In the modern time, there are different means and modes existing for carrying passengers and goods. There are different positives and negatives of every mode of transportation. The on road means of transportation can reach any corner easily, and by air, one can shift passengers and goods at a rapid pace. However, in case of long route journey, this way can prove costly. If one requires going for the long journey, and wanting it at the cost-effective way, the best available mean is transportation and travel through railway. In the past when Indian railway was functioning traditional way, there have been lot complaints about quality and provision of its services.

But in the modern era of 21st century, Indian railways have completely changed this scenario. With the use of different platforms of technology, the facilities have been upgraded remarkably. With the use of windows and other system of computer and various applications available for the smart phones, it has become very easy to check PNR status.

These changes are not done overnight. The dedication of the department of Railways and its employees has worked hard for the same and today’s situation is due to their hard efforts only. These changes have been appreciated by passengers and society.

How to check PNR?

To check the PNR on the computer, one has to log on to the website of Indian Railways. One just needs to enter his PNR number in the specified field, and then, just click enter and status of PNR will be available. With this PNR, one can find the situation whether the ticket is in waiting or has been confirmed. If one finds it in waiting, then, he or she can take necessary steps.

Check PNR on mobile:

One just needs to download application of Indian railway. One can enter the PNR number in the required field and press the go. The technology is quite simple and self explanatory, which is very much easy to be operated by any person.


To check PNR, one can opt for computer or smart phone application; however, availability of internet connection is very much required. This status can also be checked in different regional languages available on a smart phone or website permitted by concerned platform.


One can check the status of PNR, as well as, confirmation of various services such as cancellation etc. One can also check the berth number and coach number allotted to him after the preparation of chart. In case of waiting also, it is much useful as one can monitor the progress in waiting, and see if the ticket is confirmed. Even one can check if the chart is prepared or not so that he or she can schedule and can plan the journey accordingly.

The modern technology has been proved much useful for the customer service and satisfaction by railways and still changing the same as per the requirement of society and travelers

Enjoy the convenience of Indian Railways with PNR number

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