Indian Railways is one of the largest networks of railway services in the world and is currently operating close to 11,000 trains on a daily basis. It is also the backbone of Indian economy, which not only boosts the domestic tourism sector but also helps in moving material from one location to another. Thanks to the technological advancement in the world of communications that you can now monitor the real time of status of running trains. This one simple feature has helped any people in staying up to date with the exact train delay status as well as their current location.

If you are wondering how to spot train delay status, then all you need to do is log on to TravelKhana website and enter the details of the train that you would like to check train running status for. It would display the trains’ current location along with its schedule – if it is delayed or on time.

Here are some top reasons why it is helpful to know the exact status of the train you would be travelling from;

Plan Your Arrival to the Station Accordingly –

When you have the real time information about the train’s movements, it becomes much easier to plan your travel henceforth. There is no point reaching at the railway station early when you know that your trains are running behind schedules. It is especially helpful during winters when a lot of trains run late because of dense fog along the way.

Helps in Scheduling Your Subsequent Station Pickups –

If you have family or friends, who would be picking you up from the station or you have a commercial cab service scheduled for a pickup from the station, then these people can be notified if the trains are running late. They would also have the access to that information as the status will be displayed on the respective website. You can also check the information on your phones while in the train and tell exactly when the train will arrive at the destination.

Get All the Details Regarding the Train’s Movement –

Earlier some online service providers also integrated this information with the Google maps, which displayed crucial information such as train routes, the train running status, number of trains active, next station etc. However, due to security reasons and inability to make the data fully real time, this information is now only available to the commuters in the tabular form.

This information has been considered very important and crucial for the commuters because users have the flexibility to use this data to plan their trips accordingly. They can reschedule their travel or choose another train if it is extremely behind its current schedule. The website is very user-friendly and will provide all the necessary information within a matter of seconds. You can also check the status of the train that started yesterday. When you click on “check running status,” a new page will be displayed that provides detailed information regarding the movement of the train.

Spot Your Train Moving India on the Right Track with Indian Railways

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