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Often, people get too busy in preparing and eating a healthy and good meal. Want to know about some of the best healthy snacks that you can add in your diet and that could also help you in losing and shedding off some weight. Go on and read on to the following.

  • Mixed nuts – Nuts are perfect nutritious snack and have been linked to prevent depression, cancer and many other ailments. Also, they are helpful in reducing any kind of heart ailment. In spite of being high in fat, they are tasty and very filling. And as per different studies done, it has been revealed that eating them in moderation help you lose weight.1
  • Red Bell Pepper with Guacamole – Red bell peppers is healthy and is supposed to be highest in antioxidants including capsanthin, beta carotene and quercetin. Rich in Vitamin C source, it is worth to try out for.2
  • Greek yogurt and mixed berries – They make a perfect combination and a delicious, tasty, healthy and nutrient dense snack. Being known to be high in protein, calcium and potassium, berries are supposed to be good source of antioxidants too. If you intake different varieties of them, you will definitely get a good variety of antioxidants too.3
  • Apple slices with peanut butter – If you haven’t tried the combination of apple and peanut butter till yet, I think this is the time to do that. Both are supposed to be high in fiber and extremely good for your heart health. Though, peanut butter is a bit high in calories but it is always good and healthy if consumed in moderation.4
  • Cottage cheese with flaxseeds and cinnamon – Being reckoned as super healthy snack, the combination of all three lend amazing health advantages. Not only, they feel filling but are good and effective for weight loss, lower breast cancer risk and blood sugar control.5
  • Celery sticks with cream cheese – A classic and perfect low carb snack, the snack is extremely filling, satisfying and tasty. As per the stats, five of these sticks contain less than 200 calories.6
  • Kale chips – Full with fiber and antioxidants involving kaempferol and quercetin, Kale is extremely healthy. Known to reduce the risk of colon cancer and blood pressure, eating in moderation is supposed to lend 150 calories.7
  • Dark chocolate and almonds – Both of them make a portable, rich and satisfying snack. Almonds are supposed to be high in healthy heart monounsaturated fat lending positive and healthy effects on the blood sugar control and cut down heart disease risk.8
  • Cucumber slices with hummus – Perfect to be both nutritious and healthy, they go well together and are supposed to be containing cucurbitacin E, a compound that might have anti cancer effects. One cup of hummus with cucumber slices is supposed to be having about 180 calories.9
  • A piece of fruit – It is not necessary to complex out the things when it comes to healthy eating and snacks. Simply having a single piece of fruit could be extremely filling and satisfying.10

Hope, the information is clear. Stay fit and healthy!

Healthy Snacks that can help to Lose Weight

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