Are you interested to know about IRCTC e catering services, IRCTC is well known for their railway catering services. Choose TravelKhana e-catering services to book your food in train.

With TravelKhana you can track the current train running status  too! Gone are the days when you had to rely on the phone numbers of the Indian Railways, which you could seldom get through. These were a nightmare to many of us, but things have improved drastically with the emergence of private players.  They understand the needs of the customer very well and most of them have a technology based websites, which have an icon to track down the current status of the train.

It Works in the Following Manner-

  • On the top of the page, you will find a box titled train name or number. Key in the details and proceed to the next page.

  • You need to select the train from the drop down menu and confirm it.

  • The mail ID is a field, which is optional. You can fill it if you are looking for regular updates and relying on a better customer experience. Then you need to fill in the arrival or the departure details whatever is your choice.

  • You will get the train position along with the details on the map. Now days, the auto track option for the arrival, departure along with the movement of the train is there, as well.

The beauty of all these services is that you need not use it only if you are travelling. Imagine a situation where you are on the platform waiting for someone, you can use it, as well. Another advantage is that if you want to order food for your dear or near ones, the current train running timings are also beneficial. Through the medium of these websites, enquiries regarding train running timings can be made at any time. A point noteworthy is that the timings are subject to frequent changes and any enquiry has to make each time.

Though we harp on the fact that the Indian Railways are the lifeline and our pride, but one thing which all of us are on common ground is the food aspect in the railways. You just fill your stomach and the quality or the taste is the last thing on your mind. Coupled with this fact, if your train is a way bit behind schedule, you are in for a big surprise as the railway pantry car has limited levels of food stock. It is virtually a situation of praying that your train is on time.

This is where the private vendors have left their mark. They ensure that the best packaged food is delivered to their clientele. What more, the packaging is of the highest order so that the food is fresh when it reaches the end customer. Since the trains are not on time, does in no way mean that the services of these companies are also not on time. They work in tandem with the train timings to ensure that one gets the best in terms of food and services.

Ordering Food in an Easy Manner While Traveling in Train

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