and so. It always helps in making people get to know about the status in advance and make plans and decisions according to the same in an efficient manner.

Railways to install latest signalling system on Mathura-Vadodara route

Want to know about Railways to install latest signalling system on Mathura-Vadodara route? If yes, here you will come get to know of the same. As per Indian Railways, there will be an 850 km long stretch in between Mathura and Vadodara that will be equipped with an advanced signalling system and will cost about Rs. 2,000 Cr. This system will prevent any collision in between two trains on the same track and is going to update the loco pilots too about the signal condition in advance especially in case the visibility is bad due to climatic conditions, fog and else. Once it becomes operational, depending on the performance as well, ETCS Level II will be regarded and taken under an extension for other sections as well. Though, the proposal was not found in favour with PM especially because of its high cost and PMO asked in April the national transporter to conduct extensive trials in a busy track to ensure its efficiency and then further decide on that. Piyush Goyal, Railway Minister is in support of this idea and the automation of this signalling system in between the route will assure safety as well as will speed up the train movement in a busy network. Even, it would be possible to keep a track of the train and people can use Spot your train app to track the train’s movements and know about its location and position within minutes.