Thinking how to spot your train running status live on Google map? Indian Railways mode of transportation is certainly one of the most preferable ways of travelling among people in India. The prime reason of their preference is undoubtedly the level of ease and convenience provided by the rail transportation as compared to other mediums. In fact, with the technology emergence, Indian Railways has introduced many new amenities and services for the convenience of passengers travelling in trains and which have been recognized and get popular with time among people. Adding to this, Indian Railways is also been providing a chance to people to link even those remote areas and towns in the country that are almost impossible to approach via other mediums.

People actually enjoy their rail trips as food, water and other facilities are been offered in trains and if you want to enjoy sightseeing and beauty of the country along with availing all such services, trains are the best mediums to travel in comfort and ease. Well in many situations, it becomes vital and utterly significant to keep status of live running train and see it on Google map as well for better utilization of time. Spot your train utility app is one of the efficient and safest means to know about train running status live on Google map and it has a very friendly and intuitive interface. In case, passengers want to know about a train’s arrival or departure from a specific station, or how much more time it is going to take to reach at that station from where you need to board the train, make sure to check out Spot your train website, feed in your train number or name along with the date of travel and within a single click, know about its live running status as well as its visualization on Google map as well.

In case, a train is running late of its scheduled timing, passengers have the flexibility to reschedule their appointments or meetings or catch another train in case of emergencies or events that cannot be avoided. So keeping a track of train running status actually helps in checking and managing everything accordingly and with preciseness. And it is one of the prime reasons behind so much popularity and fame of spot your train utility and why it gets such a rewarding and positive response from people. To check out the same is very simple to do and could be done both online and offline ways. To check it via online medium, people can open spot your train website as well as official site of IRCTC and just enter the train name or number of which they want to know about the running status and as the information is been fed and clicked, people will know about every bit of information related to train running status and others as well without any inconvenience and trouble. You can even download the app in your SmartPhone and can check out the status of train running and movement. So, make sure to access the same and be informed and updated!

The journey through the train is much different than any other mode of transportation. There are people who prefer travelling through railway only, irrespective of the duration of the journey. The primary reasons for the popularity of the journey on a train are the level of comfort and services which are availed by the Department of Railways. There are many new facilities and features initiated by the Department of Indian Railways, which has popularized the railways among different classes of the passengers.shridham express running status

The Convenience:

The railway has better facilities to rest and therefore passengers who need to go for a longer journey prefer it. It is also much affordable compared to Airway and therefore also many travelers prefer it. The comfort level in the longer journey with roadways is not that high in comparison to the railway. Another useful feature of Indian railway is a vast network, which connects various towns and cities so that the passengers can easily move to any part of the country. In a long journey, there is a facility of food and water, which also helps the passengers to enjoy the trip.

The Train Running Status:

Many times it is important to know the IRCTC train running status. In the case of a journey, one needs to check when the train will reach a particular destination. One can also check and reschedule his appointments in the event of a train running later than its decided schedule. In thecase, a passenger needs to catch the train can check and arrange accordingly. Hence, the spoturtrain is very useful for people in different situations. This is the reason it has got an overwhelming response from the railway passengers and society, in general.

How Does It Work?

It is very easy to get the train running status. If someone wants to spot live Shridham Express running status, he just needs to punch the train number in the given space. The train number is 12192 so once the train number is punched all the details of the train become available. With train number 12192 running status, one can easily plan the journey. There are many ways to check the train status. One can check it by using the online mode, as well as offline mode. The online mode works with a computer which has an internet connection. One needs to go to the website of Indian Railway and provide the train number. As soon as the train number is given, all the details about the train are reflected on the screen. The same way one can also check the details on a Smartphone, but for that one has to get an application downloaded. Once the application is available, the train number is entered, and all the details are displayed on the screen of the mobile.

One can also call on the railway call center number which is toll-free and check the train status. With the help of technology, railway has completely revolutionized the services and quality of the services despite the addition of many new routes every year.


Are you travelling frequently? And the most comfortable transport you opt for your journey is the Train? If yes, then for sure you want to know about the train related terms such as “Spot Your Train” which is one of the frequently & most used term. Here, you will get to know all about train tracking system by spotting your train in this article. So do read the full information.

Basically spot your train is the system in which you can check your train live running status on Google map. Indian Railways is the most preferable mode of travelling transportation among people in India. With the new technology emergence, Indian Railways has introduced many new amenities and services for the convenience of passengers travelling in trains and which have been recognized and get popular among people.  By using Spot your train service you can spot the exact location of train. By this you can find the number of train’s active right now and whether they are on time or getting delayed. The beneficial thing is that now there is no need for long time waiting on the railway station & no need to stand in Enquiry queue.  Use this term for your travel & be on time at station rather than coming soon or without any delay.

SpotUrTrain Running Status Live on Google Map

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