The most common means of long distance transportation today is Railways. Those, who frequently travel long distances or even inter-state places, are aware of IRCTC. It stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. This subsidiary of Indian Railways handles the catering system and online ticket booking. It is a tedious job to conduct the booking procedure at the railway booking office. People today take just a few minutes to book railway tickets right from their PCs. But, even in this case, there are a few discrepancies. Tickets are either not available or names are stuck in the waiting list. Thus, one should know about PNR Status Check IRCTC PNR status check and its necessity.

Those who are new to train ticket reservation procedure may not be aware of the PNR status check. Personal or Passenger Name Record (PNR) is basically a ten-digit number, which is associated with a number of details related to journey, booking status, etc. It is basically an identification number.

This status check will give information relating to the following:

  • Whether the ticket has been confirmed
  • Whether it has been placed in the RAC category
  • Whether it is lying in the waiting list of the railway server
  • The number of berth/seat
  • Your reservation group

All these various details can be acquired from this number. Those who book tickets online are always given a PNR number. The main purpose of introducing this policy is the management and organization of a large number of passengers.

Important terms to know while checking the status;

There are a few important abbreviations with which people should be familiar with in order to know their booking status.

  • RAC or Reservation against Cancellation means the passenger will be provided with a non-sleeper seat initially, and later, if any cancellations are made, he will be provided with a sleeper one. Those passengers, who have an RAC ticket, will be allowed to enter reserved compartments.
  • WL or waiting list refers to unavailability of seats where passengers will be given seats only on the basis of a cancellation. Passengers, with a WL tickets, cannot be allowed to enter inside a reservation compartment. Ticket amounts will be refunded to them, in case no seats can be managed. The PNR number is provided to every passenger after booking has been done. It is allotted from a single passenger to a maximum of 6 passengers. It is generally given through the IRCTC booking portal or through a single reservation form. There are a few more terms and abbreviations, which one can be aware of after visiting the Indian Railways booking site. With technology progressing, PNR number can be checked via the web or through landline or by messaging. It is easy and can be done by anyone. Those people, who will soon be opting for railway reservation for travelling, should be aware of PNR. If there is any such information in the ticket which is beyond your understanding, calling up the railway office can be really helpful.
Checking Railway Ticket Booking Status, PNR Status

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