Food Delivery in Train at KALYAN JUNCTION

Food Delivery in Train at Kalyan Junction

TravelKhana serves you a delicious range of high quality meals and food at the Kalyan Railway Station. All to be done is to call 30 or 60 minutes before reaching the Kalyan station and book order for delivery of your choice of fresh and hygienic food right at your seat. TravelKhana spells quality, quantity and prompt delivery.

Kalyan:- A Vital Port of Mauryan Times Kalyan Junction is an important and busy junction both for the Mumbai Suburban Railway network and the Indian Railways. It is situated about 50 km northeast of Mumbai in Thane district of Maharashtra and is a part of the vast Mumbai metropolitan region. Almost all the mail and express trains connecting Mumbai with cities in the rest of the country stop at Kalyan. The city is run by the Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation.

The long-distance trains coming from Mumbai and heading for the south turn here towards Karjat and Pune while the long-distance trains heading for the north and the east turn towards Kasara and Nashik. Kalyan is major industrial centre manufacturing electrical equipment, rayon, dyes and chemicals. It also is a hub of cottage textile units.

Situated on the Ulhas River and the Thane Creek, Kalyan has a long history. It was an important and flourishing port for centuries before the emergence of Mumbai. It was bustling with activity during the period of the Maurya and Gupta dynasties. Later, it was part of the Yadav Empire of Deogiri. The ruins in and around Kalyan still give an idea about its glorious period.

Kalyan was under the Ahmednagar Sultanate, and then, the Bijapur Sultanate around the 16th century. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan fortified the city in the middle of the 17th century. It was then controlled by the Portuguese and by the Marathas, who had to handover its control to the British in early 19th century.

There are some historical places of interest in Kalyan. The Kaali Masjid was constructed during the period of Mughal Emperor Akbar on the bank of "Kaala Talav". There is the Durgadi Fort quite in ruins now. There is no unanimity over when it was constructed. The fort is located on a small mound, which has a flat top.

Order Food in Train at Kalyan Jn. Junction - TravelKhana

TravelKhana offers food on Train TravelKhana is at your service at the Kalyan Railway Station with high quality vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. You will get the best food of your choice at your seat. One can order from a wide variety of sumptuous meals such as various types of freshly packed thalis, vegetables, lentils, rotis, breads, South Indian dishes, Chinese, Pizzas, beverages, etc.

If you have already selected the date of journey and booked the tickets, you can also place an order right away with your choicest dishes; otherwise you can also order when you are traveling before a certain time period as specified. The travelers can pay online or on delivery of the food. Online Order Food on Train.

Kalyan Helpline numbers:
Kalyan Railway Inquiry Number: 0251-2317181
Kalyan Railway Police Station: 0251-2315013

Kalyan, a city with a long history, retains its importance in the region. The industrial hub is also a vital cog in the country's vast railway network.