Book A Train Coach For a Wedding?

How to Book A Train Coach For a Wedding?

Getting a confirmed train coach seat is something that everyone who travels through Indian Railways strives for. This requires a lot of planning as the ticket office opens 120 days before the travel date. If your train route falls in the busiest zones, you should be more careful to book tickets from midnight on the day the booking window opens. As per Indian Railways norms, one passenger can book up to 6 tickets in one login.

Indians prefer to travel through Indian Railways. If you are traveling by train and honeymoon to a distant place, how do you get tickets in the same compartment? Is it even possible to book an entire coach for honeymoon plans? Leave all your guesses aside as Indian Railways has come up with a definite process for people who want to book a coach for honeymoon or other trips.

How can I book a coach on the train?

The only way to book a coach on the train is to contact the relevant ticket counter/reservation manager to get permission to book more passengers in the group. However, such mass accommodation reservations can be made through the computerized reservation system only after 10:00 am if the entire train restriction applies according to existing rules and availability of accommodation.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you book codes

  1. Request Submission to Chief Reservation Supervisor: A letter (two copies) should be sent to the authorized authorities with details such as train number, date and travel codes. And list of passengers. The reservation manager reviews the availability limits of the train according to the rules. They can be contacted if they want to break up into small groups for such bookings.
  2. Get approval from authorized officials: The supervisory authority in charge of the helmet can approve the application.
  3. Get tickets from the bulk reservation list: After approval, you can immediately go to the bulk reservation counter to get coach reservations.

There are certain restrictions for Group Booking beyond 6 passengers, like

  • Group booking is not allowed on ARP opening day (the pre-order period – which is usually 120 days, for some nearby trains it is 60 / 30 / 10 days).
  • Trains with Dynamic Fare Structures like Rajdhani / Shatabdi Group can also be booked on the opening day, the charge is the same as the Tatkal train – ie. About 1.5 times the opening price.
  • Group reservations are not made at the counter during the first half hour, from 8:00 to 8:30.
  • A group of more than 6 passengers cannot allow/reserve more than half of the available seats/seats, in such a situation Group Booking can be done only when the WL booking for the class/train starts.
  • A maximum of 7 wagons are ordered.
  • The fare for the same up to 7 coaches is INR 50,000 per coach and an additional charge of INR 10,000 per coach. This price is only valid for trips of up to 7 days.

Full Fare (FTR) Registration Conditions

  • WR Pilot: FTR online booking is pilot-based and is currently allowed for journeys originating from Western Railway station only.
  • Booking Process: FTR can be registered either on the IRCTC website at or at the UTS counter at the boarding station.
  • Booking period: FTR can be registered no more than 6 months before travel and at least 30 days before travel date.

Payment realization:-

Registration on the IRCTC website: The party indicates the type of reservation, coach travel information and route. After sending the request, the party will receive a reference number and the registration amount to be paid. The party must pay the registration amount based on the given reference number to obtain the FTR number. The registration amount must be received within 6 days (including the date of sending the FTR request). After 6 days, the FTR reference number will be deleted and the party will have to follow the above process again to book the FTR coach/train.

  • Checks at UTS counter: The party goes to the CBS (Chief Reserve Controller)/Station Master (SM) at the starting station of the journey and submits a written request for an FTR order which includes the details of the journey. CBS enters that information into the FTR system. CBS delivers a ticket generated by the system to the party. This receipt contains the reference number and the registration amount paid by the party. The party goes to the UTS counter and hands over the registration fee against the reference number. Once the payment is confirmed, a printed receipt with a unique FTR number is issued to the parties. The party goes to CBS in this issue of FTR. At the CBS counter, a party can request and receive a printout of their inquiry information by providing the FTR number.
  • Refund Process: In case of party or railway cancellation, a refund will be processed as per the existing manual process through the Chief Commercial Manager (PM).

Number of coaches Allowed:-

  • Coach reservation: a group can book a maximum of 10 coaches for the FTR train during one trip.
  • Train booking: FTR train can be booked up to 24 coaches with 2 system cameras. 2 SLR cameras are a must.

Enrollment amount:-

  • Coach Booking: The bus booking fee for journeys up to 7 days is 50,000 rupees per coach. After a travel period of more than 7 days, Rs.10,000/- per day per coach will be charged and added to the registration amount.
  • Train Booking: Minimum 18 coaches (including at least two SLR coaches) and maximum 7 days tour is Rs.900,000 for train booking. In addition to the 18 coaches, Rs.50,000/- per coach will be added to the registration amount. For more than 7 days tour, Rs.10,000/- per day per coach will be added to the registration amount. Also, when booking a train with less than 18 carriages, you must pay the registration amount for at least 18 carriages.

Other Term & Conditions:-

The above amount may change if the Ministry of Railways makes changes from time to time. Coach/train registration does not guarantee coach/train delivery. It depends on the functionality of Indian Railways and the availability of the coach.

So if you are looking for coach booking for a honeymoon or group travel then the above steps should be followed as per FTR fares and Indian Railway guidelines. The good news is that you can now book food for group tours online during your train journey. Travelkhana offers special discounts for bulk food orders on trains. You can book in advance or during the trip. Reservation requests for group meal orders can be booked on the train here.

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How to Book A Train Coach For a Wedding?

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