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8 Things to Know While Ordering Jain Food in Train

Due to its unique vegetarian diet, it was a big problem for Jains to order Jain food in the train. Jain cuisine is completely vegan and excludes the consumption of buried foods like onion, brinjal, garlic etc. Such food is very satiating. According to Jain texts, a sravaska (householder) must not consume wine, meat, honey, and the five udumbara fruits (Gular, Anjeera, Banyan, Peepal, and Pakar).

What is the reason that not all of the above products are consumed?

Roots are essentially the storage organs of plants and are specially adapted to store energy or water. Such underground areas help the survival of many living organisms that surround such roots.

Here are 8 things to watch out for when ordering Jain food on a train:

  • Raw food: Avoid eating raw food from food vendors as they may contain earthy foods that are prohibited in Jains.
  • Meals: Check with e-services to see if they offer special meals or not. Travelkhana offers meals on more than 6,000 trains across India.
  • Menu compatibility: Check menu items whether they follow strict Jain cuisine or not.

 Jain menus are unique and are mentioned separately in addition to the regular menus.

  • Coverage checks: Check if stations are covered by electronic service providers.

 Travelkhana covers most stations for Jain foodies

  • WOM: Check word of mouth with your peers and fellow travelers. They can help you better.
  • Mobile: Due to the increased use of smartphones, you can Google Jain food ordering portals and their reviews.
  • Social Media Gateways: View customer reviews on major social media platforms. They will also help you learn more about their services.
  • Delivery before sunset: Check the delivery of food orders before sunset, which is an important concern in Jains practices.

Now that Travelkhana, Jain food is ordered in trains, Jain travelers no longer have to worry about healthy and hygienic food.

We serve most of the stations across India at the most affordable Jain food delivery rates. Food products are served with various Jain food items as per the needs of the customers. All our valued customers take regular feedback to improve our services. Jain food can now also be ordered via WhatsApp on 8800313131. Contact us today if you want to order Jain food by train across India.

8 Things to Know While Ordering Jain Food in Train

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