As per Indian railways, it has been extending its SMS alerts for the delays in the departure of more than an hour covering approximate 1400 trains involving superfast, premium and express trains. Yes, you are reading it absolutely correct. It is certain that Indian Railways has put SMS alerts for all the departure delays that have been extended for more than an hour in about 1,400 trains and so. The service has already been started from January 3rd and it has been made very clear that Indian Railways had been extending its SMS alert service for all the departure delays covering all sorts of trains like express, superfast, premium and others.

By this far, as per the information, such alerts were only and only available to the passengers who have been travelling in premium trains like Shatabdi and Rajdhani and more. The service was even restricted to the passengers who were supposed to be boarding at the departure station only. But now, passengers and travellers who are even boarding from the intermediate stoppages or so in between the route and all along the travel, will also get alerts and notifications. Isn’t it interesting and boon of technology evolution? Yes, indeed it is and Indian Railways is been putting every bit of effort that could be possible to make life of passengers easy and convenient.

 As stated by a Senior Railways officer, the major intention was to let people know in advance about the running trains schedule and the trains are behind as per the defined schedule in order that they do not have to unnecessarily wait at the railway station for prolonged hours. The information in advance could actually assist them in planning their arrival and so. Introduced last year in November 2017, Indian Railways had already sent more than 33 lakh SMSs to travellers in between 3rd November and 7th December. And the service was rendered at absolutely free of cost. To get these services, passengers simply need to mention their mobile numbers at the time of tickets booking. This is the service that is been devised and proffered by the CRIS department that is Center for Railway Information Systems, also been regarded as an IT arm of Indian Railways. To enhance and improvise the precision in keeping a track of running trains, Indian Railways has actually tied up and associated with ISRO for getting the real time train information system. It will keep a track of all trains that are running on live scenario basis and along with the same, will disperse running details to all the rail users as well. There will be a tracking plate that will be attached and fixed on all about 10,800 locos in order to track trains. The chip fixation is been expected to undergo completion by the end of December 2018. Adding to this, Railway officer stated that trials have already begun to be held on the Delhi and Mumbai section.

Indian Railways extension to SMS delay alerts to about 1,400 trains 

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