So many songs have been written on rail travel! The musical, rhythmic sounds that the wheels make on the rails in a train is so mesmerizing; many tales of love and longing relate to train travel. In a way, it makes the whole travel experience so romantic. We all have the best memories of our childhood, when we used to be tagged along with moms for a visit to grandma’s-house and had so much fun and pampering there with cousins and uncles and aunts! All fond memories are related to the train we used to take to complete that journey. Things of the past now, but great moments spent and impact on the subconscious is unparalleled.

Traveling by rail these days seem to be troublesome as ticket availability is poor, and there’s a lot of rush in trains all the time. Be it holidays or regular days, the quotas are always full and this system has become a high concentration public transport for people all over. Since the optional service- buses and road transport is cumbersome, people generally prefer trains due to convenience and safety.

Train travel can be made easy if some main pointers are kept in mind.

Travel light: Be it planes or trains, one thumb rule of traveling with minimal luggage should be the main priority. This makes the handling hassles lesser and traveling becomes simpler minus the big bag you have to lug around the entire journey.

Eat right: Do not rely on the railway food while traveling. It is a big risk, however strong your system may be, you don’t want to mess up your holiday. If you fall even a little sick, the vacation is ruined. So stay alert of what you put in your mouth. Many catering services deliver good food on your seats with decently reasonable charges, and they are a good idea to ensure safe travel.

Check the documents: Keep your tickets, ID’s and other papers carefully. Check the Indian railways time table again and again for changes in the schedule of the arrival and departures, as they tend to be shifted here and there. Avoid any confusion regarding the travel dates by maintaining a document with the entire itinerary written in bold. Hand this to all those traveling with you. The experience should be stress – free and light.

Enjoy train travel: Play games and cards while in transit. Or enjoy the scenery if the train route is beautiful. Relive childhood memories. Have interaction. This is what makes traveling in a train fun!

Care for the luggage: Keep luggage safely as in India, train thefts are common and you can lose important stuff easily if the bags are stolen. Make sure to lock everything and keep the keys safely. You don’t want to be broke or upset when you reach the destination.

Trains are the lifeline of the country. For the price the railways charge, they do a great job for the commuting travelers. Enjoy the rail journey with all the precautions and you will have a great time!

Traveling by rail: the sound of the wheels is music to ears

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