For its varied holiday destinations travelling in India can be a one of a kind experience. With strong transportation options and better booking facilities, planning a holiday has now become easier. Enhancement of internet services has largely contributed to the increase of tourism in the country.

A large number of people still prefer to travel by train, as it is comparatively cheaper and the convenient way to travel, depending on how short or long the journey is. The Indian Railways is continuously striving to develop means to add better services to the online railway portals. Their work so far is commendable and has considerably reduced those long queues at ticket windows.

Utility of Train Status –

With the number of travel sites that are available, it has even become easier to spot down the status of the trains. This gives the traveller the ease to know the exact location of the train on real time basis. The systems are continuously updated; as a result travellers are well informed of the arrival and departure of the same, even significant delays, as well.

How do Online Railway Services Help?

The online railway portal provides you with the below services:

• Booking – Booking your e-tickets are now hassle free, as these can be done from the comfort of the home or office. Even mobile applications are reliable and flexible option of doing it.

• Checking PNR status – The Personal Name Record or the PNR helps to confirm the seat incase if it’s in the waiting status. This is important from the point of view of confirmation, before one boards the train.

• Reserving Seat – One can reserve seats as per their convenience depending on their class, such as first class, second class, general class and so on

• Tracking Train Status- This is one of the most striking features that the railways have introduced that has enabled efficiency for the arrival and departure of train.

So How can We Track The Train?

With so many travel sites, the information is up to date. It’s recommended to always check it with the railways website. You need to keep the PNR number handy always. The procedure is fairly simple. Locate the page that says track train status.

• Select the correct train as printed in the ticket from the drop down.
• Enter your personal details including PNR and confirm.

You will get the updated status and location of the train represented on a map. The running train status application is not only helpful for the people travelling in train, but also people, who come to receive their guest and dear ones, as well. This has greatly reduced the waiting time of the passengers in most aspect. Existence of this application is possible only because of the efficient technicians that work round the clock, for these real time updates.

Basically, with the help the web world, Indian railways have remarkably advanced with their technology making it simple for the travelers, to use online service to enable travelling and planning with ease.

Railway Tracking Services for All

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