Explore the outskirts of India through Indian railways

People from all walks of life can look up to Nainital as an exotic tourist destination as it has natural beauty in abundance. Public infrastructure of this place in developed in such a manner that you can use any mode of transport. Out of the various modes of travel, railway is the obvious choice because of better connectivity and suits your budget.

The nearest railway station to Nainital is Kathgodam that is at a mere 35 km from Nainital. It is a part of North eastern railways and the last broad gauge line of the network. But having said Kathgodam has emerged as a dark house in terms of tourist attractions. It is situated in the state of Uttarakhand and it is the entry point for many tourist attractions in the state.

Famous for its temples, there are a number of tourist spots in this region. During the festive seasons, temples attract a lot of devotees as well as pilgrims and Kalichaud and Sheetla Devi are famous. Harikhan is an ashram that is located in the vicinity and when you travel to Kathgodam, it is a worthy visit for sure. A popular picnic spot in this region is a dam that is built over river Gola. Since it is statutory positioned at the foothills of the Himalayas, one can witness a host of places pleasing to your eyes. From here, you can hog on to Nainital which is a popular summer escape for millions of tourists. It is a place that is not going to disappoint you if one is looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of city life.

This small town experiences a temperature and mild climate round the year. Conditions are pretty cool and the crystalline breeze coming from the mountains will soothe your nerves. Summers are extreme with the sun on your backs and winter means the temperature can dip below freezing point. The summer season starts from April to June and the lowest temperatures that you can experience is 15 degrees Celsius. This place does not receive any amount of rainfall during the monsoon months and it is referred to as a dry season. A Little amount of rainfall is expected in the month of July to September. The winter months are from December to February, though the coldest month between them is January.

Kathgodam is connected/ to Dehradun with Kathgodam Dehradun express. On a daily basis, it runs and has a stoppage at Moradabad. For people coming from Jammu and adjoining areas, they can opt for Jammu Tawi. If you are coming from Nainital or nearby areas, you can hire a taxi or avail cab services. The focal point of this place is that it is near to Nainital.

If Indian Railways is your preferred mode of transport, it is suggested that you book your tickets in advance. This is all the more so during the summer months as there is a mad rush of local as well as international tourists.

nearest railway station to Nainital

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