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Why Special Trains get delayed in Festive Seasons?

Today we’re talking about why special trains get delayed in festive seasons. In India, every day is celebrated as a festival. From planting to harvest, every day is celebrated as an event. It is a tool that connects people and can feel life full of enthusiasm. Every day is a holiday in different parts of India, but certain festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm in different parts of the country. Events like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Eid, and Navratri are the most famous events in the country of India and the charm of these festivals invites people to come home. Festivals are a reason to strengthen the bond and create a bond with your birthplace and hometown. People living in different parts of India or abroad come home for the festival. However, when the atmosphere is festive and people are going home, it is quite difficult to secure tickets for flights and trains.

Every year, Indian Railways runs special festive trains to avoid this problem. Notwithstanding standard trains, travellers can check the festive special train schedule on the Travelkhana application and book food online. As the trains are declared without a second to spare, there are plausible of deferrals, yet there is a compelling reason need to stress as they are as yet booked to arrive at your seats. It is typical for exceptional trains to be late as they run exclusively for such huge festivals. Notwithstanding customary trains, unique trains hurry to keep away from groups and make it more straightforward to get to your old neighborhood during the celebration. Be that as it may, this is a typical and vital inquiry, for what reason are exceptional trains late? We only know that special trains run to avoid the crowds; consequently, this is a secondary option that lacks all of the amenities of regular trains. However, there are a few explanations for the festive special train delays. Here are a portion of the reasons that are examined to comprehend the purposes behind unique train delays.

Reasons of Getting Delayed of Festive Special Trains

Scheduled without Planning

Special trains are scheduled at the last minute and to overcome the high rush of passengers. It is quite difficult for the railway authorities to run these trains in a properly planned manner. Scheduling is done before the train departs, but it is not possible to track the scheduling. Regular trains run in priority order and are on schedule. Some special trains are called Superfast Express but do not run at that speed. In many stations, they were suspended for technical reasons. People are very aware of the delay so they book the ticket accordingly. In most cases, last-minute passengers board special trains to reach home in time for the festival.

Anonymous Stops/Halts

Special trains stop everywhere along the way. In addition to certain scheduled stations, these trains make several random stops along the way so that regular trains can leave first. If a regular train is already waiting for a signal, they are given the right of way and notified that special trains are passing. During the course, passengers may panic to know the exact place and time of arrival at the station. They can use the Travelkhana app and check the real-time running of the train to know the exact timing of the trains and also the delay.

Secondary Preference

It is not possible to receive additional trains if the trains are already waiting for a signal. Special trains have the right of way and regular trains are given the right of way to cross the signal. The departure and arrival schedule of regular trains is already provided, and the stops and stops are fixed. They are expected to arrive on time, especially trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, and other superfast trains. The announcement of special trains is the latest decision to overcome the festive frenzy. Therefore, during festivals, they are always considered as another source of passenger transport. The only main task of such a special train is to reach the passengers at their destination within 24 hours of the scheduled schedule. The delay is obvious, but they are very responsible for getting the passengers to their destination.

Lack of human resources

If special buses are added during festivals to avoid the rush, it will require more manpower to assist the passengers during the journey. There is a lack of staff such as TTE, guards, and other trainers. Lack of staff is also the main reason for the delay of special trains. Special trains usually do not have a Pantry during the journey. Passengers are advised to carry their own grocery bags. But special trains run late and passengers may get tired from the train. Here, online food ordering services are a boon to taste different cuisines during such a long journey. Travelkhana is one of the most respected names in train e-food services and offers a variety of food items that can be ordered online while en route. If trains are delayed, add fun to your journey by ordering online food in train.

The special train is a boon of Indian Railways to facilitate the passengers during the heavy festive rush. It’s okay to be late, but if you can’t come home during festivals, then it will be a disappointment. The train is the cheapest way to travel, especially during festivals. Therefore, Indian Railways adds extra buses every year for every major festive event to avoid the festive rush.

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Why Special Trains get delayed in Festive Seasons?

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