We have been doing railway reservation and travelling from one city to another in India, but a lot of us are still not aware of the meaning of PNR status. PNR or Personal or Passenger Name Record is integral to online or regular railway booking. This ten-digit number shows us our railway booking status and tells us whether we are going to have a comfortable journey or not. This number has been issued by the Indian Railways for people who book train tickets. This number can be spotted on the top left hand corner of the ticket. This number can be used to check the ticket booking status online.

How to Check PNR Status Online?

Indian Railways PNR Status can be easily checked online. Calling up the railway office every now and then, is a problem. Railway officials answering the call can often sound disinterested, give incorrect information or not take the call at all. To avoid such problems, people can easily go to the Indian Railways site and check the PNR status. A form is provided where one needs to put the 10 digit number, and then, click on the ‘get PNR status’ option. Once the number has been submitted, getting the status is not at all difficult. In order to understand the information thoroughly, the codes provided at the bottom of the screen can be checked. Once, the status has been checked, passengers feel more relieved. In case, there are any doubts, the railways office can provide further information.

Benefits of Checking Status on Phone –

Since technology has advanced by such leaps and bounds, tracking the status of a train have become so much easier. Data stored in the CRS of the travel industry can be acquired easily through PNR numbers. Accessing the site is not always possible due to numerous issues. In such cases, people can easily access their ticket status through their mobile phones.

A few steps would be:

  • Message the PNR number to a specified number, provided in the ticket.
  • Read the status available.
  • Get to understand the status by knowing the codes.

This facility is very simple and can be accessed by everybody who has minimal knowledge about mobile phones. Accessing PNR number on mobile phone goes free of cost because the facility is provided by Google service. Thus, it is not a big deal if anyone does not have an internet connection as mobile service is always there.

Be free from tension with PNR number;

It is a real cause of worry if your train tickets are not finalized. and you got to reach to a place urgently. All preparations and packing done, it is often the train ticket, which causes the suspension of a trip. If there are any discrepancies, people can book some other mode of transport when there is sufficient time in hand. Getting bad news standing on the platform is tensing and disturbing. It is better to be sure and safe rather than sorry at the last hour.

How Easily Can We Access PNR Status?

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