Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Journey: Exotic Flavoured Cakes to Order in Train

Love is Valentine’s day favourite reason to lose sleep. Every year February 14th is a special day for couples to express their love and deep affection for each other. It is a day to celebrate love and the bond between two hearts. Relational qualities like self-love, trust, honesty, communication and connection are the pillars that make all bonds the strongest forever. Loving someone in this world is nothing higher than feelings because it is the deepest love that people have for each other. Every minute or second of Valentine’s Day (February 14) is a moment to cherish the tenderness and emotional values ​​of the lovely relationship between two lovebirds.

Ways to Express Valentine’s Day

It is an event that every lover looks forward to. The enthusiasm to celebrate this auspicious day can be seen in the market as every shop is decorated with Valentine’s Day decorations. The entire market is full of red roses, gifts, cards and memorable decorations can be seen in local bakeries, where various Valentine’s Day-themed cakes are made. On this occasion, the lovers spend their day in various ways such as;

  1. Short trip to nearby hill stations: A short trip to attractive and exciting places like Manali, Shimla, Leh, Khandala, Lonavala or Darjeeling can make the day special. If the journey is by train; you can enjoy hot and fresh food on the train en route to these special destinations.
  2. By exchanging gifts: Valentine-themed gifts such as red roses, chocolates, personalized cups, pillows, bouquets, purses, wallets, and combination gifts (cake, teddy bear, and flowers) are available in the market and online. In this case, exchanging gifts adds extra strength to the relationship.
  3. Booking tables in restaurants: Excellent and delicious food makes this day great. Book a table and take Valentine on a food tour with exotic food and drinks.
  4. Candlelight Dinner (Romantic Date): Make today the most romantic day. Many restaurants offer themed Valentine’s Day candlelight dinners or optional arrangements. Remember your first dates! It’s always the same.

Valentine’s Day train ride

The situation of Valentine’s Day partners traveling by train may vary. They cannot reserve a restaurant table or buy a gift when leaving any station. This is very sad! There can be many situations where you have to plan a trip for this opportunity that cannot be delayed or delayed. The news saddens the heart, but the journey to the destination becomes mandatory. But the same trip can become special when your love/Valentine’s Day is on the trip with you. You can turn a boring trip into the most romantic one. The question arises “How?” What’s the key to unlocking party memories forever? The answer to the question is: “CAKES”. Yes! Now you can order a variety of cakes and pastries on the train to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Cakes and PastriesValentine's Day

Hardly anyone could resist a cake covered with cream and cherries or a cake decorated with various flavors of fruit and chocolate. On the other hand, cakes are the best way to express your love to someone. This is a party food. Likewise, Valentine’s Day is incomplete without cake. Now, if you are traveling with your loved one on Indian Railways and want to order a cake on the train, switch on your smartphone and visit the website or download our Android or IOS mobile app to order cakes/food to enjoy on the train to enjoy the occasion. Travelkhana offers a variety of cakes to order on the train. They are;

Black Forest Exotic CakeValentine's Day

You can be sure that your loved one will be impressed. Black forest cake brings an excited look and a smile to Valentine’s face. After all, that’s what you want.

Chocolate Truffle CakeValentine's Day

Chocolate is mostly preferred and loved as a gift on Valentine’s Day. Pure chocolate and truffle (an exotic fruit) when mixed together and added to the cake to bake perfectly, create a large chocolate truffle card delicious enough to delight Valentine’s Day.

Strawberry CakeValentine's Day

Red is the theme color of Valentine’s Day and strawberry cake supports this celebration. The cake is made by mixing strawberry crumble into the dough. In addition, it is also decorated with chopped strawberries and cream. Well, it tastes Yummmm…

Egg-Free Pineapple Cake

Is your Valentine a vegetarian? Don’t worry! The tangy taste of pineapple in the cake is an option that can be ordered. Yes, and it’s egg-free. An egg-free pineapple cake can be ordered on the train to lighten the festive mood.Valentine's Day

  1. Pastries are also available. You can order pastries such as pineapple pastries, black forest pastries, vanilla, and sandwiches—price range Rs. 60 to 75 Rs.
  2. The Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, famous for his paintings, expressed his feelings with a beautiful quote: “Love is the greatest entertainment of life”. According to him, you cannot see and touch the best and most beautiful, as well as love – infinite beauty and eternal bond between two lovers.


Valentine’s Day Journey: Exotic Flavoured Cakes to Order in Train

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