There is no denial over the fact that online ticket booking facility of the Indian Railways is the most used facility. India which is known for its huge population has different forms of transportation support and railways are one amongst the prime mode of transport. With the help of official IRCTC website, it is possible to know anything you want to know about ticket booking. You need to be a registered user with IRCTC in order to access all the information in details and to book tickets on a regular basis. It is simple, easy to register with IRCTC and you need to furnish some basic details such as phone number, PAN and email.

You can get instant access to the rails available to a particular destination and could make immediate booking. Online tatkal booking facility has been a huge help for those who have an emergency situation to attend to. Always, ensure that you are registering with the official website of the IRCTC. Once you are registered with them you are provided with a pin number and password.

Issues with IRCTC Login

Off late, there have been many complaints surrounding the difficulties with IRCTC Login. Many people are finding IRCTC to be very slow and most of the times they are facing issues in Login. Be it entering into the website and getting ticket related information, one have to wait long to get access to the information. This scenario is quite common, especially is a large and important website with millions of registered users. It is to be noted that the IRCTC website is one amongst the most used websites on a global level; hence the slow processing of information is understandable.

Solve the IRCTC Login issue

Many people get frustrated if they face any problem while trying to utilize the online booking facility. In order to get the best out of the website usage, you need to be aware of certain aspects. Here are few things you can do in order to make IRCTC Login,

  • Delete the old cookies that are collected in the browser. This will pave way for a faster and easier reach to the website. Corrupted cookies will make logging to the IRCTC website a difficult task.
  • Check the security settings in your system and browser. While accessing websites like IRCTC, you need to keep the security setting to medium instead of high. Also, disable any pop ups you may see at the top.
  • You can contact the customer support if you face persistent issues logging into the website. They would be able to guide you thoroughly.
  • If a lot of time is taken processing the Login page, try refreshing the page and login again. You may get access to your account after two to three tries.

A lot of new features and facilities are being added into the IRCTC website from time to time. You get to know all the relevant information and book tickets sitting at the comforts of your houses. is a Service for transforming the experience of the Railway Passenger. The TravelKhana platform ensures that the delivery is made in real time. TravelKhana ensures that the entire life cycle of an order fulfillment is completed by the TravelKhana patented platform. TravelKhana currently operates in 80 cities and rapidly expanding across the Railway network.

How to Handle IRCTC Login Problem?

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