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India is a land of much diversity which is hardly possible to be explored completely in one’s lifetime. There are so many hidden treasures that this country possesses. From mountains to seas, India has everything packed into one tight bundle. Thus, it is any tourist’s delight! In fact, Indians travelling from one part of the country are awed by the beauty and magnificence that this country has to offer.

The Indian Railways has penetrated almost each and every corner of the country. It today connects people with the remotest of hill stations and places thanks to their service of toy trains. Nowadays, if booked well in advance, the cost of train tickets amount to almost as that of flight tickets. Yet, people often prefer to travel by train because of the beautiful scenery that one gets to experience on the way. Especially when one travels in overnight trains, the route passes from one state to another. The entire geography changes when the shift in state lines happens and that becomes very clearly perceptible. There is a sheer beauty and joy in travelling in the Indian Railways, and the routes are one of the major reasons.

Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful and appealing routes that the Indian Railways cover:

1- The Blue Sea Ride: This is one of the most amazing routes that the Indian Railways operates. If you want to visit Rameswaram, which is located on the Pamban Island, then you will have to take this rail route. Pamban is an island, and it is connected with the rest of India with the help of a bridge known as the Pamban Bridge. You know what is the most unique feature of this bridge? It runs across a sea! It became operational in 1914 and was the first ever sea bridge of India. The Pamban Bridge is a cantilever structure, and it can open up in the middle if there is a barge that needs to pass through! It is one of a fascinating railway routes that you can hope to experience anywhere in the world. Heartbeats become fast as you find yourself rolling slowly over the sea waters! Just for the sake of this route, go and visit Rameswaram once!

          The Blue Sea Ride2- The Desert Queen: Rajasthan is known as the desert state of India. Its topography is unique to itself and is not found anywhere else in the country. There is no point in touring Rajasthan if you do not get the opportunity to see the desert. The Indian Railways offers you an excellent opportunity to experience a desert safari. They have introduced a train known as the Desert Queen, which is a special tourist train that conducts a desert safari. It takes the Nawalgarh to Shekhawat route and takes one through the deserts of Rajasthan. From camels to sand dunes, you will be able to spot all the typical characteristics of a desert aboard this train. This train first became operational in 2000, and it takes a total of 3 days and 3 nights to cover the entire trip. It is one of the most luxurious trains in India and is definitely worth a trip if you want to experience the desert up close.

          The deseart Queen3- Aboard the Mandovi: The name of this route might sound like a cliché, but there is nothing cliché about it once you take it! The Mandovi is an express train that is used by many to travel from Mumbai to Goa. It leaves CST, Mumbai at its scheduled time of 07:10 AM and its final destination is Madgaon, where it arrives around 20:10 in the evening. From Madgaon, it will take you around an hour or so to reach Goa. This ride takes more than 12 hours but is one of the most beautiful ones that you can every experience in India. It runs very close to inlets of the Arabian Sea and passes through the Sahyadari gorges. Full of lush greenery, tunnels, and bridges, this ride promises to be one of the most adventurous ones. The scenery is so appealing that it makes up for all the time that it takes to travel. You must capture this ride either in your camera phones or video cameras to relive this experience again and again for the rest of your life.

          Aboard the Mandovi

 4-  In the valleys of Kashmir: You have not explored beauty until and unless you have seen Jammu and Kashmir. This state has one of the most beautiful and dangerous railway tracks in the entire country. Known as the Jammu Udhampur Srinagar Baramulla Railway Link, it runs from Jammu to Baramulla. The total distance is of about 345kms. This terrain is actually pretty inhospitable and is located in one of the most earthquake-prone zones in the country. However, the beauty of this route surpasses its danger. It is one of the most beautiful routes that you will come across, and it is one of the major highlights of Jammu and Kashmir tourism. If you visit this state, then do undertake this journey!


5- Aboard the toy train from Kalka to Shimla: There is no direct train that connects Shimla with any of the major metropolitans of the country. If you want to travel to Shimla, you will have to stop at Kalka and get a car from there. Other than taking a car, you can also take the toy train up to Shimla. It takes a lot of time to reach its destination, but what a journey it is! The train passes through the mountainous terrain through numerous tunnels. One ends and the next one begins! There is a total of 102 tunnels that one has to pass when taking the toy train from Kalka to Shimla. Steep curves, countless bridges mark the entire route. The scenery is breathtaking and serves as a perfect introduction to the beauty that Shimla, itself is!

Kalka shimla train

These are some of the most beautiful routes in India. TravelKhana does offer you food services in some of these trains, and hence, if you want to enjoy a delicious meal while taking in a beautiful view, then get in touch with TravelKhana today!

Happy munching and journeying!

5 Beautiful Train Routes of India

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