Checking out best places and how you can celebrate Holi this time in India? If you browse, you wonder how many different kinds of activities have been taking place all across the country varying from visits to traditional temples to parties full of bhang, DJs, masti and lots of colours.

  • Barsana – In this men dominated world, it is not always them who rule everyone. The women of Barsana and other nearby villages around Mathura in UP used to beat up men with sticks, as a part of Lathmar Holi celebrations. Famous to be playing and celebrating Holi with sticks, along with this, other festivities were done like sweets are thrown and people dance and sung those famous spiritual songs related to Radha and Krishna.Barsana
  • Mathura and Vrindavan – Traditional Holi celebrations starts about 40 days in advance at these places and especially in the temple towns of Mathura and Vrindavan. Lord Krishna was born in Mathura and where he spent his entire childhood was in Vrindavan.Mathura-Vrindavan
  • Shantiniketan, West Bengal – The cultural holi and celebration as spring festival or Basanta Utsav was introduced by popular Bengali poet – Nobel Rabindranath Tagore. Inspired by the bright colours of Holi and spring season, he introduced the festival in the form of an annual event here in Shantiniketan Vishva Bharati University where students put up a cultural program, all dressed up in spring colours at a large scale and even they dance to the tunes of Tagore’s songs.Shantiniketan
  • Udaipur – People celebrate the festival in a royal way there and start with lighting up bonfires marking the occasion and staying away from all bad and evil spirits by performing a ritual that is Holi Dahan. To feel that undying regal experience, make sure to experience Holi once there.Udaipur
  • Mumbai – Famous for community Holi with slum children, feel free to celebrate and have fun with the locals of the city in an entirely friendly and safe environment. Full of music and colours, more percentage of the mass there are devoted to help the people and children there and have enjoyment.Mumbai
  • Delhi – The city is known for its loud and noisy Holi festival and celebration. If it is possible for you to get tickets to Holi Cow festival or Holi Moo festival, get them as there will be music, street food, bhang, sprinklers, and so much more and even performances were supposed to be there. Everything is been celebrated in a safe and friendly environment.Delhi
  • Jaipur – Here in the city, it is always started by the elephant festival where elephant beauty contests, parades, folk dance, tug of war and lot more is been conducted on and locals as well as tourists from all around came to see those events. Undoubtedly, it all makes the celebration and fun of Holi extra special.Jaipur
  • Hampi – Here, it is famous among all to celebrate an energetic and enthusiastic Holi festival and almost the entire town comes out in the morning to celebrate the festival, dance together and enjoy and slowly moves by the river side to wash the colour off.Hampi

Holi is a celebration of colours and love. Enjoy and have gala time with your loved ones this time!

10 Best Places to Celebrate Holi

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