All of us are familiar with the modus operandi of the aviation sector. The meals are there in the sky and that too tasty ones. In fact, you will be left craving for more? If one wishes, railways could do that too – the variety and the taste! The fact is that only top-notch vendors are allowed to work in the aviation sector and for this reason the food quality is great. On the flip side, the menu of the Indian Railways is so unimpressive and boring that you somehow want to fill your stomach with it. The taste and the quality are already a foregone conclusion. Though the food available on the platforms might taste a little bit better, but you cannot guarantee the ingredients of it. It is a common sight that the vendors on the platforms use rejected materials to bring the costs down and lure the customers.

The question which comes to most of our minds is “Why are the standards being brought down?” Why cannot the Indian railways serve quality food? What is more alarming is that the largest railway network in the world is not able to offer quality food, while the airlines charge manifold for their food and still people buy it as the quality is great. If food is great, it is bound to sell. In the midst of this, the silver lining has emerged as some private vendors have understood that the food quality needs to improve in the Indian Railways, and they are on an endeavor to achieve that. They provide quality food on to your seats at no extra. You need not travel to place your order as in case if any of your near or dear ones are travelling, just spot the train and place an order food in train.

The mode of operation of these companies is pretty simple. All you need to do is to log on to their website or call the toll-free number. You will just have to furnish the details regarding your train number, seat details and where you want the food to be delivered. If you are ordering online, you can make payment through your debit or credit cards. In case, if you avail the cash on delivery option, you need to have the exact amount of change to hand over to the delivery boy.

The food is packaged in the best possible manner before it reaches the end customer. Special effort is taken so that it remains fresh and the customers get a homely feeling on consumption of it. The service is dedicated and prompt. In the event of your train getting late by more than 2 hours, the order gets automatically cancelled.

Now the service like the one which is provided in the airlines sector is there in the Indian Railways also. Now you can enjoy quality and tasty food at a premium budget.

Quality Food Available in Trains Also

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