Experiencing Travel in Train –

Traveling by train is considered as one of the safest means of transportation from times immemorial. There are no problems of jet lag, motion sickness, etc. Travelling by train is very comfortable and relaxed because trains are very spacious as compared to flights or road transports.

Multiple Advantages –

Comfortable seats and wide corridors in trains help you to stretch legs and move inside the compartment to enjoy fresh air from outside. There is also an option to lie down, to take rest with berths. Apart from this, traveling by train is preferred by those, who have kids, since it is easier to look after them on a train than in a plane or any four wheelers.

Another advantage of train travel is that it gives people opportunities to enjoy scenic beauty of nature, as we pass through hills and mountains. We can get a magnificent view of landscapes that cannot be accessible by road or air. Some modern trains are furnished with wide viewing windows, to help travelers enjoy the sights and take photographs.

We can also choose a restaurant and station of our choice and place an order for food. The vendors and restaurants serve fresh train food, which promise of quality and taste. Orders are accepted even during travel, and we can choose to pay on delivery or online.

Steps to Do Online Reservations –

Railways have a highly extended connectivity through its network. In fact, Indian railway is one of the biggest networks in the world.

The railway reservations can be done through IRCTC website, which stands for Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited. The irctc availability helps us to book tickets online. For the same, we can visit irctc.co.in. All ticket related queries such as reservation status, train schedule and ticket availability can be done here.

Following are The Steps to Book an Online Ticket –

• In this website, it is required to enter the travel date, the source and destination stations. This will give the list of trains available between the stations that are entered. Each train has the departure and arrival timings, along with the availability of seats.

• Once we choose the train preferred, we can select among the different classes available. There are air-conditioned accommodations for comfort travel and also the general economy classes.

• After choosing the required class, fare will be displayed exclusive of taxes. The next step is to go to the payment gateway where, we can select the method of payment. There are different methods available such as credit cards, debit cards, cash cards, etc.

Types of Railway Tickets –

There are two types of tickets called as i-ticket or e-ticket. In i-ticket, tickets will be sent to the shipping address, mentioned during the booking. In e-ticket, we can take print out of ticket and use it when boarding the train. It is important to make a note of the PNR number since this is used for future transactions. All the required information about irctc is available on the railway blogs, where people post their experiences on railway tourism and booking tickets.

Procedure to Book a Train Ticket

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