Akola Located in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, the agro-industrial city of Akola is 584 Km east of Mumbai and roughly 250 Km west of Nagpur. As of today, it is counted amongst Vidarbha’s most important cities. This is mostly due to the heavy production grains, oil, pulses and cotton. So much so that the cotton produced in the city is considered the highest in the country, nicknaming Akola ‘The cotton city’.

Even the IT sector has recently been growing exponentially. But aside from an industrial angle, culturally, Akola is also well known for its various cultural activities, such as classical music, spirituality, theater, sports and literature. And it is often that these activities pose as opportunities, thereby attracting migrants and interested students from different regions.

The city is part of Vidarbha, a place that holds religious and historical significance. Vidarbha is mentioned in the Mahabharata as it was considered a great kingdom. Medical tourism is also quite prevalent as many good hospitals have recently been set up in the area, leading to a large influx of tourists coming in from all part of the county.

Akola is no stranger to the tradition of sports. Several state level tournaments as well as national tournaments of various indoor and outdoor games are often hosted here. Railway connectivity is pretty vital to this city, considering the heavy flow of tourism, the industrial trade and the cultural exchanges, Akola is well connected throughout.

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Akola India’s True Cotton County

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