Chicken Biryani Dishes

Top 10 Best Biryani Dishes to Enjoy While Travelling on Train

Eating in a restaurant is an accompaniment to a trip, especially if it is by train. Imagine enjoying delicious Biryani Dishes on the go. It would be nice to immerse yourself in the rhyme of the tracks and the delicious biryani with your loved ones on the train.

Biryani is a complete meal with great success all over the world. The top best Biryani dishes can be found in Pan India. With Travelkhana you can also order on the train; There are many varieties available.

Here are the top 10 best and most delicious biryani dishes to enjoy while traveling by train.

1. Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani Dishes

Chicken biryani is a savory dish consisting of layers of chicken, rice, and spices cooked together. The rice soaks up the juices from the chicken at the bottom as it cooks, giving it an incredibly soft texture and flavor, while the top layer becomes crisp and smooth. The tender pieces of chicken buried in the biryani dishes are bursting with flavour. Thanks to the impressive mix of spices and herbs used in the preparation of this recipe.

2. Mutton Biryani

Mutton Biryani

Mutton biryani is a popular Indian rice dish made from Sella basmati rice. The sella rice is long grain, steamed with spices and a layer of lamb (goat meat). There are many places in India where mutton biryani dishes are prepared in different ways. This non-vegetarian biryani can be made with lamb. It is aromatic, and delicious and will have you cleaning your dishes with its heavenly delicious taste and aroma!

3. Egg Biryani

Egg Biryani

Egg Biryani is a must-try dish for egg lovers as it will take your love of eggs to a whole new level. The tasty sauce for Egg Biryani is made with freshly ground grated ginger, garlic and chopped coriander. The sour marinade gives the boiled eggs a distinctive flavor and makes biryani dishes one of the most delicious dishes. Trying a bowl of Egg Biryani would add spice to the trip.

4. Vegetable Biryani

Vegatable Biryani

Veg Biryani is an authentic Indian vegetarian dish filled with favorite vegetables, basmati rice, and aromatic spices. The traditional vegetable biryani dishes are said to be prepared with patience and lots of love. However, the flavorful and delicious taste from the first bite is worth the effort and time you spend in the kitchen. There are many ways to prepare a vegetarian biryani, each with its own flavor of ingredients and flavors. We serve the most delicious Veg Biryani on the train, prepared in the best restaurants in the city.

5. Paneer Biryani

Paneer Biryani

Paneer Biryani is the most popular vegetarian biryani recipe in the world. It is slowly cooked by layering paneer cubes in a curd (yogurt) sauce made with fried onion and pre-cooked rice, seasoned with spices, rosewater and saffron. Generally, Paneer Biryani dishes are prepared using the Dum Phuket method. The layers of sauce and rice are steamed in a closed pot or pan so that the steam cannot escape, giving it a savory texture and flavor.

6. Mushroom Biryani

Mushroom Biryani

Mushroom Biryani is a classic vegetarian dish made with succulent mushrooms, fluffy rice, and fresh spices. Delicious, savory and flavorful, Mushroom Biryani makes for a great dinner. Often known as One Pot Biryani, this biryani tastes divine. Apart from the basic spices like cumin, turmeric and cinnamon, some special spices like black cumin and saffron are also used to enhance the taste of the biryani. Read it and your mouth will water. Order these delicious biryani dishes on the train at Travelkhana.

7. Fish Biryani

Fish Biryani

If you think that biryani can only be made with lamb or chicken, you will be pleasantly surprised. Boneless and deboned fish is used to cook fish biryani. However, boneless fish are more popular because they are easy to eat. To add a touch of South India to your biryani dishes, we add curry leaves and sprinkle a small amount of mustard powder along with the garam masala.

This is a meal that goes well with any salad or raita. Order Spicy Fish Biryani on the train and enjoy a delicious treat on your journey.

8. Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani is the most authentic Biryani. It is cooked with basmati rice and Indian spices like saffron. This soft and delicious biryani is considered the king of biryani dishes. There are two varieties: kachha (raw) and pakki (cooked) biryani. Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani has its origins in the kitchens of the royal Nizams. Our chefs follow the intricate Hyderabadi procedures with love to prepare the best biryani dishes for your train journey.

9. Lucknowi Biryani

Lucknowi Biryani

Lucknowi Biryani is also called Awadhi Biryani. This royal biryani is known to have been heavenly influenced by the nawabs of Awadh. What makes this biryani different from Hyderabadi biryani is all the spices that go into the preparation of this recipe. Kewra or rose water is used in the preparation of Lucknowi Biryani to give it a unique aroma. The city of Lucknow is famous for its royal kitchens. Order your Lucknowi Biryani dishes and other popular dishes like Shahi Korma, Shami Kabab, Tunday Kababi, etc. pass through this train station.

10. Dum Biryani

Dum Biryani

Dum Biryani is a delicious biryani prepared using the Dumpukht method. Dum is a Persian word meaning baked. The ingredients are sealed in a pot or container with a thick paste of flour or clay. The biryani dishes are then slowly steamed to preserve its flavorful juices. Slow cooking ensures that all the flavors of the meat or chicken are slowly released. If you travel with friends or family, Dum Biryani is the best food.

11. Handi Biryani

Handi Biryani

Handi Biryani is a beautiful rice recipe cooked with chicken, vegetables and spices. Traditionally, the biryani dishes were cooked in a clay pot or a brass pot. The succulent handi biryani dishes with mace and nutmeg give it a powerful flavor and aroma. Treat your taste buds to the world’s best Biryani Handi from Travelkhana and enjoy with your loved ones.

12. Behrouz Biryani

Behrouz Biryani Dishes

Behrouz Biryani is a meeting place for Biryani lovers. This supply chain’s authentic menu serves sumptuous biryani dishes that are sure to win your hearts. The place ensures that all its guests are completely satisfied with the food they deliver. The talented chefs at Behrouz Biryani ensure that their guests are treated to a delicious and delicious taste with every order. The economic menu also contributes to the popularity of this place. You can enjoy their amazing biryani dishes wherever you want.

Tell us which are your favorite biryani dishes. If it’s not on our list, we’ll add it to our menu and serve it to you on your next train journey.

What is the secret ingredient in Biryani?

All biryani dishes ingredients, be it spices, basmati rice, lamb or chicken, add to the uniqueness of this recipe. Additionally, Biryani’s Dum Phuket’s cooking style, in which all the food is layered and encased in an aluminum container and then steamed longer, gives it a unique identity. Saffron is the secret spice that gives biryani a strong aroma and flavor.

Where does Biryani come from?

Historians have a different view of the origin of Biryani. Some believe the dish originated in Persia and was later brought to India by the Mughals. Although many food experts dispute that the dish originated in southern India. It was one of the main dishes of Kerala and also parts of Tamil Nadu.

Where can I find the best biryani dishes in like: Hyderabad, Bangalore,  Delhi, Lucknow, and Chennai?

If you are traveling by train, you can order and receive delicious Biryani dishes from Travelkhana in pan India. In addition to biryani, delicious non-vegetarian biryani dishes such as chicken curry, fried fish, mutton kebab, etc. are offered on the train. Make sure to place your biryani order at least 2 hours before delivery.

We also specialize in vegetables and Jain food. If you’re traveling in a group, order groceries in bulk on the train and get significant discounts. For more information about attractive offers, please contact our customer service.

As mentioned earlier, good nutrition is the foundation of happiness; Travelkhana does its best to serve you the best food on the train with love and care!

Top 10 Best Biryani Dishes to Enjoy While Travelling on Train

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