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Tasty Treats: Order Foods for Kids on a Train Journey

Enjoying a train journey with kids can be amazing and wonderful. It is important that your children are happy with delicious food on the train. Ordering food on the train is easy these days, as there are many options and delicious food. Make your trip more enjoyable with amazing and delicious food that you order especially for your kids. It is difficult to take care of the children during the journey, because you cannot feed them anything, but now you can order foods and essential goods for the train from the Travelkhana app.

It’s exciting to enjoy the beauty of nature and the excitement of getting closer to your goal while keeping your children healthy and feeding them the food they need.

Here are some good foods you can order for your kids.

French FriesOrder Foods for Kids

Crispy, golden brown, crunchy and delicious that will satisfy your taste buds and suit your kids. Older kids like it. No matter where they are Kids like potatoes and chips are the best version of it. Many train vendors offer hot chips, which make children very happy. Combine them with ketchup or mayonnaise for extra flavor.

SandwichesOrder Foods for Kids

A common choice loved by kids and adults alike, sandwiches are convenient and light. Made with simple toppings like cheese, aloo tikki or peanut butter and chicken tikki. They are easy to transport and splash proof, so they are perfect for train journeys. Sandwiches are the best choice for children and adults. Most often, they prefer sandwiches with different flavors and toppings, and they are also convenient to carry and order foods.

Chicken NuggetsOrder Foods for Kids

These pieces are not spicy and are loved by children and adults. Soft and tender pieces covered in dough and made crispy, then breaded again. It is filling, delicious and easy to eat.

Fruit and Vegetable SaladOrder Foods for Kids

Healthier and refreshing foods like salad on the train are always the first choice because it is full of vitamins, natural sweetness and will definitely please children. You have many options to choose fruits like pineapple, guava, grapes, bananas, papaya etc.

Maggi and PastaOrder Foods for Kids

Creamy and melty pasta with different cheese flavors. Children can enjoy the taste of pasta. There are many sauces and toppings suitable for children. Your kids will usually enjoy the flavors if you offer them a variety of options to suit their taste buds.

Hot MilkOrder Foods for Kids

It is most convenient if it is delivered by train. You can make body spray for kids and give them something to drink on the trip. Milkshakes can also be made by adding sugar and cocoa powder. Creamy to quench their thirst with added flavor like chocolate to satisfy their thirst. Also check out and explore the selection offered by ship dealers.

BurgerOrder Foods for Kids

This is an all-time favorite with kids and adults alike. Burgers have different toppings and patties at the same time. So you can order foods non-spicy burger for your kids on the train. The crispy patties make the burger tastier and there are veg and non-veg options too.

Mini PizzasOrder Foods for Kids

You can never go wrong when you travel with pizza. Pizzas are perfect for little hands. Creamy cheesy texture, salty sauce and crispy crust that your kids are sure to love. Vegetables are the most important elements of pizza and green vegetables are even suitable for children.

Butter Milk and Kesar MilkOrder Foods for Kids

It will keep your baby refreshed during the journey. It’s healthy and creamy and everyone will love it, especially your kids. If it’s available on the train, why not order foods it on the trip? After a meal, you can drink it and enhance the taste of your trip. It helps keep you and your baby hydrated with refreshing butter and Kesar milk and keeps your baby fresh during the journey.

Remember to check the availability of food in train and then place your order to make your journey easier. With these delicious snacks specially designed for your children. Enjoy the food and enjoy the journey with a full stomach and happy memories.

You can check the train schedule, and PNR status in advance and then place an order foods through Travelkhana to make your journey easier. There are many options when you order foods on the train according to your taste preferences.

Frequently asked questions about food ordered for children

Q: What food is suitable for my children to order on the train?

Answer: Anyone can order kid friendly food like sandwiches, chicken mini pizza, burgers, pastas, Maggi, sandwiches, fries etc. and kids will definitely like these products.

Q: Are there healthy options for children on trains?

Answer: Yes, the train has many nice options like butter and Kesar milk, veggie sticks for a good dip, salads, veggie sandwiches and yogurt.

Q: From which services can I order foods for my children during a train journey?

Answer: Most trains have their own food service and provide food to passengers. But if your train does not have these services, you have many options. So you can order foods at Travelkhana. It offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to travelers.

Q: Can I pre-order foods for my children for train journeys?

Answer: Yes, you can order foods appetizers through Travelkhana. You can pre-order foods for your children. So food is available and it totally depends on the child’s preference as to when to board the train.

Q: Are there special sweets or desserts for children on the trains?

Answer: Yes, you can find and order your child’s favorite foods like mini pizzas, chicken nuggets, burgers, Maggi, sandwiches etc. You can customize your meal according to your children’s taste buds.

Tasty Treats: Order Foods for Kids on a Train Journey

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