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As per the sources, it has been come out that Indian Railways is been going to launch two world class trains very soon. These trains are supposed to be backed with all kinds of amenities and facilities including GPS based passenger information system, onboard infotainment, Wi-Fi, plush and royal interiors, LED lighting and so much more. In fact, in accord to Times of India report, it has been also revealed and depicted that very soon you will be able to travel and take a tour in world class and top of the line trains in the country that would be much faster as you think as compared to premium trains including Rajdhani and Shatabdi ones that are currently in operational mode.

 This report further reveal out the facts that very soon Indian Railways is going to launch semi high speed first of its kind self propelled train pair, that will simply reduce the travelling time by none but at least 20% as compared to any other local or premium train that is been running and drawn by a loco. Reportedly, as per Indian Railways, it is going to launch two world class and top notch trains by the terms Train 18 and Train 20. The coaches and the sets of these superb and above ordinary running trains are been devised by the ICF – Integral Coach Factory that is the Chennai based Railways and is supposed to design the first with 16 fully air conditioned coaches as per the report by June month of this year.

 However, train 20 is been supposed to be launched by the year 2020. It is been expected yet that they will have advanced and latest facilities and features including LED lighting, on board Wi-Fi, GPS system, plush interiors, infotainment and more. The premium trains like Rajdhani express that is been into operation since year 1969, is able to catch speed up to 140 km/hour or 80 mph. The speed variation extremely depends upon the specific track section that starts from New Delhi and heading towards the capital cities of other states spread all over the nation. On the other side, Shatabdi trains run with an approximate average speed in between of 53 mph or 85 km/hour to 96 mph or 155 km/hour. The variation of the speed depends on the destination and likewise. As per the sources and information, these trains that are going to be unveiled very soon can travel and run with a speed up to 160 km/hour. Isn’t this amazing? Adding to this, both of them will be ‘Make in India’ initiative that is been added in the report.

Indian Railways is going to introduce two world class trains very soon

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