When it comes to travel by Indian railway, seat availability becomes a major issue. For the last minute traveler getting reservation is a pain stacking process. Most of the trains are filled and one is left with no other choices than to avail the tatkal option or levy a hefty amount to the agents. This is all the more surprising since the railways are the lifeline of passengers transport in the country. In fact, it is the cheapest and most convenient Plan your Journey in Advance of transport, as well. To avoid the mad scramble, the idea scenario would be to plan your travel in advance and book your tickets with the online reservation system. Otherwise you will be left wondering for choices.

With the advent of the internet, planning your travel has become a tinge easier. All one needs to log in to the official website of the Indian Railways and see the current reservation status. The best part of this website is that sitting in the comfort of your room; you can determine the current status. What more if things really work out to your advantage, you can also book tickets with the help of your debit or credit card. Though a fact remains that there a plethora of options in terms of websites, yet the official website of the Indian railways is the most sought out one.

To be able to use this website, one needs a user id along with a password. For this, you need to answer some basic questions and fill in your personal details. Once this is done, you are taken to the first page where one would need to specify the dates of the journey, the points of travel and the class, which they would like to travel, as well. You could choose from any of the existing routes along with class of travel as per your budget.

But all is not well with the Indian railways and there has been a growing cry from the common man. They feel that privatization is the only way to take this industry forward. One of the major issues, which has been a big letdown till now is the food of the railways. The quality along with the taste is put on the back bench, and it is more a case of getting rid of it as quickly as possible. This is sure to get the alarming bells ringing.

Cashing in on this mediocre performance, a lot of private outlets have emerged. Most of them offer the best in terms of food and the quality along with taste is a class apart. All one needs to do is to log on to the website of such companies, specify the travel points, have a glance at the type of food which is served on these routes and finally place an order. The payment can be made through the secured gateways.

Plan Your Journey in Advance

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