The main problem that people face while booking tickets for train journeys is confirmation. Often, the ticket is not confirmed or stuck in the waiting list. There is no point waiting at the railways station, and then, realizing that there is no seat for you and the train is over-booked. The immediate thought is not whether we will get out money back, but of how we could save time if we would have known about it beforehand. In order to avoid such inconveniences, PNR status check should be done. This facility has been initiated by the Indian Railways, where people can check the status of their tickets via the internet and avoid any harassment later.

What to Wear and What to Carry?

Travelling by a train is the most hassle-free for sure. But, it is important to make sure that one is carrying the right luggage and wear the right clothes for a comfortable and fuss-free journey. Tight, formal or expensive clothes should be a complete no-no. There is no point carrying something that will only put you to trouble and make you uncomfortable and restless. Instead, wearing cotton clothes and minimal make-up would be perfect. Often people find it difficult to use the train toilet, which makes them unable to change clothes at night. Wearing something and easy and comfortable will help in getting a good sleep if you don’t get to change. Carrying enough coolants, deodorants, talcum powder and a nice pillow is important. A light quilt can be good if you are heading to a cold region. Carrying sufficient water is extremely important. This will protect you from drinking water served in the train. Though most trains have Wi-Fi today, it is better to carry your own internet portal in case you need to go online urgently. Chargers for electronic gadgets should be most definitely carried along. Sufficient cash and cards should be carried. It is very difficult to access if one needs during the journey.

Travelling with Kids –

If parents are carrying their kids for a short vacation, then they are carrying added responsibility. But, it is definitely not easy carrying kids in the train. Parents should carry enough tissues in order to keep children clean if they eat or go to toilet. Drinking water is essential. But, the problem is that children grow restless when they travel on long distances. They become bored, irritated and cranky. It is better to ask them to go to sleep on the bunks, which will keep them fresh and going. Also, parents will be able to be tension-free! Carrying sufficient things for entertainment is important. Chip packets, story books, iPods and games can help parents in tackling their children. They should be given the window seat so that they can stay gripped to the view outside instead of running about inside the train. It is better to plan and arrange everything from beforehand so that the journey can be comfortable and cozy. There is nothing like travelling in a train!

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A Few Things to Ensure Before Boarding The Train

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