10 Tips for Eating Healthy On a Business Trip

Business trips have their pros and cons, like new destinations, something new to try, and time to get away from the daily grind. However, when it comes to food, you have to pay attention to the small details of the ingredients inside the stomach. In India, people traveling by train prefer to carry their own healthy food prepared by themselves or mostly through local food vendors at major stations en route to their destination. Making poor food choices can completely derail your trip. The good news is that staying on track while traveling is a lot easier than you think. If you’re calorie-conscious or want to order diabetic food on the train, it’s now much easier. If you’re just trying to order food from your favorite restaurant, there are now several options.

If you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet while driving, here are some simple tips to help you stay healthy on your drive:

  1. Avoid packaged and processed foods: Most packaged processed foods are full of sweeteners, salts, artificial flavors, and preservatives. In addition, these foods contain a lot of trans fats, which are not good for the heart. They also cause clogging of the arteries.
  2. Stay hydrated: Try to stay hydrated with readily available bottled water. As a precaution, caffeinated drinks and sodas should be avoided, as they can overload your internal ecosystem with too many calories.
  3. Order food from Verified Food: Finding food is inevitable, but good food is rare when traveling in India. You don’t want to struggle while commuting. Nowadays, ordering food on the train is another great option. These meals on wheels are provided by service providers who help you get the best food from famous restaurants during your journey across India. Ordering food online is much easier and also fulfills your health concerns.
  4. Plan your meal times: Eat only when you are hungry and follow a regular meal schedule. You will definitely know the stations coming to you and you can search the available options online.
  5. Avoid raw food: You should order raw food like salad from online food providers in the train or prepare it yourself. Otherwise, try to avoid them, as they can cause infections when bought from station vendors or the train pantry.
  6. Eat often and in smaller portions: eating small amounts of healthy food during the day sends a signal to the brain that there is a lot of food, so it is good to burn calories quickly. Limiting the amount of calories in one sitting also gives a lot of energy. Eating too many calories at one meal—even if they’re healthy calories—sends a message to your brain that those calories stored as fat must be around the corner.
  7. Consume plenty of protein: Order milk or milk products when you order food on the train. Indian soft drinks like “Chhachh” or “Lassi” should be a good choice as they calm the stomach and also help to stay healthy.
  8. Carry a sanitary napkin: Your children may not be very inclined to wash their hands every time they finish eating. To avoid such complications, you can carry a hand gesture.
  9. Order Special Meals: Track meals on your itinerary. You won’t want to miss it and talk to your loved ones when you get back. Order them from online food ordering service providers.
  10. Plan ahead for desserts: Finishing the meal better will leave you with a lasting memory. You can also order “Warm Gulabjamun” or your favorite chocolate ice cream.

Staying healthy while traveling is a big issue because you don’t want food to be a warning sign and you also want to enjoy your meals on the bike.

Eat Fresh… Stay Healthy!!!

10 Tips for Eating Healthy On a Business Trip

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