With the festive season hitting the door, people are running Helter skelter to be with their family and friends during this season. Most of the people living far from their families or planning to spend vacations to some other place with their family have booked their train tickets, according the permissible 60 days before the journey date. Being one of the most comfortable medium of travel, this transportation system feels overloaded and so has developed a system where it can manage the show well in such busy seasons also.

With every ticket, people get their PNR (Passenger Name Record) number printed on the left corner by which they can track the entire status of the ticket. Just to make it simple for the readers, a PNR number is a 10 digit number through which users can check PNR status of their ticket through any online portal, and can come to know whether the ticket is confirmed or is still in the waiting list or in RAC. On time information proves very much useful to travelers, and they can arrange according to the status provided by PNR.

How to generate a PNR

For reservation of every ticket booked by Indian railways, a PNR is generated. The passenger is required to fill in his details in the reservation form. After that, the computer generates a numeric PNR number which always remains the same for that ticket.

Details required for generating a PNR

The data required to generate a PNR are:

• The names of all the passengers who are going to travel with that ticket

•  Age of the passengers

• Date of Journey

• Train Number and Name

•  Preferred class( A.C. Or sleeper)

Simplifying the PNR statuses

After booking the tickets, anyone can easily track it with the 10 digit PNR code. However, when one tracks the ticket, he/she finds different codes on it. Some of the common codes written on are:

• CNF: This code represents confirmed booking. It means that the ticket of the passenger is confirmed, and the coach and berth number are allotted to that person.

• WL: It is the short form of Waiting list. It means that the ticket is not confirmed, and the passenger will not get a seat. However, waiting lists get confirmed depending on the cancllations.

• RAC: Its full form is Reservation Against Cancellation. It means that the passenger is not allotted a specific berth but can share it with a fellow passenger with the same status.

• CAN/MOD: It shows that the ticket has been cancelled or modified

• Tatkal /CK:This shows that the ticket has been booked in Tatkal quota booked 1 day prior to travel.

• Released: It is an option when the ticket is not confirmed, but the passengers are compensated with the best alternative option.



PNR – Decoded

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