Food Delivery in Train at AHMEDABAD JUNCTION


Ahmadabad, the orient's Manchester

Nicknamed as the Manchester of the East due to its flourishing textile industry, Ahmadabad in the largest city in the state of Gujarat.

Even though the city contributes a large chunk to the country's total textile export, many other industries are showing promise such as pharmaceuticals and heavy engineering to name a few. And since the recent economic restructuring, the state government has really helped the city improve on financial terms.

Aside from business purposes, the city enjoys a great inflow of tourists every year. Many unique attractions in Ahmadabad, such as the 'Amdavad ni Gufa', the underground art gallery, Parimal Garden, the River in front of the Sabarmati, Chandola Lake are a major reason for the state's flourishing tourism.

Connectivity in Ahmadabad is efficiently planned, be it via air, rail or roadways. Being one of the highest revenue generating stations in the country, the Ahmadabad Railway Station can also be classified as one of the busiest.

Amenities available here aren't necessarily found in other stations, such as hand push trolleys for shifting luggage. This is common to most airports, however it's a first for the Indian Railways. Currently it is only available at platform 1, but with the rapid development of escalators, the service will soon expand to other platforms as well.

But amidst all these top notch facilities, the most interesting and well organized is the provision of meals by us at TravelKhana. Enabling you to order food online at the Ahmadabad Railway Station. The extensive chain of food suppliers at the railway stations and in the trains helps you enjoy tasty delicacies from the best and most hygienic food courts in Ahmadabad.

Ahemdabad Railway Help line numbers

Railway Station Ph: 079-27508282
Railway Police Station Ph: 079-22941750

The Ahmadabad railway station always tends to be crowded as many trains have a stoppage here. Hence, it is wise to order food online as it will ensure the meal's timely supply right to your train seat.