Gangotri: The lifeline of the nation

Rivers have been considered as the mother of all the civilizations. There are a lot of civilizations settled on the bank of various rivers across the globe, but out of all these rivers, there is no one that has got huge importance such as the River Ganga. It is more than just a river for every citizen of this nation. For Hindus, it is also considered as a mother river and has also got its reference in the ancient scriptures also. This river originates from a point which is known as Gangotri and hence this point has got huge significance in India. The Indian railway which is doubtlessly a major player in the field of public transportation also offers great comfort to passengers by providing a station near to Gangotri.

The station:

The Gangotri is one of the pilgrimages which hold great significance among Hindus for whom it is the place of origin of river Ganga. This river is considered pious in Hindu scriptures also hence it is always a dream of every Hindu to visit the area of river Ganga and have a holy deep in it. The Gangotri, originating place of the river is situated in the Himalayas where the water from melting snow gradually collect and makes it a stream. The nearest railway station to Gangotri is Rishikesh, which is almost 243 kilometres away. There are numerous express and mail trains stop here as it is also a leading pilgrimage for Hindus.

The attractions:

A number of tourist spots and attractions in this area attract a lot of tourists here. The tourists can visit the Gangotri temple and Bhairon Ghati which are prime centres of faith for different sects of Hinduism. Even in the ancient scriptures of this religion these all places and their significance are mentioned. Hence, those who love to enjoy the nature and have blessings for the Mother Ganga can visit here and pay their prayers. In the recent years, there are also promotional activities of tourism started here, which includes trekking and rafting as well as climbing. The tourists can also hire a car to roam in and around this small town as there are a lot of other spots in the proximity of this centre.

There are also roadways available from the state corporation as well as private players that can help the tourists to move from one location to another easily. To visit this area one can catch a train from almost all the leading cities and towns of the nation and hence one can see here tourist from a number of states at any point of time. There are also international tourists who visit this place to understand the Hinduism as well as visit river Ganga which is also a famous river across the world. The water of this river is also a matter of research for many researchers who always come here to collect a few samples of the same. The area also has a number of industries and hence one can roam in the town and buy some memorable gift from this area.

Nearest Railway Station to Gangotri

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