10 Helpful Tips for a Stress-Free Summer Vacation Trip

Summer holidays have just started and it must be the time when you can be booked with train tickets and ready to continue your planned journey. Maybe you’re traveling alone or on a family trip or weekend getaway. Whatever it is, you need to be prepared for your plan to work as expected. In order for the trip to flow smoothly, one must focus on some of the most important ingredients, as well as pay attention to every need during the trip. In addition, the right balance should be maintained between travel times and necessary breaks en route. Quickly, they can cause frustration and irritability when you find yourself too tired and bored. There are many great travel tips to make your summer trip fun even with angels.

Let’s start with some summer travel tips to make your trip a great memory:

  1. Plan everything about the trip:-

You may have made the best plan if all the trains you transfer are on the right timeline. But this must also be discussed with the passengers. Giving everyone an overview can save time during the trip, as fellow passengers can exchange their best ideas about trips and other options during the trip. Discussing boarding information, such as seats, bus numbers, will help avoid arguments.

  1. File-up journey itinerary:

Aadhar is a mandatory requirement when traveling by train, so you must not miss important documents like tickets, Aadhar documents, hotel booking receipts and travel details. The best thing is to scan all these documents and keep them handy on your smartphone. You can also carry them on paper in some memory file.

  1. Book food on the train:-

If you are traveling a long distance and passing through several places at the same time, you need to plan your meals in advance. You can pre-book food on the train either from the IRCTC online dining portal or from authorized e-catering service partners. Food can also be ordered on the train en route by calling the emergency number 1323 or 8800313131. When you place your food order, choose from regional specialties and have it delivered. It is possible to order food on the train for family members with diabetes. If you come from a Jain family, you can also order Jain food by train.

  1. Smart packing:

This is very important for your trip. Your packing task should start with gathering the essentials, followed by the clothes and daily necessities you will need for your trip. When traveling to the mountain region, do not forget to stock up on warm clothes. Remember to carry essential medications and daily medical needs for traveling seniors. Neck pillows to support your parents should also be included. Eating on the train is usually expensive. You can package some of them or include homemade products.

  1. Check birth preferences:-

This is crucial because your elderly family members prefer a smaller birth than other options. You can select reservation only if you get the desired option.

  1. Check-in tips:

Make sure you have check-in information from your accommodation hotel. If you want to get in early, you can call their support center and let them know in advance. Collect the necessary goods and check the available means of transport.

  1. Don’t forget your camera:-

To capture great memories, you need great lenses. Don’t forget to bring your DSLR before your trip. It will surely help you enjoy the time spent during the trip and share it with your loved ones when you return from the summer trip. Capturing great memories can make things memorable.

  1. Plan for vacation attendants:-

You don’t want people bothering you when you’re on your way to a remote location. You can set up a quick vacation reply in your company email that includes the right information about the people you can contact in your absence. This allows people trying to contact you to know your route and arrival time.

  1. Expect surprises:-

You may have to see or miss something you planned on your trip. Prepare for such longed-for destinations and surprises in your summer vacation plans.

  1. Share feedback about the services you used:-

Your review about the services you used during your trip can be a guide for people planning a similar trip. You can also check Google reviews while using any service, be it dining on trains or booking a hotel or taxi fare to any place.

When planning your summer trip, remember the above tips and book your meals on the train in advance to avoid the inconvenience of travel.

“Happy Travel”

10 Helpful Tips for a Stress-Free Summer Vacation Trip

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