With technology advancing, Indian Railways has left no stone unturned to make sure that it is incorporating technology in its day to day operations while also adding to the comfort of the passengers. Travelling by Indian Railways has become even more comfortable since the time you can check your PNR status by mobile.

There are many ways by which you can check the PNR status with the help of your mobile. One of them is to send your ten digit PNR number preceded by PNR to 139 and you will get a reply which will reveal the ticket booking status and whether your ticket has been confirmed by now or not. Apart from this you send the same message to 5676747 to again get the same reply. You can also simply send your PNR number without adding any prefix to it to 9773300000. In this case also you will get a reply which will reveal your ticket booking status. In addition to this, you can try visiting the Indian Railways website in case you have a GPRS enabled phone where you will have to enter the PNR number and you will be able to see the PNR status.

Finally you can even call the Indian Railways helpline and punch in the PNR number when told to do so to get to know the PNR status by mobile. It has become really easy to get to know the information even when you are on the move because of such facilities by Indian Railways.

Get to Know Your PNR Status by Mobile

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