It is without doubt that the Indian Railways have been playing an important role in tourism and this is a fact that simply cannot be denied. India is a land of diversity, boasting of different cultures, religions and landscape all of which is much more interesting to the tourists, both domestic and foreigners. Moreover, the introduction of tourism trains that plies in different parts of this country for introducing, re-introducing, to live and relive ancient, real India, its rich heritage and culture is something that is simply appreciable.

A glance at the Indian Railway time table can help the tourist to determine the trains that ply from one region to the other and to know as to which train if availed can provide them maximum pleasure, comfort and convenience, while allowing them to reach their destination with great ease. The IRCTC time table is update by the Railway Board to help passengers know the additions, modifications and other vital information to trains, the timings and other essential things required for the travel.

Visiting Indian Railway World Heritage Sites –

The Intl. World Heritage Program is said to maintain lists of World Heritage Sites. UNESCO World Heritage-Committee is said to have retained this list and the Indian Railways is bestowed with pleasure of having few world heritage sites like the following:

UNESCO World Heritage Nilgiri_Mountain_Train

  • Mumbai Chhatrapati-Shivaji Terminus: It is regarded to be a railway station of historic repute and was called previously as Bombay VT or the Victoria Terminus.
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway: It is regarded to be among the oldest Indian mountain railways and got included in the list of World Heritage sites.
  • Darjeeling Himalayan Railway: It has been designated popularly as the ‘toy train’ and is regarded to be another important site, which no traveler can miss during his travel to Darjeeling. It runs on narrow gauge staring from Siliguri, passing through important stations and finally terminating at Darjeeling station.
  • Kalka – Shimla Mountain Rly: It is considered to be a railway life of great significance and is about 96.6 kilometers.

Luxury and Heritage Trains –

Besides travel and passenger related services, Indian Railways also tend to presents the tourists with heritage and deluxe packages, including services through special heritage / luxury and tourist trains like Royal Orient Express, Palace on Wheels, Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, The Fairy Queen, Mahaparivivan Special Train and Heritage on Wheels. This way, Indian Railways have been providing the tourists with a bouquet of train services that takes passengers to ancient India and helps them to rediscover the country that was once popularly called ‘The Golden Bird’.

Booking these packages is very easy. All the individual needs to do is to log into the ICRTC site and have a look at the IRCTC train schedule and click on package tours. He will be instantly introduced the trains that are designated for this purpose and get to know all essential information related to it. Accordingly the booking of the seats can be made, depending on the preference of location to be visited and the dates.

About Indian Railway World Heritage Sites

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