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PNR Status


All about PNR on Indian Railways Unleashed

PNR means (Passenger Name Record) and most travelers on Indian Railways confuse the status of their PNR and often don't understand the status of their tickets. Making things simple, here's what you need to know before making a booking.

Check your PNR Status

You can check your PNR status by entering a 10 digit PNR number printed on the top left corner of your ticket in the box below:

PNR status explained

While travelling in Indian Railways, passengers can choose to make a booking up to 60 days ahead of the journey date, and on every ticket, there is a 10 digit PNR number issued that serves as a reference point for all future queries. Here's a quick take on the PNR status we see often.

  1. Confirmed Booking (CNF): If a ticket is booked and seats are allotted, it is known as confirmed booking. In such cases, the confirmed coach and berth number is mentioned on the ticket issued.
  2. Waiting list (WL): This simply means a berth has not been allotted to the passenger and ticket is in the waiting list. A passenger cannot board a ticket with a PNR having WL. The PNR status is shown in WL, and when seats are allotted due to cancellation, a confirmed berth number is offered on the same PNR. Once the maximum numbers of waiting list tickets are issued, no more booking is allowed and a message REGRET is displayed.
  3. GNWL: This is the general waiting list number of a PNR. The status may change as per changes in the cancellations.
  4. Reservation against cancellation (RAC): When a PNR status shows RAC, this refers to the case where a passenger doesn't have a reserved berth but can still board the train. He requires sharing the berth with someone, and in case, any berth is available on cancellation, he is offered the same on first priority basis. The berth number for RAC bookings is given as R## (ex: RS5, 25).
  5. CAN/MOD: This stands for a cancelled PNR number. This may also mean a modified ticket. A PNR is cancelled when the counter released ticket is cancelled over the counter or an e-ticket is cancelled via the IRCTC official portal.
  6. Tatkal (CK): When a ticket is issued with the Tatkal or CK PNR, it means the ticket has been booked under the tatkal quota, which can be a day prior to the travel date. If confirmed, a berth and coach number is given; else the ticket falls under tatkal waiting list with the symbol CKWL.
  7. Released: Such a status comes with a PNR when the ticket is not confirmed and an alternate option is offered to the passenger.

Check PNR status and travel easy!

When we book a ticket with the Indian Railways, we are provided a unique code called PNR - Passenger Name Record. This is a useful code, as all the queries and other details about the journey are stored under this name.Travelers with your name may be many, but this code is absolutely unique for each traveler. This also makes it easy for the Railways to identify you and your travel details among the million users each day.

We are given a PNR on all types of tickets, be it confirmed, tatkal, waiting or others. Once the ticket is cancelled, the PNR is also redundant and is not given to any other passenger either. This number is of great use when you book your food with travelkhana.com - as we need to know your travel details too before serving you!
Under the Computer Reservation System in Indian Railways, one needs to furnish these details while booking a ticket, based on which the PNR is generated:

  • Name of the passenger
  • Details of travel agent/airline office
  • Details of the journey
  • Name of person offering the travel information
  • Itinerary details

The 10-digit PNR is thus generated for every ticket booked. This serves as a reference for the travel.

How to find out train status

The PNR can help you find the status of your ticket. For the convenience of our customers, who are either traveling themselves or ordering food for friends and family who are traveling, we have provided the facility of checking the status of their tickets using PNR. Just type the PNR in the box given above and hit "get status." This will show you clear information, according to which you can order the food or any other implication you may need a solution for.

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