Food Delivery in Train at HOWRAH JUNCTION

Food Delivery in Train at HOWRAH JUNCTION

Order Food in Train at Howrah Jn. Junction

TravelKhana serves a delicious range of high-quality meals and food at the Howrah Railway Station. All that you have to do is to call before reaching the Howrah station and book order for delivery of your choice of fresh and hygienic food right at your seat. free food offer.

TravelKhana prides itself over the quality of the food and its effective service. Order Food On Train Online - On-Time Food Delivery On Train. Delivery at Your Train Seat - Railway Station Food Delivery. IRCTC Online Food Delivery - Online Food Delivery in Train.. Online Food Delivery in Train at HOWRAH JN Junction.

Online food delivery in train at Kolkata-Howrah-Junction Station

Yes, you can order food online for delivery to your train at Kolkata Howrah Junction Station through a website called Travelkhana. Travelkhana is a platform that connects train passengers with restaurants and food suppliers located near various railway stations in India, including Kolkata Howrah Junction Station.

To order food, you can visit the Travelkhana website or download their mobile app. Then, enter your train details and select Kolkata Howrah Junction Station as your destination. You can browse through the available menu options from various restaurants and choose the items you want to order. After placing your order, you can track the status of your food delivery through the Travelkhana website or app.

It is important to note that you should place your order in advance to ensure that your food is delivered on time. You can typically place your order up to two hours before your scheduled arrival time at Kolkata Howrah Junction Station.

Howrah - an Industrial Hub

Howrah, the city close to Kolkata, is an industrial hub. Situated on the river Hooghly, it is connected with Kolkata by many bridges on the Ganga, the most famous among them being the Howrah Bridge. A popular Hindi film made in late 1950s was named 'Howrah Bridge. Howrah is the terminal for the trains of the Eastern Railway and the South Eastern Railway.

The genesis of the name Howrah is in the Bengali word Haor, which means a swamp. It was referred to over 500 years back. The region was then included in the Bengali kingdom of Bhurshut. The place was called Buttor in 1578.

The East India Company personnel settled at Howrah in 1714. After the Battle of Plassey in 1760, the Nawab of Bengal, Mir Qasim, handed over the control of Howrah to the East India Company. Howrah's industrial development began with the foundation of Howrah Railway Terminus in 1854. Howrah soon emerged as the jute industry hub. The setting up of the railway workshop in Howrah in 1914 promoted light engineering industry. Heavy industry came later. Howrah is now run by a municipal corporation Shibpur is known for the Great Banyan Tree with the largest canopy in the world. The tree continues to grow. .

The Indian Botanical Gardens, established in 1786, is also a popular place of interest. Shibpur's Bengal Engineering and Science University is one of the oldest engineering universities in India. Belur Math, the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission, was founded by Swami Vivekananda on the bank of the Hooghly.

Offer Food Delivery in Train at Howrah Railway Station

Food Delivery in Train

TravelKhana serves high-quality vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in trains at the Howrah Railway Station. The passengers can have the food of their choice at their seat. The traveller can ask for food dishes from the wide range of food available. TravelKhana serves various types of thalis, vegetables, lentils, rotis, breads, South Indian dishes, Chinese varieties, pizzas, and beverages, etc.

If you are all set for your journey with the ticket booked, you can place your order right away or can also place an order one hour or two hours before reaching the station as specified on the menu. Payments can be done through plastic cards or by cash.

Howrah Helpline numbers:
Howrah Railway Inquiry: 033-26382581
Howrah GRP number:- 033-2641-2356

Howrah is the 2nd biggest city in West Bengal, but its infrastructure development has been poor. Problems of traffic congestion, population explosion and pollution are common. The emigrant labor force mostly stays in the comparatively cheaper Howrah area, aggravating its problems. Steps are being taken to address all such issues.