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Indian Railways Seat Availability


Search and Book Trains between Stations

We at Travelkhana.com understand the traveler's need for a comfortable train journey, and so, apart from supplying good travel food to the traveler, we also provide the facility of booking one's train tickets through our portal. We have been awarded the "best travel website" at the 2013 IAMAI awards just because we think of the traveler's needs and convenience before anything else.

To book a train ticket from our website, please furnish the details asked for in the above form. Fill out each section according to your travel plan and easily book a ticket. You can also enquire about the ticket availability.

Now, you do not need any agents or brokers and their false promises, you don't need someone to book for you either. Just a few clicks can get you your own railway ticket with ease. This service is linked to the main IRCTC website and so you will get a genuine PNR and booking. And as far as the travel food is concerned, we are always there for you! Log on to our website or dial in our helpline number as is flashing on the top of the page.

Indian Railways is counted among the largest railway networks of the world, and no doubt there is always a great feeling attached to travelling in trains in India. Making services accessible to millions of travelers, Indian Railways have simplified the process of making an enquiry about getting a reservation or getting a ticket quick easy and simple. Thanks to the widely available information on the web, Indian Rail Tourism has got a decent boost in its popularity.

For travelers looking to find tickets between stations, they can use our services below or can check Indian Rail Ticket Booking website called IRCTC. You can check the availability of tickets and if available, making a booking is as easy as getting a cup of tea. While there are many hiccups in the services, there is no denying that every day thousands of people do rely on the trains for commuting.

Using IRCTC services require users to have an account, which means you have to get registered. For those who want to avoid queuing up at the stations, the IRCTC services come as the right service. No matter which part of the country you want to travel, you can book tickets from anywhere with a few clicks. Also, you can make enquiries about availability of tickets on http://www.indianrail.gov.in/ , which is the portal where you can find the trains between varied routes, and if needed, you can check the availability, as well. With IRCTC, Indian Railways has managed to serve customers with decent service, and not mention the hard hold of ticket brokers has been done away with.

Please feel free to use our service linked to the Indian Railways site for finding the availability of trains and seats between varied stations and routes. We would like to help you in getting information when you need. As for quality food, you can always rely on us.