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Check your PNR Status on Travelkhana.com

It is absolutely essential that you know about the status of your reservation before boarding a train so that you are not left stranded on the platform. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record and is located on the top left hand side of your train ticket. To check your PNR, please enter the 10 digit number in the box provided above and hit 'check status'. You will get the booking information, current status of your booking. If your booking is confirmed, you will also get the seat and coach number. PNR, first introduced by the airline industry, was gradually adopted by the entire travel industry. The concept was started between airlines to facilitate exchange of customers' information, which used multiple airlines to book a journey.

With reference to Indian Railways, PNR is a unique number indicating elaborate customer information. This information may contain:

  • Details of the passenger (Age, Sex, Name, Seat preference).
  • Details of your ticket (berth number, train number, travelling date, reservation from and up to, quota if any).
  • Payment details (transaction id, mode of payment).
Waiting List Tickets and their Confirmation Precedence

There are some set rules based on which Railways allots the waiting list on tickets when is the reservation is not confirmed.

  • General Waiting List- These tickets are on top priority and there are high chances of getting confirmed.
  • Tatkal Waiting List- If you book your tickets in the Tatkal quota, you get a tatkal waiting list if the tickets are not reserved. General waiting lists are given priority over the Tatkal waiting list, therefore, there is very little chance that the Tatkal waiting list ticket will get confirmed.
How to Track your PNR status?

There are various options open to customers these days to check the PNR status of trains, some of them are;

  • PNR status information through online portal
  • PNR update through messaging services offered by irctc.co.in and other agencies
  • Android applications
  • Enquiry at the railway counters
  • Chart sheet updated at the station 4 hours before train departure time
PNR Status through Online Portal

It is the most widely used way to check your PNR status, thanks to the growing number of smart phones and increasing internet penetration in our country. Some of the most famous websites to check your PNR status are:

www.travekhana.com Travelkhana.com is a website designed to help passengers ease their travel by providing necessary information about their travel and ways to take care of their food related needs.

www.irctc.co.in IRCTC.co.in is the official partner of the Indian Railways and manages their online ticketing. They also offer E-ticket facilities so that you don't have to waste time standing in long queues.

PNR update through messaging service

139 is the SMS service launched by IRCTC to help passengers check their booking status without any hassle. All required to be done is to type `PNR ` and then send it to 139. You will in turn get status of your booking, confirming the seat coach number, if your reservation is confirmed. If you are on a waiting list, it will also tell you the waiting list number.

Mobile Applications

There are various Android, IOS and windows applications available which help you to check your booking status with your PNR number. These applications can be easily downloaded from the Playstore, App store or windows market respectively.

Enquiry at the Railway Station Counters

This is the old conventional way to check your booking status. You can go directly to the enquiry counter and ask the person about your reservation status by showing your PNR number. However, this is the least used method these days.

Reservation Charts

The last method for checking your booking status is by looking at the reservation chart prepared at the station couple of hours before the departure of the train. This is the final list prepared by the Railways and no alteration can be done once the chart is prepared. Last minute confirmation of berths generally reflects on this chart. Different Forms of Tickets

There are two types of tickets issued by the Railways;

  • I- Ticket: It is the ticket that you get by physically visiting the reservation counter. You may also book it online on the IRCTC website and have it delivered at your doorstep at a small charge,
  • E-Ticket: This is the ticket that you book online with IRCTC and there is no need to print it. You may carry your ID and ticket in your smart phone or tablet. On enquiry by the TT in the train you can just show your ID and the E-ticket.
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