As per Indian Railways, the first HP owned freight locomotive that is WAG 12 is been under test at Madhepura in East Central Railways in the Ministry of Railway reckoned Alstom Joint venture factory.


The venture factory is Madhepura electric locomotive private limited and the Indian locomotive class WAG 12 stands for wide/broad gauge AC electric goods/freight, class 12, which is supposed to be a 3 phase twin section electric based freight loco comprising two identical segments, amongst which every one of them is been resting on 2 two axled bogies. Been designed in joined collaboration as per Alstom and Indian Railways, it is reckoned to be the first locomotive with a power output of more than 10,000 hp.


It is been designed and developed basically for the deployment across the Eastern dedicated freight corridor, in which it will haul freight trains that are weighing over 6,000 tonnes with relative speeds of 100 km/hour. The development of this locomotive started when Indian Railways has signed a record deal with Alstom in 2015 November for the creation of 800 high horsepower based electric freight locos. The overall cost of production that was estimated in designing and development of this locomotive has been equivalent to about Rs. 19,904 Crore or US $3.3 billion or Rs. 210 billion by the year 2017. In fact, the first loco of this class was earlier expected to start its operations on 28th Feb, 2018.


As per the information gathered from Indian Railways, the 8 axle design of the loco is meant to minimize the energy consumption along with the cost of maintenance assuring to improvise and enhance performance stats. In accord to the Alstom Prima T8, the loco is been backed with special features and functions meant for the smooth and convenient operations specifically in severe weather situations in which the temperature range varies from -50 °C (−58 °F) to 50 °C (122 °F), and even extreme dusty and humid environment and surroundings.


The locomotive’s cabin is comparatively bigger and spacious assuring to provide extreme comfort to all the loco pilots and especially at the time of long distance travel and operations. Adding to this, as per the information, they are even backed with modern features and functionalities involving climate control systems, food preparation and storage facilities, air conditioners, toilets and more. As far as deliveries of the locomotives are been concerned, they have been planned from 2018 to 2028 but the first loco is supposed to enter its service in year 2018 and a total of 5 by the year 2019.


It will be followed by the introduction of 35 new locos by year 2020, followed by 60 in 2021 and 100 loco addition every year by 2022, till in total about 800 locos will be delivered. The final assembly of this electric loco is been conducted at the Alstom Madhepura and is been numbered as 60001 tested on 27 February, 2018 at Madhepura Factory, a day prior to its launch date. Hope, the information is insightful to you all.

An Insight to WAG12 India’s most powerful locomotive 60001

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