PNR refers to Passenger’s Name Record. It is a unique customer identification number printed at the left hand corner of your ticket. And the number is a 10 digit one. You can relate your berth enquiries with the help of the PNR number. To know the status as to whether you have a confirmed berth under your name or not. 

A lot of mobile applications whether it is Windows or Android, support PNR functionality. Like, if you have a smart phone that allows internet or the application supports PNR, you can keep on checking statuses whenever you feel like.

  • CNF- Confirmed booking
  • WL- Waiting list
  • RAC- Reservation against Cancellation

You can check the trains running in between stations or when a particular train is required to arrive at a particular platform. In the meanwhile, if you feel hungry there are a lot of online websites like Travelkhana that take your food orders. You can order food online and the same is delivered to you within 30 minutes of having placed the orders.

Railway travel offers you multiple dining options but if food packets are sold out then you wait long enough till the train reaches the next railway station. But online joints operate in tie up with railways. At every station you have sumptuous breakfast/ lunch delivered across your seats which is a matter of great convenience.

A smart option offered by Google to keep the status on PNR.

You need to send the 10 digit PNR number to 9773300000 and just in a matter of seconds, you get a status update on PNR. In case you have a discounted phone pack, you will be charged normal SMS rates per enquiry. This is a heart rendering service brought to you by the thoughtful team at Google.However if you have a data card and a lap top handy while traveling, you can keep checking PNR status online.

The online food services come up with user-friendly websites. The website has an in-built auto status tool which tracks running of trains across various platform, whether there are any unprecedented delays of trains, etc. The status updates given in these websites are faster than the information churned out by railways.

Some recent updates brought out by Indian railways –

Indian railways has announced that various ticketing services will now be available to passengers who have non-internet based mobile phones. This is w.e.f. (with effect from) 1st July 2014 onwards. The scheme would be secure and user friendly. The feature is activated on non-internet based mobile phones by way of interactive voice systems or SMS’s.

This feature is currently available to only smart phone users who have mobile phones in-built with GPRS technology. GPRS is a route tracking technology.

Some pointers on e-ticketing –

If you have made an online booking for your railway tickets, you need to carry a copy of your Voter’s ID/ PAN card as a physical identification document. PAN number refers to Permanent Account Number. All Indian citizens are required to have a copy of the PAN number.

Easy Way to Check PNR Status Online

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