If the image of Indian Railways conjured in your mind is that of dirty compartments with peanuts strewn all over, reeking toilets, demeaning graffiti scribbled all over its walls and the guest presence of one or two nimble cockroaches shocking your senses, then here is a mind-boggling fact that can uplift your spirits. The Indian Railways revels in its possession of the four best exquisite express trains that have pompously featured in the list of the top 25 trains around the globe. So do soak in the luxury that comes with being a part of our Incredible India and sweep away all your misconstrued notions about the state of the world’s largest employer and the heartthrob of our nation, which manages to secure many a relationships across its borders, our very own Indian Railways!

Darjeeling – Himalayan Express:

Known more for the scenic beauty, which is flagged on both its sides than its actual infrastructure that, however, is not any less is the Darjeeling –Himalayan express. It starts its eventual journey from Silguri and rests its heart in the lap of West Bengal. En route, any besotted traveler can be assured of idyllic scenes replicating the setting of a Yash Raj movie. So much so that this express has been christened a toy train in favor of the castle in the sky vision it exudes among its travelers. This express has been honored with the rare distinction of being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.

Palace – on – Wheels:

The name itself suffices to speak volumes on the majestic hospitability bestowed upon all the first class passengers who ostensibly enjoy their journey. Its interiors resembling Europe during the Victorian era with plush velvet pillows propped against a magnificent bed, the government cut the ribbons of this express so as to endorse tourism in Rajasthan. And it has indeed served this purpose by its gleaming posh luxury! When you admire the expansive deserts dotted with gracefully striding camels, we cannot really blame you if you just feel like a Rajput king overseeing his subjects from the veils of his chariot!

Deccan Odyssey:

Sculpted on the looks of the erstwhile, the Deccan Odyssey nevertheless has its own individuality that makes jaws drop upon its regal arrival. Boasting of vintage culinary and versatile cuisine, the window seats tactfully designed ensures that you will relish a private romantic candlelit dinner with your special someone. Snaking its way through the Deccan plateau, it both commences and ends its enthralling expedition in Mumbai itself.

Maharaja Express:

For any tourist who wants to float in the dream-cream clouds of India, the Maharaja Express is the most obvious vehicle of implementing it. This express is exclusively for those who wish to visit Taj Mahal, other marvelous forts, heritage sites and antique shopping centers in and around Delhi. The most innovative strategy of this express is that it has no limits pertaining to the matter of stations and can call any one of them its home at any point of time.

So, do spot your train from the above list and aboard them at least at one point of your lifetime to transform your persona from that of a bored passenger to a bedazzled spectator!

Indian Railway Special Trains That Erase Your Travails and Leave Trails in Your Heart

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