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Indian Railways Seat Availability


A Seat Availability on Indian Trains

Planning your Journey

Travelling with comfort is something everyone looks forward to, especially when it comes to train travel. No matter what season of the year you are planning your trip in or whether your trip is for leisure or business, Indian Railways seat availability is a crucial challenge that everyone has to surmount. Before you plan a trip, it is vital that you have detailed information regarding the trains available on that particular route. Once you have information about the number of trains operating on your preferred route, the next big task is to find the number of berths available. Updated information about seat availability gives you an idea whether you can travel in the class of your choice or you have to look for an alternative.

How long before can you plan?

The availability of berths completely depends upon how vigilant you were regarding the Advanced Reservation Period (ARP). With effect from April 2015, the ARP is 120 days, which means that booking of seats on a train from an originating station will be available from 120 days prior to the actual date of journey. In other words, you can book a journey 120 days before your departure. So, if travel is on the cards, you need be a good planner first.

How to Check seat availability at TravelKhana

To make your berth availability quest a little easy, we provide you all relevant information about seat availability in all major trains in few simple steps. In the given 'Train' box, fill the train number or name OR If you are not totally sure with any of these

  • Enter your desired boarding station in the box 'Leaving From' (Source Station)
  • Enter the destination station in box 'Going To'
  • Enter the date on which you wish to travel.

Click Search Trains Based on the information you provide, we will supply you with all the possible options you can opt for. When it comes to alternatives, you might get confused of what you should decide on. Don't worry, we will guide you through the various classes of berths available in the Indian Railways after which it will be a lot easier for you to decide on the option that best suits you.

Various kinds of Berths Offered by the Indian Railways There are five kinds of berth availability -

  • AC First Class - It is a private compartment with two or four berths depending upon the train. Travelling in AC First class feels like you are travelling with all the comforts of home. Personalised waiter service on call, sliding doors giving you complete privacy, bathrooms, cloth hangers, and comfortable legroom!
  • AC 2 Tier - It is less spacious as compared to AC First class. There will be two berths on each side which will be separated from the train corridor space by curtains. There are reading lamps in case you wish to indulge yourself into light reads before sleeping. AC 2 Tier is followed by AC 3 Tier.
  • AC 3 Tier - It consists of three berths on each side, i.e. 6 seats in total in one coupe. The arrangement of seats in AC 3 Tier makes it a little congested. But, if you are a little limited on your budget, this is the right choice for you.
  • AC Chair Car - It is available on trains running on shorter distances with recliner seats. They are generally found on trains with an average travel time of 5-7 hours. Chair cars are fairly comfortable and offer food at regular intervals. You generally don't have to pay for your food as it is included in your ticket fare.
  • Sleeper Class- It is similar to AC 3 tier but it is not air conditioned. This is the most crowded compartment in any train since majority of the people travel in this class. Washrooms are generally not that clean and food supply is not entirely dependable. However, you can always buy food from hawkers at various stations.
Choose a Class that Suits your Needs

Since trains are the largest means of public transport for long distances and its facilities are availed by all the sections of society, the aforementioned classes are designed keeping in the mind the suitability and demands of the passenger. Passengers who are ready to spend money on comfort and travel lavishly will obviously opt for First Class, while those on a tight budget generally prefer the sleeper class.

Availability Status

Once you are acquainted with berth availability in the class of your choice, you need to know your booking status. Just knowing seat availability will not serve your purpose unless you know under what category your seats are booked. Your seats can either be booked under Confirmed, RAC or Waitlist. Confirmed status will be allotted to you when berths are available at the time of booking tickets on the date of your travel. A confirmed ticket on the date of your travel will show the seat and the coach number. RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation; it assures you a berth in the train, but there is a possibility that you might end up sharing your seat with another passenger. If fortune is on your side, you might bag a seat if there is a cancellation against confirmed reservations. On the other hand, Waitlist doesn't promise you anything. Waitlist is given when all the confirmed and RAC berths are sold. If you are in the waitlist category, your only hope is a cancellation against the confirmed reservation. It advisable that you don't travel on RAC/Waitlist status if you are travelling with your family as it doesn't guarantee a confirmed berth which can be tiresome and problematic at times.

Book Well in Advance

Book Well in Advance During the peak season, like the summer vacations in schools or during the festival time, a large section of the population opts for train as their medium for travel. In such cases, the berth availability status constantly changes. With the advent of online reservations, booking tickets is not geographically constrained. You can book your tickets from anywhere, sitting at home or while working at office. All you need is a computer or a smart phone with an internet connection. Travelkhana.com has all the information you need and with a friendly customer service planning your next train travel has become even simpler. You can always check our website for anything you need regarding train bookings. We wish you Happy Travelling!