The Indian Railway has been making a lot of changes in its system for ease of its passengers and its staff for a very long time. These changes have made it more popular among passengers, as well as, other members of the society. There is a vast difference in the previous year’s Railway and the present Railways. Different uses of technology on different platforms such as website and applications on different operating platforms have brought much difference to various services of Indian Railways. People are considerably more satisfied with the new efficient system, which not only saves their time, but also saves them from the painful efforts that the people had to make, previously, to get a simple piece of information. There is much information one can have by using website and applications.
Old system:
In old days, the passengers had to travel a long way to the station to get their ticket booked, and had to wait for hours, which they could use in other fruitful works, and still many times reservation was not done due to one or another reason. The effort they gave to standing in a long queue was itself a factor which discouraged people from coming to any station, but they did not have other choice. However, the picture has entirely changed in the present time. People are finding it much easier these days to get their tickets booked, PNR information and other stuff.
Most required information:
The Indian railway PNR enquiry is the thing that is the mostly used service of the railway. There are many ways, which can tell the exact status of PNR. All these facilities are due to the technological development, which has taken place in last few decades. The whole railway system has been automated, which help passengers to get on with their needs quickly.
Today, it is not necessary for people to go to the railway station to get their PNR status. They can get the whole information related to PNR sitting comfortably at their home, or while travelling or while at work. All the passenger need to have is a source of technology such as a computer or a telephone. With the help of these technological devices, it has become very easy to find out the status of the PNR.
One can simply dial a number which is available at the official website of the railway to get the information. Other easy methods of getting the information are the use of SMS and internet. The passengers need to send an SMS to a particular number which will give them the exact status of their PNR at the moment. Other simple and the cheapest method of finding PNR status is the use of internet. One can simply go to the railways site and get the information from there for free.

PNR on fingertips

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