33421 Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local Route and Schedule

Train Time Table

  • Name
    Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local
  • Number
  • Source
  • Destination
  • Train Avg. speed
  • Journey Distance
  • Train Travel Time
    0h 40m
  • Type of Train
    EMU - Kolkata Rake
  • Train Running schedule
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Return Train
  • Stops
  • Avilable Class

33421/ Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local is one of the prominent train of Indian railways that runs between Sealdah and Madhyamgram. The total distance covered by the train is 17km and average speed of the train is 26km/hr Train departs from Source station at time and it reaches at Destination station at time. 33421/ Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local has 9 stoppages. Train runs on following days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) and consists of coaches – ()

Station Arr Dep Halt Day
Sealdah(SDAH) origin 07:32 origin 0
Bidhan Nagar Road(BNXR) 07:38 07:39 1 0
Dum Dum Junction(DDJ) 07:44 07:45 1 0
Dum Dum Cantt.(DDC) 07:50 07:51 1 0
Durganagar(DGNR) 07:53 07:54 1 0
Birati(BBT) 07:58 07:59 1 0
Bisharpara Kodaliya(BRPK) 08:01 08:02 1 0
New Barrackpore(NBE) 08:04 08:05 1 0
Madhyamgram(MMG) 08:12 destination destination 0

Other Train Running from Same Source to Destination

Name Number Source Departure Time Destination Arrival Time Runs on
Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local 33421 Sealdah 07:32 Madhyamgram 08:12 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thusday Friday Saturday

Frequently Ask Question about Train

  • What is the train number of Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local ?
  • Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local Train Number is 33421.

  • How many days in a week 33421 Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local runs ?
  • 33421 Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local runs on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday.

  • What is the maximum halt time of 33421 Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local and at which station ?
  • Maximum halt time of 33421 Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local train is 1m at Bidhan Nagar Road, Dum Dum Junction, Dum Dum Cantt., Durganagar, Birati, Bisharpara Kodaliya, New Barrackpore,

  • What is the Schedule of Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local ?
  • Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local runs between Sealdah to Madhyamgram. It departs from Sealdah at 07:32 and reaches Madhyamgram/MMG at destination.

  • What is the platform number of 33421 ?
  • 33421 arrives on platform number at Sealdah and at platform number at Madhyamgram.

  • What is the travel route and time of Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local?
  • Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local took 0h 40m to cover total distance of 17km between Sealdah and Madhyamgram.

  • What is the last station of Sealdah - Madhyamgram Local and when the train reaches to its destination ?
  • Its reaches Madhyamgram at 08:12 which is the last station of its journey.

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