Are you anxious to known about the status of your train? Lot of retail outlets serving the Indian railways have delivered innovative solutions. They have a smart and feature enabled website and in the process, you can track any train anytime you want. One just needs to have with them the train number, the PNR status along with the station code to determine the current running status of the train. What’s more, enquires regarding the current running status of the train can be made, as well. A point to be noted is that the train running status is updated on a regular basis, and to know the exact timings a fresh online enquiry has to be made every time. You could call up the toll free number of Indian railways, as well.

The train running status has a direct correlation with the food served. The Indian railways have been a big let down in this regard and once you train is off the track in terms of schedule, you are bound to have a horrifying experience of poor quality food. Cashing in on the lack luster performance of the Indian railways lot of private retail outlets have emerged and within a short span of time have reached the summit of success. These restaurants are an epitome of quality and the taste is of the highest quality.

The mode of operation of these outlets is worth looking at? Normally, the trains in the Indian railways are not on time, but that does not mean in any way that the services are also not on time. They ensure that the food you have ordered reaches the exact station, which you have specified, no matter how much the train is delayed. The vendors are informed about the train movement parallelly, which provides an insight into the arrival time of the trains. The order is processed freshly with the vendor and the delivery boy is right in front of you with fresh food and that too without any sort of delays.

You can avail these orders by logging on to the website or calling up the help line numbers of the company. In fact, the customers can order fresh food for their entire group. One can choose to make the payment once the food is delivered to them, or in case of group bookings, you can make the payment through the secured gateways. The quality along with time delivery is the pillars of these companies and they ensure that the large along with the small orders are processed with lot of care, as well as affection.

In the event of your train running behind schedule, no need to panic? The representatives get in touch with you and make it a point on whether you are still interested in going ahead with the order or not. But these are dependent on the operational timings of the restaurant.

Checking Train Status in a Few Simple Steps

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