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Check PNR Status on Mobile


Ways to Check Indian Railways PNR Status on your Mobile

Thanks to the computer based reservation system, travelling in Indian Railways has become much easier than it was in the past. Today, passengers don't need to take a ticket with them, provided they have booked the ticket via the IRCTC website, and when the ticket is booked over the counter, they can check the PNR status on the mobile.

PNR number is a 10 digit number that is mentioned on the left side of the ticket, and the same is not changed till the journey is completed. If you are not sure about the PNR status, you can now check the same on mobile through varied ways discussed below.

Use the 139 service: Passengers can use the old 139 service of Indian Railways to know about their ticket status. This is a direct official service from IRCTC where the passenger needs to send the PNR number (PNR1234567890) to 139 without any spaces. This service works 24 hours a day and can be used anywhere in India.

Another number offered by Indian Railways for knowing the PNR status is 5676747. The charges are applicable on sending SMS on both the numbers. You may be charged at Rs.3/SMS or whatever the rate is applicable by the service provider.

Use 10 digit mobile number: Since 139 and the other number are chargeable to mobile users, you might feel dejected on checking the PNR status every hour. This is where you would need a special service that is not as costly as 139.

Making things simpler and cost effective, Google has introduced a PNR checking service on a 10 digit mobile number. You just need to message the PNR number ("1234567890") to "9773300000". If you have a discounted message pack or service, you will be charged with the same rate that applies to normal SMS rates. In short, you don't need to pay for the premium SMS services. Kudos to Google for its service!

Use GPRS enabled phone: Another cheap option to check your PNR status on mobile is to use the GPRS service. You can connect to the internet and go to www.indianrail.gov.in. In the website, you will get the "Check PNR" field, where you can put your 10 digit PNR number to check the status.

Apart from SMS and GPRS, you can also call Indian Railways Helpline from your mobile. The official number to call from any mobile is 139, and after that you need to follow the Interactive Voice Response to know the exact status of the PNR. Again, this may be chargeable by your service provider.

Kindly note that the PNR status received on the mobile on a certain point of time is accurate, but the position may change in minutes. This means, there may be a need to recheck the PNR status prior to travelling. Your coach and berth position may change even on a confirmed ticket.

Smart phone and mobile phone users can enjoy seamless services with Indian Railways. Wishing all a happy journey!

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