Train Coach Classes

Train Coach Classes and Their Comfort Level for Traveling

Indian railways are very economical compared to other railway networks in the world. It offers passengers a complete package of services according to their selected train coach classes and their comfort level for Traveling. In the age of the 21st century where social media and digitization technologies rule the world, Railways has accepted this and asserted that its ultimate motto is to provide a great travel experience which is an anecdote to colleagues. We live in an age where tickets can be booked through mobile apps and food on the train can be easily ordered from online catering services that deliver restaurant-style food to the seat/berth.

While Indian Railways has published several travel rules and regulations for the convenience of passengers in line with the comfort and convenience of passengers; Planning the perfect train journey seems to be a difficult task for those who do not know the train coach and the rules to book them for a perfect joyous journey. We have always been very careful and attentive when traveling by train. Whether it is a general or air-conditioned class section, we can easily assess the level of comfort and safety of the available sections. Let’s explore all these categories in detail and how to book tickets for them.

Types of Train Coach Classes

Unreserved General Class (UR):-Train Coach

This is the most common class of train coach travel. Only the poor part of society travels in this class. The seats are wooden boards with a total of four places. Reservations are not required, so these departments are overcrowded. On high-speed trains these coaches are placed directly behind the engines, and in some trains behind the engines and last. You may not get seats and sometimes you have to go through the entire journey with your luggage in the corner. These classes are less secure and are not designed for travel by even the average passenger.

Second Class (2S):-Train Coach

These classes are on daytime long-distance trains. There are three seats on each side of the aisle and they don’t recline. There are no sleeping facilities in this carriage. Travel in this class requires advance booking. In some new-style long-distance trains, bench-type seats have been replaced by chair-carriage-type seats. This type of train coach is suitable for a short journey of 6-7 hours.

Sleeper Class (SL):-Train Coach

Sleeper classes are divided into open compartments with six beds. Most of the middle-class passengers use this carriage for their journey. Each compartment has six seats that passengers reserve. Fans on the roof of the carriages provide some cooling and the windows have bars to keep out intruders as they are usually kept open. Today you will find that people who were selected to travel in Unreserved Class have changed their preference to Sleeper Class. There is no privacy in the sleeper class. Temperature is also an issue, as the stroller heats up easily in sunlight. You can travel in these carriages in winter but don’t forget to bring a sheet or a thin blanket. The most important thing is that the package has an eagle eye.

Three-Tier Air-Conditioned Class (3AC):-Train Coach

The three-tier AC section is a boon in summer, especially if you have to plan a long trip. This provides an important level of comfort and quietness in the compartment. There are six seats in the cabin which are better and more comfortable than sleeper class seats. The windows are not open. It is locked with tinted soundproof glass, which limits the increased shaking of the rigorous, which is in close contact with the rigorous and moves. A locked window keeps the room cool. The best thing about traveling in this compartment is that you don’t have to carry your own bed. IRCTC offers bedding that includes one pillow, two white sheets, a towel and a blanket. Departments are cleaned and disinfected in large stations and feedback is collected by the cleaning team. 

Two-Tier Air-Conditioned Class (2AC):-Train Coach

Two-level air-conditioned class attracts the higher strata of society. This carriage has only four places on two vertical floors. Anyone entering compartment 2AC will find beds already arranged for a bedroom. Best of all, it offers the benefits of privacy curtains at the entrance to each section. In the side zone, the lower and upper beds have separate curtains to lock in privacy. 

First Class Air-Conditioned (1AC):-Train Coach

These buses are located on major interstate routes. Quarters have lockable doors, carpet and either two or four beds stacked vertically. Food is served free of charge to passengers. The seats are much wider than in other classes. If your concern is comfort and privacy then choose this class which will give you a world-class experience of Indian Railways. In addition to sheets, passengers are also offered room freshener.

Executive Air-Conditioned Chair Car (1A):-Train Coach

Air-conditioned Executive Class is available on Shatabdi trains or the newly launched Vande Bharat Express, giving you an airline business class experience. These carriages have only two seats on either side of the aisle. Passengers are provided with food and free magazines and newspapers for the journey. 

Second Class on Jan Shatabdi (2S):-

This is the best value for money when you book tickets through the railways. It is also called the “budget people” train coach. It is different from the Shatabdi train coach. The Jan Shatabdi offers both AC and non-AC wheelchairs for seat reservation and travel. Although it is not a high price, you will not find an overload. It’s time for you to book the tickets of your choice.

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Train Coach Classes and Their Comfort Level for Traveling

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