Indian Railways are world’s largest network. In 67 divisions, it has more than 7,500 railway stations. It covers more than 104,000 km of railway track, 11 thousand trains everyday and 20 million passengers travelling daily. It is a critical matter to plan the movement of all the trains, their arrival, their departure or other news of their crossing. It is also difficult to ensure safety and satisfy the growing need of consumers. There are various phone numbers provided by Indian Railways and they are 139, 131, 1330, 1332, 1335 and so on. But those numbers are having great failure because of heavy traffic. So online is much easier to track the train.

In such a huge network of Indian Railway, it is very much required to know the location of the running train by tracking system. However, with the growing need of passengers, it is much easier to track your train online.

Now it is easier to track the current location of the moving trains in Indian Railways. It can be done by entering the arrival, departure and destination of the running train. The given map shows location of the running train. Here are some solutions to track the status of the running train:track-train-Online

  • To track the position of the running train is much easier these days online. By using the website of Indian railways, one can enquire the arrival and departure of running trains. Yet, it is very difficult to get things in the websites of Indian Railway.
  • By using shortcut keys of Indian Railway, the train running late can be tracked. The two short keys are by using and can help in one way by entering the dates and in the other way by using the train number.
  • It can be tracked by using interactive train tracking web application called Railradar. By entering into Railradar website, one can see the movement of trains on political map of India. Once you enter into the site, it will guide you how to track the live trains.
  • By using Railradar app with the help of “spot your train” or “find your train”, one can track the running train. And it is easier these days by android mobiles by downloading the app.
  • Another train tracking service is launched by Indian Railway called, which can checked to know the status of the running train. It is found much easier to use this by providing necessary information about your journey.
  • By using National Train Enquiry System, the real time of departure, arrival, train running late or right time can be tracked. It can be done by using the site and entering the name of the train.

With the growing need of the passengers, Indian Railways is trying to provide convenient information by providing appropriate tracking related apps, websites and SMS services, so it can become easier for the passengers to track the positing of a running train.

Train Tracking System

Are you the one who is mad about travelling? And the most comfortable transport medium of your choice is the train? If yes, then for sure you are searching about the train related terms. In this way the “Train tracking system” is one of the frequently & most used system. Here, you will get to know all about train tracking system. If yes, do read the following and you will be aware of the same.

One of new technology is Tracking of Trains. In this you can track your train position & live location from where the train is currently passing on. Spot your train is also the efficient and popular application which is used to know about the exact position, location of a train, delay in running status if there is any, route, distance, time and everything. If you want to get access for using this app or you can track your train then what you need is:  the train name or number, date of travel, and click on the option to check the details on Google map and within a click, all details will be reflected on the map showing the active running train tracking status of that train route.

Tracking the train live online

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